We all know that the mackems judge success as finishing above Newcastle United but who should be in United’s sights as we approach the new season?

Apart from the exhilaration of watching decent football once again and finishing in a heady fifth position, there was also the small matter of finishing above Chelsea and Liverpool for the first time since…Newcastle were last decent.

It’s great to have only four clubs finish above you but as well as attacking the Champions League positions late on last season, I thought it was just as important to finish above as many of the recently established elite as possible.

We ended up claiming two big scalps in Chelsea and Liverpool, pipping the Londoners by a point with the help of that magnificent Cisse double strike, while Liverpool finished a miserable THIRTEEN points back in eighth.

Looking ahead to next season I think you can rule out the two Manchester clubs as far too strong, having finished 24 points ahead of ourselves.

However, I think everybody else is fair game. Last season Newcastle’s 65 points was bettered by Arsenal and Spurs by 5 and 4 points respectively, while Everton trailed Newcastle by 9 points and the red half of Merseyside by the aforementioned 13.

No disrespect ( or is that, every disrespect?) but once you have a season like that you need to keep looking at the stars and not worrying about lying back down in the gutter.

If you take last season’s top eight, now I’ve ruled out Man City and Man Utd., it leaves us with Arsenal, Spurs,Chelsea, Everton and Liverpool.

My realistic head tells me that success would be finishing ahead of two or more of those teams which in betting terms would probably be Everton plus one other but the question is, which one?

Due to their larger squads and availability of funds for their managers, any or all four are capable of bouncing back better next season. However, at the moment I see little to suggest Liverpool will massively improve, though sadly I can’t see them having an exact repeat of last season.

Spurs appear to be struggling with striker recruitment and Chelsea have now permanently employed yet another manager and are going through a transition period. Likewise Arsenal would appear just about certain to lose Van Persie who at times single-handedly kept them going last season.

Newcastle’s fortunes have become very tied up with Liverpool’s in recent times, especially since the (initial…) Carroll transfer and the respective very different recruitment policies pursued by Pardew and Dalglish.

If Newcastle approach the season in decent shape then I think we have every chance of repeating last season and finishing ahead of both Liverpool and Everton. While the other three are also there to be shot at, we might not succeed with every bullet but the days of the same top four every season seem to have pretty much gone.


  • Andypat

    Haha jesus christ will you lot get a grip, your effin newcastle! Shit place, shit team n no ur NOT a massive club! Hahahaha cheers for the laffs!

    • Porciestreet

      Scuse me, just remind me where you finished last season . HAWAAAAAY THE LADS.

      • Porciestreet

        Smell the coffee mate, you lot are finished as a power in the league and the sooner you get used to it, the easier it will be to come to terms with the fact that the Liverpool era is dead and buried.

        • Porciestreet

          And the exact same will happen to Manure.Mark my words.

          • Matt

            This is dumb. League positions have always fluctuated. I don’t know if you’re old enough to remember the late 90s early 00s, Newcastle spent 3 seasons mid table then suddenly 01/02 they’re back up to 4th, then 3rd the next season, two years later they’re back finishing 14th and Liverpool start their climb back into the top 4. League positions fluctuate. a few bad years doesn’t mean a global franchise like Liverpool is dying, that’s wishful thinking on your part.

  • stey

    Please dont speak about your pathetic little club (with a big stadium) in the same breath as Liverpool.

    • Porciestreet

      you silly little scouse tosser. !!!

      • Dmacster

        Newcastle haven’t won a trophy in about 200 years – not even in the same league as Liverpool. You may get a year or two of poor form but everybody knows sooner or later Liiverpool will be back in the top 4.

        • Alex

          “not even in the same league as Liverpool” – ha ha – what an idiot! Next season when ‘Liiverpool’ get relegated by the league for their racist, cheating scum players then maybe the barcodes will not be in the same league!

      • TonyToenail

        Scouse??? He’s probably Norwegian or Cornish

  • bubba

    newcastle had a great season last year but cisse and ba will be found out this year and a bottom half finish is alot more likely.

