So after a summer of brinkmanship between Newcastle, Liverpool and West Ham, Andy Carroll signs for The Hammers on a season-long loan deal.

Whatever your own opinion as to whether we should have tried to sign him or not, the fact remains that NEWLY PROMOTED WEST HAM have signed a current England striker on loan – this is a player who moved from one club to another for (an admittedly inflated) £35 million only 18 months ago – yes there  is probably a fairly hefty loan fee involved and they will be paying him massive wages but Alan Pardew has repeatedly said he would love to have him back in his squad and that any deal was at board level above him.

Obviously the board have let him down yet again – yet another in a long line of supposed transfer targets that has failed to materialise. We have absolutely no cover (except Shola who is currently injured) for our front two, with at least the extra 6 Europa league games to come (although after last night’s draw probably only one game in the re-branded League Cup).

Less than 10 hours to go in the transfer window and we have spent approximately £4 million net over  the summer to bring in one current Dutch international and a young Frenchman who may well turn out to be a fine player in the future but who only started on the bench against Atromitos – not even deemed good enough for a reserve team?

Alan Pardew must be absolutely sick of putting on a brave face to stand in  front of the media and try and defend policy decisions that are completely at odds with a football club that is trying to be successful.

After a brief period of actually agreeing with some of Ashley’s policies of not paying over the odds for has-beens, not paying out massive wages and trying to bring through good youth players, I find myself once again sadly disillusioned – I thought the idea was to try and build on last season’s excellent finish and get into a Champions League place?

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Unfortunately, there is no way that is going to happen with the current squad unless a miracle happens before 23:00 on Friday.

Some decent midfield players with a bit of cover, although nobody who can put anything resembling a decent cross in – little or no cover in defence , especially the centre halves, and no cover up front.

Clean sheets are great but it’s a well known fact that goals win you games and the striker situation is frightening – we have 18 league games and at least 7 cup games before the transfer window opens again – assuming they manage to stay fit, Ba and Cisse will be off to Africa in January for a month if they beat Cheick Tiote’s Ivory Coast. We’d  be down to a possibly fit Shola and a local 17 yr old who may or may not be the next Michael Owen – I know where my money is.

Newly promoted West Ham have shelled out almost £20 million this summer as well as taking Andy C on loan – whatever you think of the spivs who run the club at least they are backing their manager – Big Sam was absolutely dire for us but his overall track record is fairly steady  – you can guarantee that Andy Carroll will become the attacking focus of the team and they will utilise his strengths to the full – it may not be pretty to watch but I’ll stake my life savings that it will keep them up, even if they can’t defend very well.

The club hierarchy has spent the entire close season making noises that we are attempting to get into the Champions League (but that’s never, ever going to happen on the budget we have at present). Prize money for finishing 5th last season and substantial TV money for the season – It looks like Ashley is clawing back a substantial lump of the money he has invested in the club and leaving the manager to fight a battle on several fronts with a diminished squad – Alan Pardew will be on decent money by our standards (although incredibly low by Premier League standards) but he really should tell Ashley to back him properly or shove the job – after last season’s results and accolades he could walk into another job with a team at the higher reaches of the Premier League without too much bother.

We have been linked with umpteen players from the close of the last season, through the Euros and right up to today – and to put it mildly ‘f all’ has happened  – we might have the best balance sheet in the Premier League but that doesn’t win you anything – someone once coined the phrase ‘you have to speculate to accumulate’ – Ashley seems to be prepared to do it in his other business interests by buying up small companies with potential, looking for shirt deals etc but as far as the club is concerned he’s selling us short once again

I started last season with no expectation whatsoever and along with many others was surprised, thrilled, excited in various measures during a rollercoaster season which gave me great hope for this year – I’m sure lots of other felt the same way as the crowd for the Spurs game was 4 short of the capacity for the current stadium configuration – unfortunately my expectation has once again hit rock bottom and I’m sad to say it but I’m probably more depressed than I was when we went down!

Sunderland may well have paid over the odds for Steven Fletcher and Adam Johnson but it’s another example of the club owners backing their manager and trying to move forward. Everton, Liverpool, Fulham etc – all clubs we finished streets ahead of last season are improving their squads while we sit around increasing the bank balance.

