The press had a field day in the summer when Danny Guthrie’s wedding do turned into a free for all with amongst other claims of unruly behaviour, guests throwing lobster thermidor at each other at the reported £40,000 do at Allerton Castle, near Harrogate.

As a follow on to that story it has now emerged that Guthrie has apologised after failing to return rented wedding suits, with a Tyneside based wedding hire shop taking him to the small claims court. The matter now cleared up and the shop compensated.

One detail that is of interest is that this storm in a wedding cup led to Guthrie’s Newcastle United earnings back at the time being revealed.

I had regularly heard that a lot of the fringe players at Newcastle were on a fraction of what other players were on, not a sliding scale as is the case at most clubs.

The wedding furore revealed that Danny Guthrie was on £4000 a week at Newcastle, which most of us would be very happy with but in terms of Premier League football…

As an illustration, the average Premier League footballer is on over £20,000 a week and while you might think the likes of Tevez, Rooney, Toure push this average up, obviously at the other end you have many more players bringing the average down.

While I didn’t rate Guthrie very highly he was clearly in our top eighteen and guaranteed at least a place on bench.

I think it is a worry that Newcastle/Mike Ashley are trying to run not just as a tightly run financial operation but on an unrealistic basis if the team/squad have any chance of moving forward. My understanding is that there are others getting money close to what Guthrie was getting despite being regulars in the first team squad.

Also, Danny Simpson might not be on quite as much as fans assume and his contract ‘demands’ not as unrealistic as those who have it in for him want to believe.

Having an elite group of ten or eleven players on competitive wages and then a huge divide with no budget for a sliding scale, could cause real problems in both the short and long-term.

Knowing that players talk it will be no secret to Guthrie’s old Newcastle teammates as to what Danny Guthrie is on now at Reading.

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  • Graeme, Blaydon

    Players should be paid what they are worth. The fiscal policy at NUFC is realistic and the flip side to your point is the fact Chelsea are paying Josh McEachran £20,000 a week. Simpson is ‘worth’ no more than 10k a week in my opinion and I’m sure Guthrie was offered a similar amount. Greedy players and agents are driving up wages and I’m glad Ashley and co are making a stand against it.

  • shite; the ones we want get looked after, the ones we want to keep get looked after. people seem keen to overlook the fact that collocini and jonas earn decent wedge and have had their contracts extended because they are seen as central to our plans. guthrie was on a poor wage relatively speaking but perhaps the terms he was offered were just a polite way of saying “if you stay you`ll always just be a bit part player so if you want more game time and more money you know what to do”. players do talk, but while we`re keeping the core of the team together and looking to source younger “bit part” players then i don`t see your logic. any young player good enough to further his career with us will see the big name of newcastle as a place to make their mark on the game. if they make it they`ll be offered better terms, if they`re average they`ll move on.

  • Duncan

    no disrespect to Guthrie and Simson but they are championship level players and get paid as such I dont believe they are only on 4 k but wish as a pensioner living on 120 pounds a week i was getting 10% of that

  • Richard

    OK, Guthrie only got £200K per annum. Very poor for a premiership footballer. Footballers probably average 10-15 year working lives at full pay. Most of us will work 30-50 years usually increasing wages with age. Following data from drawn from HMRC PAYE records.
    In 2011 big business bosses and chief executives average 112K,
    Pilots about 72K, managers professionals about 50K, average for all full time employees 26K. I think all premiership clubs should look to having earnings less than they are and decrease the extortionate entrance and food/drink prices after entry proportionately. Most ‘normal’ workers will get between 12 and 20K per annum and if they love football as a lot of us do they’ll pay over £500 for a season ticket. Make what you like with the above numbers but don’t feel too sorry for Danny or anyone else earning twice a chief execs fee to keep fit and practice what he loves for 9 months a year.