Just over a week to go and the transfer melting pot is hotting up.

Maybe nowhere more so that at Anfield where Brendan Rodgers could already be at melting point, judged by the venom he is sending Newcastle’s way when he spoke to The Telegraph;

“There is no way they will do a number on us.

Absolutely no chance – and certainly not Newcastle. Newcastle got £35million for this player last year. To even consider wanting to take him on loan is a liberty. There is nothing more on it for me.

I need a minimum of three strikers. Once the window shuts, that is it until January. I have got Luis Suarez, Fabio Borini and Andy Carroll. I would need to be a nutcase to even consider at this moment to let Andy Carroll go out, unless there are other solutions for that.

At the moment there isn’t. Andy has been working well. He knows the situation, like the rest of the group do, and we will take it from there. It is all speculation. We have got a very small squad as it is. We have lost a lot of players this summer and I have not replaced them, as of yet”.

A dismal defeat at The Hawthorns won’t have improved Rodgers’ mood and when you look at what he said things could get very interesting with Andy Carroll in the next eight days.

What the Liverpool manager makes clear to me is that Newcastle have certainly tried to take Carroll on a loan deal but definitely not offered a permanent deal, as yet.

What he also definitely says, at least to me, is that he quite clearly is desperate to sign more players but wants/needs to sell Carroll to help fund those deals.

Considering the money Dalglish wasted in overpriced deals on players such as Carroll and Downing, it is little wonder Liverpool’s owners are insisting he helps generate funds.

There is a deal to be done, a club that doesn’t want him and a manager in Alan Pardew who wants to recruit him.

As we are constantly told every player had a price and the question is what is Andy Carroll’s and more importantly, is Mike Ashley willing to pay it?

The following five matches have already been confirmed as televised live, with no doubt many more to follow.

Chelsea (A) – Saturday, 25th August but also moved to a 5.30pm kick-off (ESPN)

Everton (A) – Monday 17th September 8pm (was Sat 15th Sept) (SKY)

Manchester United (H) – Sunday 7th October 4pm (was Sat 6th Oct) (SKY)

Mackems (A) – Sunday 21st October 1.30pm (was Sat 20th Oct) (SKY)

Liverpool (A) – Sunday 4th November 4pm (was Sat 3rd Nov) (SKY)

  • Brontosaurus

    They can give their best striker to Cardiff for free but we can’t have their 2nd (possibly 3rd if Borini turns out good) best for £12m?

  • This blokes a head case, they overspent not our fault, played the wrong tactics for a year, employed someone who says he can go on loan, my he can’t. Hardly inspires his players especially Andy Carroll.

    Its a shame for Liverpool they keep jumping from the frying pan into the fire a pale shaddow of what they were, and for me I find that sad.

  • When Brendan Rodgers was originally asked about Carroll going out on loan back in July, he was quoted as saying, “It’s something I would have to look at, I have to be honest. Sometimes a player going out on loan – in general, not just Andy – can benefit the club in the long term.”

    So he can’t really blame us for looking into a loan deal when he was the one who first raised the possibility. Sometimes managers are misquoted but on this occasion his comments were on the BBC website so that seems unlikely in this case. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/18778825

  • juniorchubbs

    That bloke rodgers saying trying to take Caroll on loan is a liberty?
    Paying £35 million for him in the first place is a liberty!
    Goddamn fool.

  • Paul Soulsby

    “What a fahking liberty !”, Del Boy ya should have been wearing a mask ya robbing cahnt, gotta laugh at LFC getting in a lather over their own stupidity

  • glasshalfempty

    is Rodgers not taking a liberty getting Sahin on loan? hypocritical scouse arse!!!!!