It pains me to say it but mid-table appears the best we can hope for and even that may be out of reach.

Life, and football in particular, is just not fair.

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  • Thomas G

    100% agree. One thing that really bugs me is why sell Leon Best without bringing in a replacement? fair enough he wasn’t a world beater but he was a decent proven premier league player who could have been easily good enough to provide adequate cover. Especially considering Demba Ba is supposed to have a dodgy knee and Shola only ever turns up against the Mackems!

  • Guy

    What a ridiculous article. ‘More depressed than when we went down’? Are you serious? Remember this time last year when everyone was crying because we’d only signed one striker? The board made you look a complete tit then and they’ll likely do it again. Putting in millions in the desperate hope of acheiving champions league places is such a massive risk it’s not even worth suggesting. Remember how we got relegated? Or maybe you wouldn’t mind that since you clearly weren’t particularly ‘depressed’ then. At least it would give you something more to moan about.

  • Rob

    Sums up how I feel too… another missed opportunity.

  • KK

    Few points … the Carroll deal has more to it than meets the eye; NUFC (correctly) didn’t give in to LFC demands for £20m and preferred the loan option, however, LFC weren’t prepared to allow Caroll to go on loan to NUFC – cash only! WHUFC have paid £1.5m to take him on loan + 80k weekly wages with option to buy for £17m; I think the NUFC board have been spot on – even 15m is overpriced for Carroll. Anyway Carroll wouldn’t have got ahead of Ba & Cisse (IMO).

    Next point … Depressed ? Are you for real? How the hell can you be depressed at where we are and also the players we have hung on to – i reckon you need a reality pill and a kick up the arse for printing this complete shite. If you want to be depressed go support Hartlepool or Darlo.

    It isn’t a surprise that we get tagged with “delusional” when articles like this come out.

    • ToonToon09

      Where we are ??
      It’s a new season, last season is gone and buried. We finished 5th, loved it, rode our luck on several occasions and got found out on a few occasions as well.
      Other teams who you would expect to be in the top 8 have invested quite heavily. we ( so far) have invested a little more than hee haw.
      Delusional ?!
      FFS !!

      • kk

        I’ll define “where we are” as you clearly think where we are refers to wher we finished last season; on the contrary …
        – progress made in 24 months (from overpaid Owen, Viduka, Martins, etc) with a abysmal “team” (look at the lack of fighting spirit at Villa last day of season when relegated – shocking!)
        – European football
        – financially sound living “within our means” (UEFA fair play rules about to hit) .. the club has been turned around completely from the Shepherd days of a dire financial position of debt, huge wages and trophy signings. NUFC have ZERO third party debt
        – ability to attract top young players without having to pay astronomical wages, a la other English teams
        – the foundations for a good future, team, commercial opportunities and academy growth

        If you think last season was a flash in the pan then that’s your opinion; but if you can’t see further than that, it’s your problem. Have a bit of faith instead of this doom and gloom; just because we didn’t get caught up in the media driven transfer window mayhem is no reason at all for this pessimism.

        This very attitude is what cost Bobby Robson his job; pessimistic fans not happy with 5th place .. the rest is history – GET BEHIND YOUR TEAM and have some faith.

        If you can provide a valid argument to any of the points then over to you, but justification for doom and gloom just because we haven’t made sky sports happy and spent 20m on a player just doesn’t wash.

        To quote yourself “FFS”.

        • Reality Check

          Spot on that man..

  • Steve

    Lost a lot of faith in the management this window. We have improved our squad (slightly) but the first X1 remains unchanged. As all others have strengthened, we will stagnate. Nett spend £3 million is simply shocking. Season Ticket applications were due and we were expected to sign Anita, Carroll, Debuchy and Douglas. Well, after the ST deadline was up, transfer activity disappears. Yet again we have been given false hope

  • Ballerfan2

    Get over yourself you poor chap. £100k per week + loan fee for what would be a 3rd choice striker with us – if Liverpool allowed Carroll to come to us, which is debatable. It wasn’t going to happen, understandably from any point of view. As far as West Ham and Sunderland are concerned – “backing the manager”?- more like desperation to me. Reading a Villa fan earlier today saying that MoN had practically bankrupted his club with his overspending and saw the same happening at Sunderland. Get used to the fact that like it or not, silly fees will not be paid by Ashley. Have faith – they have done pretty well so far.

