Since the opening of the transfer window, there have been more exits from St.James’ Park than arrivals. I have read over the past few days that selling these so called fringe players is a positive step by the club, illustrating a move of ambition to improve the overall playing quality existing in the ranks at St.James’.

Regarding the likes of Alan Smith  (no future left at the club), Peter Lovenkrands (most effective days behind him) and Leon Best (surplus to requirements), I agree that the notion of selling these types of players can in fact be seen as a positive by the club. The case of Danny Guthrie is different in my opinion though. Guthrie has been bracketed into this group of players which I find to be grossly unfair and untrue.

Guthrie was a player who undoubtedly had ability. Last season, and in the ones before that, Guthrie demonstrated his ability from the centre of midfield to pass the ball well, engage in tackles and provide a goal threat , illustrated by strikes against Blackburn (League Cup) and Fulham last season. Both of which were shots from distance, made with both right and left foot respectively, yet another attribute to Guthrie’s game. Guthrie is a player who can be described as having guile in midfield – a wonderful balance, control and technique with the courage to get on the ball and play. Surely it is a shame to lose a player who had undoubted talent and Premier League experience/pedigree as opposed to a positive?

Another element as to why the selling of Guthrie is not a positive is that Newcastle have let a player of good age/potential leave. Guthrie was only 25, matching the perceived Mike Ashley age-related criteria of a suitable player for the squad. A player of his age has his best years ahead of him and so keeping Guthrie would only have been a benefit, rather than a drag on the overall quality of the squad. Furthermore, Guthrie was a British talent and these are becoming rarer in modern day football, with the new 25 man squad rule of which 9 must be ‘home-grown’ implemented, keeping Guthrie would have been a progressive measure by the club.

As well as this, Guthrie proved himself an able deputy last season, coming into the team on numerous occasions for Tiote. Notable contributions to victories over Stoke away, Everton at home, West Brom away and the draw at Old Trafford, all in Tiote’s absence, proving that Guthrie was a more than able replacement. For example, tight 1-0 victories over both QPR and Norwich at St.James’ stick out as games where Guthrie was the standout performer in midfield, it was performances and victories like this that meant Newcastle remained in the hunt for a Champions League place right up until the final day. Newcastle will miss this next season when the first choice midfield pairing of Tiote/Cabaye is inevitably interrupted by injuries, suspensions etc, and this may even be a detriment to Newcastle’s ability to grind out results and sustain a challenge on two fronts next season.

More than this though I feel that there is an argument that Guthrie could and maybe should have indeed been a first team player for Newcastle next season. Newcastle’s most effective formation last year proved to be the 4-3-3 used in the impressive six game winning run at the ‘business end’ of last term. Therefore it is likely that this is the formation Newcastle will adopt for the forthcoming campaign.

With this in mind, for a formation that requires three midfielders, the fact that Guthrie has been allowed to leave could prove a major concern in the sense that he was without doubt, along with Tiote and Cabaye, one of the three best midfielders at the club last season. Therefore, playing the three of them would have been a force, as proved in the 2-0 victory over Liverpool last season when the three performed magnificently in this system to completely outplay  a Liverpool midfield containing Steven Gerrard. Sadly though, this will not be seen again and this is a shame as these three players were perfectly suited to the formation, so selling one of the main contributors to this success is hardly a positive.

Newcastle also lost a player of worthy ability, potential and use for FREE. This is another point that can only be seen as a negative. Guthrie was a loyal player, who stuck with Newcastle after their relegation but Pardew’s laissez-faire attitude concerning the issue however, resulted in him stating that, “If Danny Guthrie wants First team football he should go”.

Finally, with Newcastle in the Europa League next season and the African Cup of Nations once more taking place, Guthrie’s departure looks more and more like a mistake. There is an immense amount of importance placed on the squad of teams competing on more than one front these days and so keeping Guthrie would have been a wise move. The concept of First team football can also be said to be somewhat blurred in the modern game due to squad rotation and an increase in the amount of matches played. Therefore Guthrie would have been a first team player next season and so his departure, unlike the others who have left this summer, could prove costly to Newcastle.

  • Chrisptalbot

    That may make sense if Guthrie was willing to stay as a squad player, but he refused a contract in pursuit of regular first team football. He therefore hasn’t been “let go” but decided to leave. he’s not a first choice player so it makes sense all around and good luck to him but I’m sure we have adequate replacements in our squad – Give Abeid a chance as a holding midfielder, Vuckic a chance etc….