  • Matt

    I’m a Liverpool fan and I wish the majority of us who reply to posts weren’t delusional and offensive morons that end up making Liverpool look bad. As for the article I can’t argue with most of what you’ve said, even if we add significantly to the squad before August it’s going to take time for those new players to settle and for everyone to gel under Rodgers style of play. Hope I’m wrong but I can’t see Liverpool pushing for more than around 6th place this season.

  • DodgyDD

    Everton……more history, better fans, bigger trophy cabinet will finish above the barcode……110%.

  • tim

    Makes me laugh a bit. I’m a Liverpool fan and also hate the aggressive taunts by stupid people claiming to be reds. They prob are, but there obv either young or stupid, maybe both.

    When you guys stoop to their level, looking at you porcie, you look equally stupid.

    You guys are a big club, and great in all respects. The only aspects Liverpool are greater are winning trophies and earning money, but that does not make us better.

    If I was a geordie, I’d be in dream land after last season, and while there’s nothing wrong with looking up, a season of consolidation would not be disaster. I think anything from 7 th up is successful, euro qualification a defo success.

    As for us, we had a weird year, and although we finished 8th it could have easily been 4th. I dream of 4th but would take anything above 8th and above everton.

    In my opinion, the mancs and us will never fade away, money talks and both have too much. At the moment our budget is 30 mill a year on players before sales, and anyone sold adds to that. after hicks and Gillette, for me that’s a dream,im confident we are now run properly and are here to stay.

  • BarcodeBandit

    Everton look to be coming strong this year, I think we will struggle to finish above them if they get off to a good start.

  • Are you forgetting the last game of the season, when we showed you how football should be played….ie….we hammered you

  • wilko

    this is why we can not stand stupid kopites im a blue i know we are shit so kopites open your eyes

  • wilko

    you live on your past lets give newcastle credit they played well last season and i thought they would struggle fare play to them

  • SuaRed

    For a brief period in under Bobby Robson Newcastle finished above Liverpool. And then there was last year!
    Newcastle over achieved last year and Liverpool underachieved.
    Humility needed

  • 5.Everton

  • And to all the delusion Liverpool fans u r not one of the top 4 anymore

  • Philip

    I think you guys just need to enjoy the season you’ve just had before worrying about the next! You have everything in place to be a success. Newcastle just have a habit of pressing the self destruct button. I guarantee if you get off to a bad start, the papers and some of your fans will be asking for your managers head! I know it’s the way it is, but last season will then be forgotten.

    As an Everton fan, I can certainly say that whilst stability is a step sideways sometimes, it’s nice to know what to expect and that we always have a fighting chance. This season I think we’ll give you a run for your money. A top 4 place for any of the group that finished outside the Champions League spots last year, will only be a reality it two of Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs have below average seasons. Liverpool aren’t in that group anymore because they have 3/4 excellent players but a mediocre squad. They’re guaranteed place in the top 4 has gone. It will be interesting to see how Rogers does early on. I’m sure if they start poorly, questions will be asked.

    Same for Villa. Lambert is a quality manager, but only after 10 games will you see the result of change.

    So, in a nutshell, Newcastle have to start like an express train like last year. Be in the mix at Christmas and then hang on. Out of the top 4 at Christmas for any of us….. we ain’t gonna be there in May! Good luck….. and I hope you finish above Liverpool!!!

  • Dannufc

    Fallen LFC 10th for them QPR, Villa and Hammers will finish above them

  • Toon

    why do all of you lot from lesser parts of the country keep coming onto Toon web sites is it because your own sites are shite or is it because your sad sorry little lives are poor and empty.Each and every one of you is entitled to your own opinion of what is a “Big Club” but take it back to what ever back alley it is you came from and jamb it fair up ya pipe.

  • you all sound likea bunch of retarded children, if you dont like newcastle go back to youre liverpool site, or is that blocked in london and norway?