  • Rob

    I despair at an element of our support. What a ridiculous article. WE ARE IN STILL IN DEBT, how do you expect us to pay these silly wages and transfer fees. I can’t see how a lot of these teams are going to manage paying the money they are. This is without even touching on how clubs will fit into the Financial Fair Play guidelines. The board proved themselves in January with the Cisse signing, let them get on with it.

  • Big

    Blenkinsop you idiot – utter doom mongering – can you remember the period following Bobby Robsons dismissal, those were the dark depressing days mate!!! What are you talking about “nothing more than mid-table appears the best we can hope for and even that may be out of reach”. Its the same team that finished 5th last season, ahead of the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool and Everton. Weve kept all of our top class players Krul, Colo, Cabaye, Tiote, Ben Arfa, Ba and Cisse plus a fully fit S. Taylor and settled Santon – an excellent basis for a top 6 finish.
    I am in agreement with you with regards to the lack of signings, Debuchy would have been formidable down the right and the board should have backed Pardew that extra million euros to get his man – Debuchy was desperate to come to Newcastle. Also better cover at centre back and third striker are definately required. However, the situation as it stands allows some of the clubs more exciting youngsters – Tavernier, Good, Ferguson, Abeid, Bigirmana, Amaltifano, Sammy and Vuckic the opportunity to stake a claim in the team over the next 4 months allowing Carr and Pardew to identify other viable targets for the January window.
    I know id rather give Vuckic or Sammy a chance than blow 12million on a serial relegation fodder striker like Steven Fletcher. Give the club, manager and scouts the credit and respect the are due…. and have a little faith :-)

  • Brontosaurus

    Obviously not as depressing as being relegated but nothing good will come of this. Spurs, Liverpool, even the mackems have spend money and as a result are a better team because of it. We’ve swapped Guthrie for a slightly worse player at a net loss of £~6.6m, lost Leon Best so we don’t have an adequate striking replacement, lost Forster so if Krul is ever unavailable we’re screwed and we still only have 3 Prem-quality defenders. If we want to be in Europe next year we’re probably going to have to go and win something.

    Seems to me like Ashley was sick of us being nice to him.

    • Which player is worse than Guthrie? Vurnon Anita? The player who has played a handful of games, who has moved countries and is playing in a league where it takes time to adapt? Come on, man.

      • Gary

        You really are dinosaur. Guthrie better Anita. We had the same with clowns like you last season About Cabaye and Ba. Get real Liverpool paid 100 million on players last season remind me where did they finish

  • RLB

    Sensationalist. Come on.

  • Nathan

    Absolutely atrocious article, get a grip.

  • Mal

    I think this article rather exagerates our problems. West Ham are apparently paying £6million in wages and fees to have Carroll for a year – I can see why we backed out of that one, though I am puzzled as to why we apparently were willing to pay £12m for him but not a similar sum for top class strikers (Rems?). Similarly I feel we shouldn’t be missing out on Debuchy for the sake of £1m or so, though you never know he might still turn up.
    We are however a million miles from when we got relegated and focusing on this has made the writer look rather silly.

  • Sharpie

    I was going to write a well thought out, articulate response. I haven’t got time. One word – “perspective”. We are playing in Europe. The squad lacks depth but extra competition will give young player an objective to aim for and a chance to improve themselves. Whilst I agree it is disappointing that we haven’t built on last year’s success with new signings and as a result could be caught in the League by Everton, Liverpool and (Heaven forbid) 5under1and, we’re nowhere near the mess we were in 3 and a bit years ago. We were rudderless, no manager, no direction, no hope. Now the club is looking upwards. You can’t expect an upward trajectory to be consistent and there might be blips. Keep the faith.

  • Jptoon

    What utter bollocks, get a grip and appreciate the retention of our quality players and a great addition in Anita, along with the youngsters who we’ve brought into the club.

