Liverpool have at last admitted the worst kept secret in football, Brendan Rodgers needs to sell Andy Carroll to buy players that he wants.

This transfer saga has filled the summer for many a tabloid newspaper and following repeated denials by Brendan Rodgers and others at Anfield that Carroll was ‘an important member of the squad, very much involved, can’t play all your best players every week, blah blah blah’ – the truth is now out.

In this transfer window poker game, Rodgers has not only been the first one to blink but has dropped his cards and let everybody clearly see his hand. I can imagine Mike Ashley absolutely loving this, if he is willing to back Alan Pardew in signing Carroll then Rodgers admission is hardly going to make Newcastle move towards Liverpool’s valuation.

This is what the two managers have had to say when asked about Carroll in the build up to their respective Europa League matches:

Brendan Rodgers;

“I don’t think we’re in a position to have £35m players as third choice forwards. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Andy (Carroll) has been a cover player for Liverpool in our opening two matches”.

Alan Pardew;

“I’ve always said it’s not really down to me. Would I want him in the Newcastle squad? Then of course I would, as would just about every other manager in the Premier League. Can the business deal be done? That’s nothing to do with me”.

I think Carroll’s position at Liverpool is impossible as his manager has made clear he doesn’t want him, if Ashley is prepared to pay a realistic fee then I can see the player back on Tyneside but surely a loan deal is out of the question – particularly as the scousers must see Newcastle as one of the teams they have to try and finish above this season.

I think though if Newcastle/Ashley continue to refuse to offer a permanent deal then I could see Carroll feeling he has no alternative but to go to West Ham, probably on some kind of initial loan with a view to being permanent.

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  • All Rodgers said was that he has to sell players to be able to buy new players. He did not and I repeat for the less intelligent hackers pushing this story HE DID NOT mention Carroll. He, Rodgers needs more strikers not less. The players he wants to sell are Cole, Adam, Spearing and Henderson.

    • Dan

      “I don’t think we’re in a position to have £35m players as third choice forwards”. Who do you think he is referring to genius? “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Andy (Carroll) has been a cover player for Liverpool in our opening two matches”. Clearly Bill, you’re not a rocket scientist…but yes he also wants to sell the likes of Adam and Spearing etc.

  • Ammarish

    Why NUFC havent tried to sign any of the spanish players. They are good quality and at a cheap price these days… Same for Clint Dempsey or even Micheal Dawson… Its frustrating other teams are getting all the good players.

  • Pick A Name

    The problem Carroll will have is not the price tag but his wages. He is reportedly on wages higher than Colo who is our highest earner. I’d be very surprised if our management is prepared to equal Andy’s Liverpool wages and thereby upset quite a few of our players.

  • Peter

    some one please tell me how his reception is gonna be next time he
    comes to St James’ Park IF he’s still a Liverpool player? Last time he
    was booed but would it be wise to boo him next time if he’s gonna come
    back to Newcastle in a years time..

    • glasshalfempty

      I’ll continue to boo and heckle him and any other opposition player if it means NUFC get an advantage. It’s what the crowd is supposed to do and your duty as a fan. I’d have him back tomorrow and cheer him on in black n white though. Call me fickle but that is the reality!!!

  • brin

    Totally agree..Ammarish…and whats wrong with loan players

  • brin

    here we go agin…the game tonite…and we have no strikers on the bench ..or maybe Campbell(17 1/2 yrs old)..we were 5th last year..over 50,000 gates. C,mon…there is a difference between being frugal and just plain tight,stupid and we know idea of helping this club get in the Champions league…this team is no stronger than last year (with squad players)..Its a shame

    • Papa cisse

      My thoughts exactly mate. Need some bodies in or we can kiss goodbye to kicking on from last season and mid table beckons. Our main players are probably a bit pissed off themselves that we haven’t really brought much in.