An amusing survey of fans in the Premier League has been looking at which clubs have the most ‘local’ fans.

Not exactly scientific but they did poll over thirteen thousand fans of the various clubs.

Based on postcodes, amusingly Manchester United and Liverpool embarrassingly have only 9% and 11% respectively of their fans living ‘locally’ and are rock bottom of the table.

The correlation of ‘support’ and success gets even deeper when the next four at the bottom are Chelsea, Manchester City, Spurs and Arsenal, with strangely Everton next bottom.

While the likes of WIgan and Norwich have a whopping 65% and 61% respectively living local, of the best supported clubs Newcastle stand out a mile with 35% living locally, well ahead of the mackems on 24%.

What it tells me is not much you didn’t know already and I think because of Newcastle’s geography, even if we were winning the double we wouldn’t attract a massive number of ‘outsiders’ to St.James’ Park.

What is clear on the other side of the coin is that Newcastle rely massively on the support of people living here and that will always be the case, floating voters will never be able to fill St.James’ Park.



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  • T

    Newcastle are probably the most well supported English team in Scotland,

  • SK

    Saudi NUFC fan here, my cousin is also a fan and we are both proud of it! Howay the lads!

  • Lids

    I live in Scotland, just over the border, had a season ticket for past 6 years! We had 20 lads go down for the mackum game last season! I know probably another 20 + lads who support the toon in my area, not glory hunters, but support the team so they can regularly attend games..

  • Overthepond

    what point are you trying to make?

    “Percentage” of local fans and “most” local fans are two completely different things. A club could have the fewest local fans in the premiership but the highest percentage. And so, the percentage indicates nothing about a club’s ability to fill its park.

    Clubs with the smallest percentage probably have a worldwide fan base as well as the ability to fill their parks. So they have significant revenue for team building that we miss out on.

    Yes, we “floating” voters do contribute where we can. I emigrated to Canada from Newcastle thirty some years ago but never lost my deep passion for the club. I’ve raised three kids who could not be more fanatical about our NUFC and their kids will be fans too. I can’t count the number of kits and other memorabilia we’ve bought over the years. And whenever we’re in the UK attend as many games as possible.

    Those lucky enough to attend St James Park regularly are the heart of the club, but the larger the fan base the smaller they will be as a percentage and the greater will be our chances of success.

  • ToonTune

    Irish toon fan here :D Were a small race in Ireland.
    More toon followers?

  • kris

    Essex fan!! Woop woop!!

  • Davidelder888

    Belfast toon fan here @davidelder888 a fan is a fan regardless of postcode if you think it makes me less of a fan imagine the stick I’ve got the past ten years being in a minority surrounded by mancs scousers and gunners. I rarely miss a game it might be on tv interweb or radio but it doesn’t stop me screaming my head off. Little insulted by this guys.

  • themagonline

    I think anybody who supports Newcastle, whether they live in the Strawberry or the other side of the world, could hardly be accused of being gloryhunters!
    Tyneside based fans have always loved people from elsewhere coming to feel the same about Newcastle, football team and city, as we do.
    Those bottom six spaces in this ‘local’ league table are a bit of a coincidence with them also being the most successful clubs in recent times.

    • I live in Oxford now even though born in London to a large Geordie family in 1944. My father’s family are all Geordie from Elswick, Byker, Gateshead, Tynemouth and South Gosforth from the late 1700’s, and their remains lie in the cemeteries of Newcastle and Ypres! I have been a fan of the Toon since my Dad first took me to see the lads play in 1950. My Dad was a groundstaff boy at St James Park in the 1920’s and played for Newcastle United Swifts up until 1930. I visit Toon whenever I can. My son came up to be a student there in 2008. The family names are Edwards, Richardson, Hedley, and Robson.
      OK – I am a fan and my heritage from Newcastle is a source of immense pride for me and my family doon sooth! OK – call me a “colonial” but I do bleed black and white as well. Am a pensioner who will be back up when I can afford it in February next year. Always pop in the Strawberry but am more often happy in the Blackett!!!
      Howay the lads – it could be our season and feel it in the bones I am now increasingly beginning to feel!

  • Pedro69

    I think the percentage of local fans would have been even higher if you counted the County Durham postcodes as well. Personally I love cracking on with fans who support the toon who live outside the North East. Especially the mental Dutch fans!!!!