  • ToonToon09

    I have always been an upbeat positive person when it comes to NUFC. I was never an Ashley hater or part of the nonsense “Cockney mafia” out brigade ?!
    However I am quite surprised at the people who have utterly dismissed the feelings of Rob Blenkinsop.
    I truly believed we had turned the corner, bought wisely ( no pun intended) and at long last confirmed ourselves as being a top 4 – 6 team with real aspirations of getting into the Champions league by keeping hold of our current squad and adding perhaps 3 new players ( RB- Debuchy, CB – Douglas, and a striker, possibly Remy).
    It is not looking good and is certainly very depressing ?! Almost NO additions, and certainly non in the areas we desperately need them. Raylor will also be out for months (IMO) ?!
    Are we a club that has real aspirations or have we already seen the best of what we were ever going to achieve ??
    A doom and gloom keyboard warrior – NO
    But a very depressed Mag

    • kk

      get a grip! This is unreal

      • ToonToon09

        What is unreal ?!
        7hrs to invest in an already tiny squad.
        Europa league games, African nations players leaving for a month with 1 striker to cover for both Ba And Cisse.
        A skeleton back 4.
        Christ, that’s bleeding UNREAL !!!!

        • Andy

          Your self-entitlement is what’s unreal. We won’t be held to ransom by other clubs, and we’re building a better squad for less cash. Stop moaning and get behind the team ffs.

          • ToonToon09

            Pmsl, your probably a good guy with a positive outlook Olly but your contradictory comments are hilarious.
            Nobody expects huge signings.
            But if we are serious about Europe and a top 6 spot this season then a CB, RB and Striker is the least we require ?!
            FFS ( as you would say) lol

        • Guy

          You reckon Senegal will beat Ivory Coast in the playoff?

          • Toon-ite’s the Knight

            ACON starts 19th January 2013.

            IF Senegal manage to beat Ivory Coast, which most experts feel is extremely unlikely, then we will have at least a week or so in January when the window is open before Ba and Cisse would leave. If this were the case it seems unlikely the board wouldn’t sanction a move.

            Surely some perspective required here? Yes, we’d have all liked to have seen a FB, CB and ST arrive this window. We certainly haven’t strengthened as much as our rivals. But… we’re still a match for ANYONE in that second group below the manc clubs and chelsea. Try to see it from one of our rivals point of view, would you fancy playing us with Ben Arfa, Ba, Cisse, Cabaye, Tiote etc?

            Yes, the squad is thin, but the quality is better than last year. And hopefully, as others have said, our young players will get the odd opportunity. It’s only if one of our standout players gets a long-term injury early on that we’re in trouble. And that’s the same at any club.

            I am also praying that we don’t play 4-4-2 very often, as we lack the numbers/personnel. Assuming we will play 4-3-3 (4-5-1 defending), then the following all holds true:

            * Strikers – barring serious injuries to both Ba & Cisse, we’re good till Jan at least. Shola can be backup/mackem-starter. HBA and Vuckic can both play 2nd striker. Campbell can be gently blooded when we’ve sown up a match early on.
            * Centre backs – yes, injury/ban for either Saylor or Colo is a worry, but seriously, it can’t be easy to find a player with the right attitude, who wants to join us, good enough to slot in, but not so good that they kick up a stink if not selected. I’d prefer to see Perch, or failing that one of the kids (Good perhaps, or even Streete) ahead of Willo. But as a willing, hardworking reserve, I don’t mind him.
            * Full backs – Santon, Simpson. Whatever the marmite reaction of fans to Simmo, he’s neither the best nor the worst. He’s quick, puts in a shift, and has excellent goal-line positioning. He’ll do till Jan. Santon will be much improved this season. Anita can cover LB, Saylor or Perch can cover RB. Beyond that we have other options. Not great options (Jonas, fergie, tavernier etc). But we can put a team out.

            So what I’m saying is that by not having lost anyone we wanted to keep, we are still an improved squad to the one that finished 5th.

