With the relative merits of Demba Ba and Andy Carroll a big talking point at the moment, interesting to see the Daily Telegraph getting in on the act.

Their Fantasy Football competition has Demba Ba valued at £6m in their ratings, compared to Andy Carroll lagging behind on £5.8m, perhaps giving extra credence to any possible swap deal involving cash PLUS Carroll for Ba!

At times Newcastle United did indeed play some fantasy stuff last season but seeing a Fantasy Football competition for the coming season it got me thinking…

The Daily Telegraph allow you £50m to spend on your eleven players of choice and interestingly, if you wanted to buy Newcastle’s first choice eleven from last season you would still have over £6m change, as combined they would set you back £43.7m.

As a comparison, it would set you back the following for our competitors – Everton (£42.6m), Liverpool (£44.9m), Spurs (£48.4m) and with Manchester City you would have to compromise somewhere as their eleven most valued players come out at £53.2m according to the Telegraph.

Of course these figures are all to fit in with the Telegraph’s budget per team of £50m and don’t equal ‘real’ values but the amounts are relative in competing players, so for example it is interesting/amusing that they rate Liverpool’s most valuable eleven above Newcastle’s.

The values attached for the purposes of Fantasy Football for the Newcastle players were;

Krul £3.5m, Simpson £3.5m, Coloccini £3.8m, Steven Taylor £3.1m, Santon £3.2m, Ben Arfa £3.8m, Tiote £3.2m, Cabaye £4.2m, Jonas £4m, Ba £6m, Cisse £6.4m

If Newcastle’s eleven players above were said to have a total value of £50m, this is how I would carve up their relative values to the club/team – that is real value to the team rather than to get Fantasy League points;

Krul £5.5m, Simpson £2.5m, Coloccini £5m, Steven Taylor £4m, Santon £3.5m, Ben Ara £4.5m, Tiote £5m, Cabaye £5m, Jonas £4m, Ba £5m, Cisse £6m

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  • Sam77

    Fantasy stuff? You finished 5th. Youre a decent side and thats it. Got to laugh at Newcastle fans. Won less than most of the country in the last few decades and still think theyre a big club.

    • Mal

      We are a big club. You only have to look at our total revenues, average attendances, number of games on tv etc to see that. I agree we haven’t won anything for a long time but that’s a different thing altogether.

    • dan

      finished 5th, of the back of losing our top players at the time and only just coming back up from the championship (for the first time since the prem began), beat man united, chelsea, liverpool, sunderland, played great football, and some of the goals our players scored where fantasy stuff in fairness, ben arfa’s against blackburn? ben arfa against bolton? cisse against chelsea? cabaye against man.u? r.taylor against everton?? and not a big club? how many times have we been in europe? how many times have we finished top 6? how big is our stadium again? with all due respect, pipe the f*ck down….. bet your a classic spurs fan, been in europe like twice in the last 20 years and you think your the bollocks…

      • Jimbo Jay

        ”bet your a classic spurs fan, been in europe like twice in the last 20 years and you think your the bollocks..”. To be fair m8 spurs are pretty impressive and if any one denies that then there just being bitter.

    • Penislover

      Fuck off wqnker

  • Guest2

    Newcastle to finish in midtable this time around. side typical pardrew side. toons will be right back down to earth.

    • dan

      back down to earth? we’ve been a top 6 team a lot longer than not in the history of the premier league… hence the 50,000+ seater pal… and the team we have is one of the best in the league – end off… if all starting 11 plus 2/3 signings stay/join, you watch newcastle pick up a trophy next year or at least get to a final (probs that to be honest classic newcastle), get out of the group stage of the europa league and still finish top 7… might not be a winning club, but bar the last 5 years we’ve been a consistant top 6 team.. you clearly dont have a clue.

      • John Smith

        Don’t waste your breath. That idiot must be a Tottenham or Liverpool fan who’s just sexually frustrated that his shite team didn’t make it to the champs league.

        • Jimbo Jay

          Why tottenham or liverpool sounds like your bitter towards them for some reason. Not one to cuss other teams and dont really see the point but calling spurs shite is random when they finished above ya and cained ya at the lane. I like newcastle so not on here to rip it out of ya team but makes me giggle when i see comments like the one John Smith wrote.

  • toonydoonunder

    You have to laugh at these fans from other teams coming on to toon blogs and trying to have a say why not get a life and do one on to your own blogs and keep ya nonsense to yourselves,although your blogs are probably as shite as your own lives!!!!!!!

  • You did well last season lads – well done. It was refreshing to see Newcastle achieve such an unexpectedly high finish.

    But I’d be wary of getting ahead of yourselves. It sometimes happens that clubs over-achieve or end up in a false position, doesn’t it?

    I’m not saying that’s what happened with Newcastle but this season you’re going to have to prove it and repeat the top-6 finish.