  • GFH

    I appreciate Danny’s contribution in many of the games he played last season. One question for you. If he is so good why was it Reading etc who chased him and not Spurs , Arsenal ( even Liverpool didn’t want him and they want everybody we have seemingly) .If not good enough for them , what is it that makes you think that he is good enough for us?
      If we do not recruit mid-field players to boost the current crop ,( plus youngsters ), then there will be a shortage , but isn’t that why we have been linked with Anita and who knows who else Carr is watching?
     I’m grateful for Danny’s contribution and I wish him well in the future , but I’m looking forward not back thank you.

  • Archie Brand

    So what is the definition of a star now? Not a leading player any more? not a regular first team player?

    Guthrie was used as a second stream player covering for Tiote .

    He was not a Star! He was not Tiote, Coloccini, Cabaye, Ben Arfa, Cisse or Ba.

    Yes he is good and we should not have sold him, but please give up with the drama queen stuff.

    If you can’t attract people to your site by telling the truth and making an honest statement, don’t you think you should be trying a little harder?

    You remind me of the American Reality TV shows where they say things like “Watch as the speeding drug addict narrowly misses the children on the sidewalk!!!” and you see a car driving down the road.

    Blah blah blah!

    The Sun has the sensationalism thing covered – maybe you should try journalism.

    • or not try journalism….he should just stick to dribble.

    • Michael Cantillon

      I dont come up with the titles bud

  • Tucgiyx

    You forgot to mention his injury record……..

  • Geoff777

    Don’t really get the article.

    Guthrie wanted regular starts.
    Pardew couldn’t promise him that with Tiote & Cabaye in the team.
    So he refused to sign a new contract and went on a free.

    Good luck to Danny.
    Perhaps he lacks ambition but he just wants to play football.

  • Brontosaurus

    I’d personally rather have Best than Guthrie personally, especially seeing as we have so many quality midfielders (Marveaux, Ben Arfa, Jonas, Tiote, Cabaye and maybe in the future Gosling, Vuckic, Obertan and Abeid) compared to Ba, Cisse and maybe Sammy Ameobi.

  • Ironmonkie

    This is a complete waste of time.
    He was constantly injured do that was a part of the reason for his lack of game time.
    Newcastle didn’t “let him go” they offered him a contract and he declined it so he could go somewhere he could get regular footy.
    What’s the club supposed to do? Lock him in a room and torture him till he signs a new deal?
    We couldn’t afford to sell him last year because he was needed as a squad member. If we didn’t offer him a new contract and just let him go then maybe this article would make sense, but as it is it’s just complete and utter nonsense….

  • Lee Shevills

    Get the facts right, Guthrie did not like it up here, neither did his mrs! Simple as that. He didn’t put 100 percent in all the time and was not as good as our first team players.

    Fringe player

    You run some poor story’s

  • Sharpie

    I agree with the comments below. I’m disappointed to lose him, he was a good squad player but he is not going to dislodge Cabaye or the Cheick from the central midfield. Obviously the powers that be see something in Gosling and we’ve got Abeid, Vuckic and Amalfitano all to come into that engine room. What could the club do if Guthrie wouldn’t sign a new contract, he’s been on record as saying he wants to play every week and that couldn’t happen for him at Newcastle

  • HamburgerToon

    Crap article, get your facts right before posting such drivel in future. As others before me have said, we offered the lad a contract and he refused to get first team football. That said, it will be first team for four games and then out for the rest of the season with him.

  • Double Carpet

    Utter sensationalist bollocks! Guthrie wanted to go because he wasn’t first choice. Towards the end of the season Jonas played in the centre, with Tiote, and was much more mobile and worked harder. This allowed Cabaye to get forward.

    Don’t write sh1tty tabloid-style articles – people see through them. As have all the responders so far.

    You are a plank.

    • Hatemisbetterthanmessi

      Bit personal pal…the article does have a point?

  • Jcmorrison26

    but he wanted to leave, didn’t sign contract that was offered and fair play to the lad wante d to play first team football


    guthrie gave the ball away far too easy and had a bad choice of pass and not very accurate 1 either.!!we need better quality than him as back up if we wanna challenge the top teams 4 prizes.!!HWTL’s

  • Shearer9

    Completely Agree…could prove to be a major mistake especially with African Cup of nations on again (!) and Dan Gosling yet to prove his worth….

  • Shola23

    Guthrie wouldn’t sign a new deal, I’m sure they would have kept him otherwise. Terrible article trying to push negativity just because something hasn’t gone wrong for a while.

  • BC_mag

    what about his bad attitude about sitting on the bench disrupting chemistry? may not have been an issue last year bcuz he could see the light at the end of the tunnel, however at 25 he is looking for first team footy and tiote and cabs are much better

  • Guy Maxwell

    Time and time again he was found wanting at the highest level and, like Simpson, he was offered a deal to stay. I don’t mourn his departure in the least as he was frustratingly inconsistent and never integral to a solid team performance.