            Good young prospects. Returns from injury for Saylor and Marv. Possible breakthrough season for the likes of Vuckic, Bigi, Sammeobi, Fergie, Abeid, Amalfitano. Big blow to lose Raylor, second only to Perchinho as a solid, hardworking ‘play anywhere’ reserve player. But otherwise I think we’re looking good till Jan. Plenty of positives, even if we’d have been positively creaming ourselves if we’d added the 3 positions we all wanted.

            I’d far rather wait until Jan to sign the right player than spunk it for the sake of it now. And much as I dislike Ashley, he has so far successfully prevented anyone leaving. If he had wanted to make a quick profit, he could have done, since any number of teams would have happily paid top dollar for Krul, Colo, Tiote or Cabaye, just not as much as the pricetag Ashley slapped on them. He doesn’t seem to want to throw money around, but neither is he daft enough to flog our crown jewels unless it’s an eye-watering figure.

            Remember, we threw a panic bid at Bryan Ruiz this time last year. Thank christ that never came off and we picked up Cisse in the Jan window instead. I’d happily repeat that scenario this season.

        • sean

          Oh sweet Jesus shut the hell up and grow a spine, you sound like a mackem I know. “oh my god we didn’t sign anyone that means we’re going backwards bitch moan moan” thin squad? don’t think so. center half position – Colo, Taylor, willo, perch, Curtis good. fullbacks – simmo, Stanton, perch, Anita, raylor, trav and in worst case Jose. center mid – tiote, cabaye, gosling, Anita, bigi, vuckic. wingers – obertan, marvaux, Ben arfa, Jonas, amalfitano, Ferguson, sammy. center forward – ba, cisse, Ameobi, Adam Campbell and Ben arfa. and if I hear one more person bring up the ACN ill flip. January transfer window opens before it numbskull. every mackem watching is laughing at the amount of pride you have in a team that challenged for champions league last season. well done shown your true colours n they ain’t black n white.

          • ToonToon09

            Ha ha, calm down son.
            You just rattled off 30 players ( Raylor out for up to 6mnths) Great to see you think they are ALL 1st team top 5 premiership players and that we don’t have a thin squad ?!
            Tell that to Alan Pardew – who disagrees with you.
            He must be a Mackem in disguise eh ??!!

  • MyCashley

    Are you just trying to get a response form readers?

    If you worked for me writing articles for “your club” I’d sack you instantly. What a complete crock of shit.

  • Olly

    As everyone has said, what a pathetically atrocious article that is soooo poor, narrow minded with short memory.

    We don’t have cover for attack
    We do need defensive cover

    However, deals are hard to get…we could wait till Jan. We won’t be held to ransom.

    Other clubs spend over the odds and more than their financial status should allow (which will bite them in behind later down the years) while we are working really well within our means.

    Get a grip. Get behind the team. Enjoy our brand of football and have faith in the youth for the cup competitions.

  • Chris85

    Agree and disagree with this article, its seriously nothing like getting relegated but ashley has seiously gambled on the squad that last year won alot of games they failed to dominate and on another day could have lost, those teams have now improved and we have not so chances are teams like Chelsea liverpool everton fulham and the scum could bypass us and last season was all for nothing, this season should have been about improving the first team , creative midfielder left winger and a right back then some squad players were a must all we have is a DM/LB. 10th place finish this season i think.

    • ToonToon09

      So you agree that it’s really really depressing that we have not invested further in last seasons team.
      Defence is just not good enough with Perch and Willo.
      Raylor is out.
      Shola is the only proven premiership striker once the ANC start.
      Nobody was expecting £12m signings but Douglas and Debuchy transfers were an absolute farce.
      It’s bloody depressing alright.

      • Guy

        Why will Shola be the only striker when the cup of nations starts? Do you really think that Senegal will beat the Ivory Coast in the playoffs?

        • ToonToon09

          Who knows, but what are you going to do? Sit back an hope for the best ?!

  • Andy

    Glad to see this article is getting the slating it so richly deserves. Another whinge-filled piece of rubbish from a fan who obviously does not care at all about the financial state of the club so long as it is throwing silly money at big name signings. You have have no right to claim this is a more depressing time for Newcastle than the summer of 2009. Shame on you, and if you really love the club, you should pay more attention to our financial successes since relegation.

