Brendan Rodgers clearly wants shot of Andy Carroll but the owners are not going to accept selling him at his true value  (say £12-15mill?) and taking such a hit on the balance sheet. Therefore a loan option is the obvious solution and unsurprisingly we are one of the teams mentioned.

The question is should we be?

There is no doubt Andy is a damned good player – we all know it, we have seen him at his best. It is only the £35mill price tag that puts peoples back up and leads to the stick that he gets. With the seeming demise of the Luuk de Jong transfer (at least temporarily) and the moving on of three, albeit second rate, forward options (Best, Lovenkrans & Ranger?) we do need a forward.

During Ramadan and possibly the African nations, we will be left with one man standing, the incomparable Shola, and that is if his famous hip stands up. It is too much of a risk and surely we need another quality forward. We have so many games potentially next season and our Senegal duo may lose form, tire – all kind of scenarios that could knacker our season.

But would Andy fit in – certainly the style that Pardew professes to play does preclude a big forward but the reality is he mixes styles and confessed last season he would like to see some more ‘bread & butter’ goals ie headers from corners, crosses etc: No doubt Andy is as good as anyone at that.

Finally, it would fit in to Ashley’s philosophy. Aside from his smugness at receiving £35mill and still getting the player it stops the necessity of panic buying a forward, takes the pressure off and we can wait for his/Pardew’s/Carr’s choice. He has done it before.

For Andy Carroll it would be surely the best option – give us a season at a place he understands and then review what he does next summer. I don’t believe he will mess with the team spirit either as he has a lot to prove.

I for one think it is hardly a gamble.

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  • Guest

    I’m sorry but he is not ‘a damned good player’ really annoyed me when he played for us that everyone thought he was an amazing striker. He isn’t. He’s good in the air, thats it. Otherwise he isn’t in the same league as either of the Dembas. Would hate to see him back

    • Paul Soulsby

      harsh, he’s got a much better touch than people give him credit for, though am not sure he would fit in to our style of play either.

  • geoff777

    I’d have him back in a heart-beat.

    Not so keen on the loan, but why not.
    Option to buy at the end of the season for 12M.

    Any loan or transfer would really depend on Andy’s wages.

    • Biggazza

      Liverpool would have to cover any shortcoming of his wages ie Alan smith

  • Lets not rock the boat eh !we’ve only just found a system that knocks other clubs about a bit only to change it all and go backwards. I don’t think so, I certainly hope not anyway. lets keep on moving forward. HWTL.

  • Tonyandcarmel

     cant agree with the previous comment would love to see andy back  in a black and white shirt  mix and match  up front  cause a few problems up front  get stuck in  ruffle a few feathers  for me a massive  lets have him back  alan

  • rothervalleymag

    After the stick he was given when he came back with the bindippers, I doubt he would want to come back.  His form seemed to pick up after that happened.
    In any case, even on top form, I couldn’t see him fitting in to a team that is no longer geared to his strengths – that’s why he’s been such a donkey down there.

  • Andy

    I’d be wary of this, although there are good arguments on both sides. My worry is that Newcastle would only get Andy Carroll on loan as a sweetener for letting Demba Ba go to Liverpool, which is unacceptable in my book. Andy was a good striker for us when he was full of piss and vinegar but he’s no Ba.

  • Keith Gilroy

    No and definetly not on loan I don’t think there would be to many moans if we picked him up on the cheap though but I can’t see much benefit in it for us other than gaining an unhappy player when he becomes sick of playing second fiddle to the 2 Dembas. I don’t see why it’s thought he’s in such a rush to leave if he does he’ll move sideways at best and he’s just over a year into £80’000 a week contract, with Rodgers admitting he won’t be able to spend lavish amounts in the transfer market he’s still got a good chance of playing there not exactly flush for forwards.

  • Billythefish

    Would have him back in a heartbeat.
    Top striker who terrifies defences, and a Geordie boy too!
    We cannot afford him though!

  • Wowski13

    Ramadan finishes on the opening day of the season so only the Spurs game will be affected. Carroll wouldn’t get a game!

    • Steve P

      and if they don’t win the payoff against Ivory Coast, when they’ll not be going to the ACON either!!

