The news in Scotland today is that Mike Ashley is in line to buy a 10% stake in Glasgow Rangers.

The reports suggest that talks are at an advanced stage and the deal would include Mike Ashley selling the Rangers replica kit through his Sports Direct stores.

Charles Green led a consortium that paid £5.5 million to buy the assets of Rangers from liquidation in June and it is claimed that he has negotiations the talks with Sports Direct and that, “Talks are at an advanced stage and the deal should be signed in the next few days”, according to The Herald’s source.

When you look further into the deal you can see why it would work on so many levels for Mike Ashley. A massive club fallen on hard times and the chance to buy in at a cheap as chips price with great prospects of potential resale value.

The merchandise side of it though explains even more, naturally the opportunity to dominate the Rangers replica kit sale is attractive by itself but when you learn that Ashley’s ‘rival’ JJB signed a £48 million deal in 2006 to sell the Old Firm club’s merchandise on an exclusive basis over the following 10 years.

That contract is believed to have lapsed when Rangers went into liquidation and this deal would underline just how total the Ashley domination of sports retail is in the UK – the current relative values of the two operations has Sports Direct worth getting on for £2Billion which dwarfs JJB’s current £22m valuation.

A source close to Mike Ashley told The Herald: “Mike has a great business. He certainly knows what he is doing on the merchandising, on the logistics front, that is for sure. Mike will want to get JJB out of the way and pick up the merchandise. It gets him a seat at the table”.

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  • juniorchubbs

    The rotund odious man is only interested in one thing. money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money.

    • Paul Soulsby

      unlike the altruistic Hall family yer mean ?

  • Lyle

    Oh no he’s not in it for the money is he, well there’s a novelty fancy that, how awful.Here’s me going to work everyday for nothing I knew I was doing something wrong.Doooh!

  • Billy The Fish

    He tried to buy Rangers before he came to the Toon.

  • Shamo

    I hope he buys the whole club and sells us the fat f***er

    • Lyle

      That would be great, real logic,to think we could end up like what Rangers are now, and they would be where Newcastle are at present,Terrific !,nurse send the next patient in please.

  • Paul Soulsby

    chill people, it gives fat Mike the chance to stick to to that insufferable prick Dave Whelan, that gobshite needs taking down a peg or two, I can’t see chubs having a small stake in the Huns as detrimental to NUFC.

  • Shamo were have you been in the last couple of years have you not seen how well organized the club is now under Ashley.

  • if he does it, could be a good place to send our young players

    • Paul Soulsby

      am not sure what they would gain from playing in the Scots 3rd Division, they would be better off going to Hartlepool or Gateshead

  • Sharpie

    Why shouldn’t he? It’s his money, not NUFC’s, and in the long term his investment in Rangers will pay dividends, once they inevitably return to the SPL, although the long-term future of that league is anyone’s guess. I agree with Shamo, we’re in a lot better shape now than 3-4 years ago and the club is being run sustainably, unlike when we were forking out silly money for Luque, Owen and Boumsong. Credit where it’s due, and if Mike Ashley wants to make some more money on the side, that’s his call.

    • Paul Soulsby

      Exactly, I for one don’t miss Sir Wynyard or Ole’Shep, say what yer like about Ashley, and I frequently do, no bugger has f***ed us over quite like our own

  • It’s a “no brainer” as far as Ashley is concerned. How much is 10% going to cost him? Got to be buttons and he gets exclusive rights to selling 200,000+ replica shirts annually. Amazing bit of business if you ask me. It is also a long, long way from buying out Rangers. I can’t see that happening. That as well is a no brainer. Why would he want to, he has what he wants – selling tops.