    • 2Tone

      Yippee. We’ve won finanancial success. Would much have preferred a trophy personally.

  • Brontosaurus

    Sounds to me like we were banking on a big offer coming in for Tiote, and it didn’t come, or if it did, we tried to hold out for more.

  • TP

    I have a degree of sympathy with the article.

    There is a danger that we are left standing still and drop down the pecking order while other teams strengthen.

    There is always the danger that we get found out this year too as others will have adjusted to how we play.

    So far this season we have been underwhelming – the next run of games will reveal all I suspect for good or bad.

  • brin

    i’m depressed…maybe not as depressed as when we went down,or when Gullit or Mcgarry where managers..but this comes close
    Over 50,000 gates,5th in the table last year. What an opportunity to push and become great…yes win things. Some of the football last year was amazing and heart to go with it.And then people are pleased we KEEP our players..fuck me..we should be a big club. Six extra games a season…so we get rid our best squad player Guthrie,a sub striker Leon Best(more goals a season than Shula would score(god bless him)..get rid of a great goalkeeper(please god Krul doesnt injured)…please god the TWOstrikers stay fit..coz there is nowt else.
    Seriously West Ham gets Carroll,Blackburn Rhodes,Sunderland Fletcher,Liverpool take a Spanish International kid on loan from Real Madrid,Danny Rose on loan to Sunderland
    Ashley is giving 2 fingers to the supporters,and the manager. Has anybody noticed that Pardew isnt as cheery as usual..i will be amazed if we finish in the top half

  • Dannyboy

    Totally agree that we’ve missed an opportunity, stood still and let others catch up. I really hope I’m wrong. On the bright side we’ve got a fit Ben Arfa, Papiss all season and a Vurnon more than we had this time last year. Fingers crossed we get lucky with injuries and then hopefully we can do well, but scratch beneath the first team and we’ll never be in Europe next year

  • stevo72

    I Dont see whats ridiculous about it. We have just enjoyed a great season only for ashley not to build on it. I was changing my opinion of him for the better and didnt think in a million years that he wouldnt let pardew invest in a very small squad with great potential….but again he has failed to deliver. Ok, so the market is inflated, but thats always been the case and he knew that when he bought the club, everyone else is paying top dollar cos if you want a player…you pay the going rate..we not always gonna get a or tiote for peanuts/nowt all the time. Even the mackems are strengthening which makes this all the more frustrating.Losing out to (supposedly) lesser teams for players is beginning to be too much to take but the debuchy saga is a pisstake of biblical proportions…pardew wants him,he wants to come, his mate does but we wont pay the extra 2 million euros to get him…….those who are really optimistic about the coming season have their opinion but i used to be like that and it just kicks you in the teeth so am going with the blog author on this one……We had a REAL chance to build something special but have just lost ground to everyone else bigstyle…we just stood still apart from anita and 3 kids. And if i hear pardew say one more time that the real plus is not losing anyone this trandfer window………..stop kissing fatboys arse and tell it like it is alan…….

  • MT

    Ridiculous article.
    Anita is better than Guthrie, Best and Lovenkrands (sp) weren’t Premier League players, and most importantly we haven’t lost any of our key players that would have been irreplaceable.
    We will now start working on new targets for January, rather than panic buying from Man City’s swaps pile.
    And our paper thin squad of chancers have already beaten Spurs, with Perch at centre half.

    • 2Tone

      Anita is better than Guthrie? On the evidence of what exactly? And you reckon the article was ridiculous? No it wasn’t, you just have to look at the number of responses. About time we had a decent debate on this website.

  • Mel Ives

    Without being as depressed as when we went down lets be honest and face the facts
    The end result of last season did leave us in an excellent position to strengthen the squad and move on in this one
    Alan Pardew says the only way we can compete with the ‘bigger’ clubs is to get in the champions league. Well surely to do that the very worst we should have done in this transfer window was to ensure we didnt fall behind the second batch of clubs outside of the big spenders from Manchester and Chelsea

    With extra games to play, injuries and potential injuries, suspensions and the loss of key players to African Nations I think we will struggle to stay top half this season.