    Was he awful, no; was his attitude terrible, no; was he good enough, no!

  • Seen a lot of people raving about Guthrie since his departure – have to say they all must have been watching a different player to me.

    Could never really question his attitude but like Simpson just far too inconsistent and sloppy with the ball consistently making basic footballing mistakes that you get taught as a kid playing at school.

    Kind of player that would do a great 30 yard pass one minute and then pass the ball across his own box straight to the opposition the next.

    Agree we maybe need to be slightly careful not to get rid of too many fringe players but certainly no tears shed that he has gone and if Simpson goes too that will be a great summer for me.

    As has also been mentioned he chose to leave and I think the fact that the best team that came in for him when he was available for free was Reading tells you all you need to know.

  • Tartoon82

    Bear in mind it was Guthrie who wanted to leave for guarantee of first team football… I think Pards would have kept him as a squad player if it wasn’t for his desire to leave in the first place. 

  • Stevey_milburn

    what a load of rubbish, he wanted first team football and was out of contract. what were they supposed to do, chain him to the subs bench

  • SPB

    He’s no Cabeye or Tiote though is he? That’s the point. He was never going to break that pair, and he knew it.
    At times last season he surprised me, as I was of the opinion that he lacks the ingredient to be a top midfielder. Passes the ball well, but can’t defend, tackle or get in the box enough, and no he does not provide a goal threat in the slightest.
    His character is questionable too, frustrations shown at Swansea during our promotion season and that pathetic show at West Brom in Hughton’s last game in charge, fine examples.
    A learning curve maybe as I suppose he is still young, but I’m still going to give as much credit for his good form last season to his fellow midfielders.
    I have no fear whatsoever of him coming back to haunt us. Guthrie will never be able to influence a game or hurt a team alone (famous last words)
    Having said that I’m grateful to him for his time with us, respect his ambition by wanting to move his career on, but I’ll get over it.
    I already have.

  • Grace from Duns

    Poor article. A very ordinary player. Tried his best but had very little skill or pace. Glad to see him out the door 

  • Mr Guilfoyle

    sentimental crap. the games you mention hardly showcased the talents you describe. stoke away, we virtually played long ball all game, everton at home we rode our luck, qpr and norwich we scraped to one goal victories at home, west brom away was down to cabaye, ben arfa, cisse and ba simply being too good for their defence, man u away was a mixture of hard work, heroism and good fortune. he has found his level. he can pick a pass, given time. he has a good shot, given time. but he`s not going to improve. thanks for your contribution, can`t wait to play you

  • Kerrzinho

    What the article ignores is Guthrie’s own point of view and the fact he was not and would never be a must-have name in the starting 11 for Pardew. The negotiations between NUFC and Guthrie were never going to be easy – Newcastle were determined to preserve the position of two fine players in Tiote and Cabaye, cementing Guthrie as a team man: solid back-up and some-time starter. Guthrie likely felt he had the upper hand being a talented player, having performed well when required last season, and showing loyalty during a tough period in Newcastle’s history. Personally I believe that Pardew has behaved with a refreshing honesty. He clearly hasn’t tried to lie to Guthrie in order to lock him into a situation he didn’t want during what could be the best years of his career. It’s a shame to see a clearly talented player leave the club, but Guthrie appears to be getting what he wants and Newcastle has the opportunity to find a player of equal ability that’s willing to do the job that Guthrie didn’t want to do… or allow a younger player the opportunity to shine.

    •  I think he has been replaced already with Amalfitano. Never seen that lad play but I would wager a decent amount that he is better than Guthrie.

  • Lesley Sanchez

    Absolutely agree – couldn’t understand why they let him go even if he was kept as a squad player or brought on for tired legs off the bench.
    Lesley Sanchez Agadir  

  • TalkinDaft

    Absolute garbage

  • Silva

    he wanted to go…he needs first team football, and we are bringing in some young talented players. We also have the academy proucing some local talent. We need to strengthen the squad, but by getting rid of some high earners, like Alan Smith…we can move for some better players. Newcastle will not break the budget set by MA. However if we can get Debuchy, Douglas and maybe Anita then the team looks strong. As for DeJong, I reckon that deal is off, unless Ba gets sold. If we hold onto Ba until after the end of July his value will shoot up as the clause in his contract becomes redundant. 

  • Mr Otzo

    I think you are missing the point, if he wanted to play 30+ games a season then Newcastle wasnt the club for him. He is a great ball player with a good work rate but needs first team football week in week out which we can’t give him. Reading can and I am sure he will move on to bigger & better things from there.