Just when you thought we’d seen the last of him, up pops everybody’s favourite vertically challenged cheeky chappie, Dennis Wise.

The London Evening Standard is reporting that Wise is now keen to get back into football management after needing a three year break to get over his(!!!) Newcastle nightmare.

Dennis Wise has revealed he is ready to return to football management after taking a three-year break from the game to get over his Newcastle nightmare….where he was responsible for transfers, scouting and youth development.

Wise eventually lost his job at Newcastle in April 2009 and has been out of the game ever since. He said: “I spent a bit of time out of it — I needed to, especially after the things that happened at Newcastle. I took a step back.

“I really enjoyed the managerial side of the game. If something that I liked came up I would have a go, I really would”.

Mike Ashley has to accept the blame for employing Wise but nobody could have foreseen juts how big a mess the likes of Dennis and others would create at St.James’ Park, massively contributing to the relegation fiasco and bringing the club to its knees.

Good luck to whoever employs him, would love to see him ending up somewhere like Chelsea but unfortunately I think we used up our quota of luck when Mike Ashley thankfully kicked him out.

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  • guest

    3 years break probably equates to, 3 years getting paid by newcastle to do nowt and with having no morals  was quite happy to take it. whereas now its ran out its time to look for a job. good luck anyone employing him think they may need it.

  • boss-eyed little maggot….

  • DA

    Tottenham are looking for a new manager….

  • Shagrack

    OMG PLEASE give him the spurs job :D

  • Rpm_45

    I would not even wish him on the mackems.

  • BillytheFish


    Sorry, Dennis Wise a football manager HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!

    that’s the funniest thing i’ve heard in weeks.
    He couldn’t run a burger van!

  • Spoon_Army

    The man is a pleb

  • Archie Brand

    Nice comment from the “guest” at the bottom there.

    So you get your dream job earning say 30,000 quid a week, then the boss says sorry, you pissed someone off so we have to send you home on gardening leave. We’ll still pay you but you dont come to the office.

    Now – your options are either take the money and stay at home, or, say no thanks and get a job earning “only”  2 or 3 thousand a week. 

    Nothing to do with morals.

    All makes perfect sense to me

  • raveseptum

    I really hope he finds another job. Maybe then we can sell him Xisco!

  • Paul Soulsby

    aye, he spent the time  spinning straw in to gold ; )

  • Dave Green

    One of the few enjoyable experiences I had during the relegation season was making Dennis Wise feel threatened – even though I didn’t realise I was doing it at the time. Five of us turned out to watch the youth team at QPR in the FA Youth Cup, and he walked past us as we had a last refreshing drink before kick off. We picked a staircase to wander up and found we were sitting in the directors box. (Loads more legroom than the rest of Loftus Road, not that Bernie Ecclestone ever needed it…) My mate Brenda sat next to someone she knew and said “We just saw Dennis Wise, the little shit” to be told “He’s sitting behind you.” I didn’t hear this, and chose this moment to tell the mate I was next to that we should all feel ashamed of ourselves as he’d walked right past us and none of us had punched him. He knew I was joking, but apparently the maggot didn’t because a minute or two later we were the only ones of the numerous Mags in the directors box to be removed and escorted to the far end of the stand.

    Nice to know we annoyed him, unfortunately we didn’t follow him afterwards to see if he climbed the wall into the Blue Peter garden again.

    Oh, and Rpm_45 – I would wish him on the mackems. He’d be even funnier than Terry Butcher.