    We have no cover for our two key strikers, no real cover now at fullback and centre half

    Sadly I do see this as a massive opportunity missed – even the perennial poor mans club Everton have made 4 new signings.

  • Tad Poppy

    Stupid ignorant article

  • Gary

    What a sad excuse for an article. The title sums up everything. Stop your bleating and get in the real world.

  • the streaker

    what a load of **** where to you find these people?

    rubbish article

    rubbish content

    if your not happy p*** off and support another team!

  • Jamie

    This is complete bollocks. West Ham, Sunderland and Fulham are spending money because their squads aren’t good enough. We have the same squad as last year, that finished 5th. We won’t improve but we won’t get worse. Sure it would have been nice for the board to spend some money and get us in the top 4 but it’s not the end of the world

  • 2Tone

    Good to see that this article has stirred the passions of supporters and that after the inital predictable anti stance more measured and suppotive views have been forthcoming. If you can just get over the inflammatory headline, that I’m sure the author was not completely serious about, the article has many pertinent points. It was strange to see one guy say it was a ridiculous blog to then go on and agree that we needed more attacking and defensive cover! I can’t recall the original post ever saying that we should throw money at it but that we should have been more active in finding cover for key positions. Is there really anybody out there that is comfortable with Williamson as first choice centre back cover or Shola (who I actually like ) for the front two. Come on. As many of you anti stancers are keen to say, get a grip, ( must all be old Stranglers fans!). We all want to improve so what the hell is wrong with expressing a real concern that we could well go in the opposite direction. And as for those who are comfortable with believing that we can play catch up in January. Get real, or indeed a grip.

    • brin

      Agree 2Tone..this is a retrograde step…1 injury to the strikers and we are in big trouble,let alone Tim Krul. Nobody wanted money thrown..but if Blackburn(Championship) buy Justin Rhodes…and we cant find anybody ? Once again i highlight the loan system…West Ham…Benyanoun.This is going to be a long hard season(if we have one more injury).
      To the thought that we are in debt…i think you’ll find every club is ..i agree frugality is needed but with just a couple of players ..God what a seson this could have been

  • ToonToon09

    Dedryk Boyata signs for FCC Twente !!!! Fingers crossed that means Douglas is enroute !!!! You heard it here first

  • GD

    No ambition. Ashley has let us down.

  • Trebleb

    Pure drivel based on heresay and idle speculation. Being relegated against having a side in Europe again? The Board failing Andy Carroll again? Wake up and smell the coffee, we are not throwing money around at long past their sell by date foreign “stars”, we are buying value players both in terms of thier sell on potential and their development. On one hand we are overjoyed at keeping our stars who would be quite rightly coveted by the top clubs and on the other depressed that other Champions league teams won’t sell some of their prized assets to us. Does every other club in the world have a duty to sell us who we want? We have a good team that will only get better with the European experience, which will bring them on that much quicker. Ashley and Pardew are building well for the future and we are immeasurably better off than when we are when we went down. Carroll would not fit our play now and if we had signed him, the Board would have let the club down rather than letting a player who couldn’t wait to climb aboard a helicopter heading for Merseyside.

  • Rob D

    I think if you were to go through most clubs supporters they would have reservations about a weak squad to be fair, we aren’t the only ones. There is only Man City, Chelsea and QPR (some seriously crazy spending there!) that have big squads with cover for every position. Even Man U are having to play midfielders in defense and they have had a whole summer to address that.
    Of the clubs we will be looking to compete with this season (Everton, Liverpool (HAHA by the waym Brendan!), Spurs, Arsenal (lost their main source of goals from last year and may struggle), possibly Swansea (a bit kneejerk I know!) and even our scruffy friends down the road), they have all had to sell to generate the money needed for their spending sprees this summer.
    Everton- I see as having done the best this summer out of our little group, backed up by their great start to the campaign. But to finance their players in they had to sell Jack Rodwell for £15 million, a huge loss for them in my opinion.
    Liverpool- Have had an awful summer with the crazy spending of ‘King’ Kenny biting them in the arse. I looked at their squad earlier and was really quite surprised at just how weak it is.
    Arsenal- You look at how many times last season they had to rely on Van Persie and I just don’t see how they can get away with that this time unless their new strikers really hit the ground running Papiss style.
    Spurs- Had to sell one of the best midfielders in the world as well as Van Der Vaart to fund their spending this summer. Their net spend came to something like £3 million.
    mackems- Don’t really see where their money has come from like. I would say Adam Johnson is a canny signing for them but the money spent on Fletcher is a huge gamble. I see the Johnson signing as something similar to us and Duff (although I rate him higher than Duff), a bit of a luxury signing when the money was needing to be spent more urgently elsewhere on the squad.
    Sorry for the long winded reply, I just think keeping the team together from last year is a huge thing in itself for us and wanted to highlight that not everyone in the league has a huge super squad and we are the only ones relying on fringe players to do a job.
    It’s done now though, so I’m just looking forward to Sunday!