  • JerseyGeordie

    I’d take him back but not on loan.
    Don’t want to help his Liverpool career by helping him regain his form so he can go back to Liverpool and then help them move up the table.

  • Brontosaurus

    He would still count as one of 4 home-grown players at the club for Europe (along with Krul, Saylor and 1 other) but I don’t think it counts for loaned players.

  • James

    I would have him back permanently but not on loan as that only helps Liverpool. We don’t have an Andy Carroll option in the squad (not many teams do) but his ability to score with his head is amazing. His left foot takes too long to tee up but his heading is great. We lacked scoring goals from set pieces last year we were awful at it. I would also imagine using Carroll as a target man for either Ba or Cisse would work very well. Imagine flick ones for Cisse and Ba? Hes also very good at clearing defensively with his heading something which is extremely useful. There are games I wouldnt play him and there are games he would be a fantastic option for especially coming off the bench in some games as a battering ram. Sometimes Ba, Cisse and Benny arent going to be able to open the door and it might be the type of door Carroll can knock down and having those type of options in our squad I would take.

  • Nick Dryden

    I don’t see cisse and ba always on the piss, falling off barstools and hitting women. the guy is as unprofessional as they come and doesn’t look after himself physically for a highly paid athlete.

    I don’t want to go back to ”hoofball”. Rodgers knows liverpool fans will never want that style either. Watching cabaye play killer through balls is my cup of tea.

  • Nick Dryden

    is hopeful flick ons really the way to go!!

  • Micky_porter1989

    best header of the ball ive ever seen, people try to hoof it at him for flick ons its a waste of him, get jonas and benny to the byline and whip balls in he’ll score 20 per season and i think him and Cisse will work great together..get him back…can’t see fat mike paying for him though

  • any o’bien

    Would have him back no problem.
    We need 3 strikers and carroll in europe would be a big big assset.

  • Lukedecol83

    bring him back ashley he didnt want to leave in the first place you just saw the pound signs.. he would play his heart out for his home town club cisse and ba wont stay forever! i believe if andy came back he would stay for the rest of his career

    • Austin Brownlee

      Rubbish he was waiting for a big money move and he got it – this from a reliable source.

  • strando75

    Id bring him back tomorrow and play him at centre half.

  • Lintonlad

    The comments below are all valid and they sum up the situation nicely.  I’d have him back if the finances were right: I loved having him in the B&W shirt, at his best he’s unplayable.

  • john

    i would love carroll back scares defenders to death remember the goals he scored 4 the toon pure class. but cashley wont have him on board shame come on carroll !!!! toon barmy

  • Kevin_gow1968

    bring him back gd player need gd goal scorers in our side

  • jinkyjimnufc

    Carroll’s footballing credentials to one side – and we all enjoyed what he did
    for us – we couldn’t forgive him for trying to gain a penalty and get Tim Krull
    sent off last season by diving. To do that against your ‘home club’ in from of
    your ‘home fans’ was a disgrace. And because of that alone he can stick his
    head up a dead bear’s arse.

    • GeordieBen

      He dived and he cheated, that’s obvious.
      Not trying to defend him or anything BUT if I put myself in his boots, I’m from Gateshead, I’m brought up in the way of life that is Newcastle United, I go on to play for them through school, becoming number 9 before being sold on to Liverpool… if I’m 1 on 1 with Krul at the Leazes I want to be professional and put my team ahead, but I don’t want to score against Newcastle.
      If Liverpool went 1 nil up from a penalty, Krul would have stayed on the pitch, and I wasn’t the person to have scored I think I would have been happier than scoring and doing the whole I refuse to celebrate thing.
      Again, not defending the fact he dived, but I’d rather dive and be slated for that then ever score against Newcastle. 

      •  Strikers like scoring goals, nothing else, the only one I think that didn’t have that attitude was Peter Beardsley, but how many players like him have you ever seen?
        Carroll would have scored the goal every time rather than win the penalty, I don’t know why or what he was doing that day.

  • nufcdavid

    Never heard of him. Lovely hair though.

  • glasshalfempty

    I’d rather have him playing for us than against us regardless of how much abuse I hurled at him at St James’ playing for the horrible Scousers…I think we just managed to put him off.  He’ll only keep improving and next time we might not be so fortunate!!

  • darthtone

    not bad to come off the bench and mix things up