Whatever Alan Pardew might say in public, the fact he wasn’t able to put one striker on the bench at Stamford Bridge tells you everything.

The manager must be desperate to sign a forward to complement Ba and Cisse and enable him to mix things up, especially occasions like at Chelsea yesterday where you want to give the opposition something different to think about.

Even when fit, whatever qualities Shola does have, scoring lots of goals isn’t one of them. While Pardew clearly feels Atromitos is one thing but Chelsea a step too far at the moment for 17 year old Adam Campbell, plus by not putting the young forward on the bench it also sends a message upstairs that no striker on bench = desperate need to sign one.

When you are desperate for a goal or two, bringing on two defenders in Perch and Ryan Taylor wouldn’t exactly have had Chelsea quivering in their boots.

Who that striker should be is up to Alan Pardew and whether it is an Andy Carroll or a less high profile young hopeful, I would trust his judgement.

Fact remains though, the extra striker is essential and that is without an injury to Ba or Cisse, or something tragic happening in final days of August…

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  • Andy

    You could just as easily argue the other way. If we bring in another high profile striker, then our young talents (Adam Campbell and Sammy Ameobi) won’t get any game time and and as a result they won’t develop. We need to give them plenty of chances to come off the bench and build their confidence if we want them to start banging in the goals, something which simply won’t happen if they’re competing with three strikers scoring 15-20 goals per season.

    Frankly, we’re looking stronger at the front than we have been for quite some time. Another striker is not “essential” it’s a luxury to which we can’t really feel entitled. I’d much rather we sign a defensive player like Douglas or Debuchy, we need them much more than we need another striker.

  • Cissé Man

    Yep agree with that; I don’t get the sense that he’s “at odds” with DL or MA, but yes, he probably was trying to send a message about not having a striker on the bench.

    I’m sure they’re looking at someone who can be available if/when Ba and Cissé are gone in January. why not go back in for Gameiro or Erdinc. Gameiro is 4th-5th choice now at PSG, surely that deflates the price.

    MA and DL are penny-conscious, but it’s abundantly clear that the options are quite thin at this point
    – Selling your 4th choice (Best)
    – Release your 5th choice (Lovenkrands)
    – Expect Shola to chip in
    – Expect Sammy to step up with a few
    – Nile Ranger *tumbleweed*
    – Give Adam Campbell a shot in the COC or the Europa games possibly

  • Alan

    In my opinion, we need 2/3 players in. Gameiro/Guidetti,Debuchy would do. and can someone tell Yohan to get higher up in the field so he can use his shot that is actually pretty good.