  • George Leighton

    I’ve followed Newcastle since 58 and these young players are the best since the 90s under Keegan.dont need another c forward midfield packed with quality with Anita and marveaux giving us more options ,best holding midfielder in premier ie Tiote,and steady back four marshalled by collocini And young Taylor and Tim krul tall commanding his 6 yard box.and a decent scouting system bringing in quality.
    Better to be up near top than fighting relegation.
    It’s all not doom and gloom.

  • darthtone

    Bunch of mongs running this club, unless we have a bunch of outstanding talents in reserve theyve kept a secret, we now have 4 months praying for no injuries, suspensions or loss of form from anyone or we are completely fucked, as we stand still and count the pennies, everyone else is strengthning, as we again throw away the potential we have and ashley again kicks us in the nuts, why couldnt I have been a cockney I may have had a happy life, I hate ashley and all the greed and soulless shit he represents, but supporting this club isnt a a choice and unfortunately ashley knows that

  • Tone Army

    out : Lovenkrands in : Sammy Ameobi
    out : Best in : Campbell
    out : Guthrie in : Anita
    out : Kadar in : Good
    out : Smith in : Amalfitano
    out : Donaldson in : Bigirimana
    out : Forster in : Harps
    Read between the lines people, we have moved deadwood & replaced it with better and younger talent (except for forster/harps) on acceptable contracts to help better develop the team/squad & the clubs finances for the FUTURE, we could have panicked and spent over the odds on players towards the end of the window but that goes against the current transfer policy.
    Realisticaly we are no weaker than last season & the foundations of the squad have been strengthened, we may bring in a loan signing or two in the next few weeks but if not I still think we have enough in the squad to rotate the players for league & cups till january, that is where I feel we will be looking to bring in the players the club want like Debuchy & Douglas without being held to ransom over price.
    The one real concern is Strikers, we will have to hope we can keep them fit and firing till january when we will have to add at least one proven goalscorer to cover the ACN (if the Demba’s go ahead of Tiote), & apart from carrol I have heard no talk of any other realistic target?? maybe My Cashley is banking on Ivory coast qualifying over Senegal, maybe Cardew has another unearthed gem to uncover, maybe we will have to look within to fill the void…. Xisco anyone???

  • The Aardvark

    I think this article suffers from the title ‘more depressed than when we went down’. That was indeed depression whereas the current situation is more frustration. I noticed today that according to sky sports news NUFC’s net spending over the summer puts us in the bottom 4 way behind ‘smaller clubs such as Southampton, Stoke and Sunderland. Whilst buying new players does not guarantee success in our case it is obvious we need a bigger squad. Where we suffered last season was when injuries and the African nations cup malarkey caught up with us. This is likely to happen again this season. From Game 12 to game 28 last season we ‘amassed’ 19 points in 17 games, not much better than relegation form. My point is that there is a fine dividing line between success and failure at premiership level. We could easily find ourselves below said line with the current squad, especially if luck doesn’t go our way in the way it did, bye and large last season. We simply CANNOT assume a top 6 finish with the same squad as last year. Chelsea will overtake us and Everton and Liverpool will be stronger this time round. We HAD to buy to stay at the level and we have not. Alan Pardue is living in cloud cuckoo land if he thinks we have a shout at champions league football. I suspect the top and bottom of it is that Ashley will be happy with a top half finish as breaking into the top 4 will simply cost to much.