Our old mate Harry Redknapp is at it again, though it isn’t Newcastle United players he’s trying to unsettle this time.

This time ‘Arry is sticking the knife into his ex-employers as he had this to say to The Sun:

“I would not be sure Luka (Modric) would start the season at Tottenham. The club would be happy to sell if they get the right money. The chairman (Daniel Levy) said to him last year ‘Give us one more season and if Real come in, I won’t stand in your way”.

I know that Redknapp talking about any player at the moment will equal ‘talking about another team’s player’, what with any decent club steering well clear of him.

The point is though that just as it was none of his business talking about what was or wasn’t contained in Demba Ba’s contract, similarly he has no justification for broadcasting information about his old club which clearly wasn’t meant for public consumption.

I’ve always despised him and amusingly both Spurs and England realised that they would be better off putting as much distance as possible between themselves and Redknapp.

No doubt just like Michael Owen, ‘Arry hasn’t joined another club yet because he’s still wading through all the offers…

  • Nutty almond

    Look at his ex clubs Bournemouth, west ham, Southampton & Portsmouth all on a sound financial footing since he left. NOT!!!!!

  • Rob Brown

    Personally, Joe, I had no problem when he talked about Ba, and see no problem here.
    If only everyone in football management was as forthcoming with information as Harry is!
    What I do find amazing is that people still feel the need to take cheap shots at Owen. He played for Liverpool, Real, Newcastle and Man U.
    Remember when the brochure went out and the piss taking started? Oh yeah, bad move!
    Then Man U snapped him up.
    His goals to game ratio is just behind Shearer (who , incidentally, spent his former years with Southampton on a strike rate nearer one in 4) and no matter what you think of him how can you blame him for being injury prone?
    If you want to have a go at someone surely Alan Smith was the parasite! 80K a week, couldn’t make the first team when he was fit and had difficulty making it to the bench.

    • pw

      totally agree! Alan Smith is the worst signing in our history

      • biffa

        Are you idiots from the toon or in foreign climes?? Owen is a twat full of his own importance and has never had any interest in football for at least half a decade! Smith may not have been the most technically gifted but he always gave his all. Sick of idiots like yourselves commenting on the the toon. Disgruntled Gateshead toon fan

    • ozymandias

      Pro-Redknapp/Owen? You work for The Sun aye? Tit!

  • think he could be sued by levy for what he said there

  • tonym 28

    Harry was the pundits man for the england job, He would never get close to a team I support, the man is a leaves clubs in termoil. He’s a typical cockney wideboy not my concern you clean it up. Hats off to levy, harry would tell u what happend to him rather than commenting on thing that do not concern him.
    Owen, he’s a classic example of someone who can but wont. He’s to lazy to be a team player he likes the self glory the hero status, on the other hand Alan Smith would but can’t injuries and just a basic lack of skill limit him, but effort and commitment he’s head and shoulders above the likes of owen and a good few more players NUFC were wise enough to get rid of.
    Baically hats off to levy top man.

  • juniorchubbs

    the man is a slack faced, twitchy tosser. wibble wibble.