Even though as Newcastle fans we haven’t won anything for over forty years and most of us are resigned to never winning anything for at least as long again – we still get accusations of being deluded thrown at us.

What others don’t get, isn’t that we expect to win something, is is that we always hope to do so. We approach pretty much every season with enthusiasm and the faintest encouragement means fans talk about the possibility of doing whatever, not the expectation of doing so.

Of course we all know that Newcastle could and should be competing in that top seven or eight every season, year after year United featured in the top twenty clubs in the world by revenue thanks almost exclusively to the money generated by the fanbase, sticking out like a sore thumb amongst all the Champions League competing clubs.

What is our natural place these days? A fifth position and a very good elite group of players under the ‘Manager Of The Year’, shouldn’t we be aspiring to stay up there and maybe even expect it with the current playing resources and financial outlook at the club?

Newcastle are  a big club with a lot who are smaller and a some who are bigger but who are they?

When Jonathan Woodgate was sold to Real Madrid there was a general acceptance by many that it was fair enough as it was Real Madrid. Yes they are one of the biggest, if not the biggest, but I find it hard to accept any player leaving Newcastle for a ‘bigger’ club.

Kevin Keegan gave us back our self-belief and most definitely woke up a sleeping giant with his brilliant management, I never once considered any player choosing to leave for a bigger club and they didn’t. Keegan decided to sell Andy Cole, not the other way around, and he was proved right as Les Ferdinand almost led us to Premier League glory…but that’s another story!

A Liverpool fans website (Liverpool-kop.com) have been speculating about their club coming in for Ben Arfa and wrote the following;

‘Newcastle are a great club, but Liverpool is undoubtedly a bigger club, and if the reds really wanted Ben Arfa, then I’m sure Brendan Rodgers would be able to convince him to come to Anfield’.

I’m not upset that Liverpool fans might think they are a bigger club than Newcastle but I would be upset if a player like Ben Arfa opted to join them.

I don’t blame any player for wanting to put himself in the best position to win medals but you could hardly say Liverpool were in that position at the moment.

I think at this moment in time Newcastle have got an awful lot to offer players at the moment, unless you were purely talking about Chelsea style extra tens of thousands of pounds on top of what Newcastle’s players get at the moment.

The league table says that Newcastle were thirteen points better than Liverpool last season and when I look at the respective players then I would say it is very hard to claim that there should be more Liverpool players in the starting eleven if you combined the two squads.

Liverpool have continued their knack of getting to cup finals in the last twenty years but in the Premier League era, Newcastle came a lot closer in 1996 to lifting it than Liverpool have ever had.

Due to their trophy success back in the seventies and eighties the scousers do have fans all over the world, second only to Manchester United of the English clubs.

However, Newcastle have a vastly superior stadium and attract bigger attendances.

The real test though in attractiveness to potential signings should only be who is set up best to go forward in the next few years and maybe it is a toss of the coin as to which of the two that is.

I think the way Dalglish has wasted the  American dollars could prove hugely damaging to Liverpool over the next few seasons, if Newcastle can retain their best players and add a couple of astute signings then ‘This Is St.James’ Park’ will have a better ring to it than ‘This Is Anfield’.

If Ben Arfa did move anywhere this summer then I would count it as betrayal considering how the club and fans have played such a key part in his rehabilitation on and off the pitch.

Up to a point I could understand when Carroll and Enrique went to Anfield but for any Newcastle player to leave and go to Liverpool at this present time would be a sick joke.

  • Jimlfc

    You need to realise that Liverpool-Kop is known as Liverpool-Cock among LFC fans. The guy is a dick.

    • Jockratees

      Here here, he writes articles purley to get a reaction and then lambasts anyone who dares to try to debate the issues he raises. I have blocked Liverpool-Kop so I dont stumble into one of his pointless sh!te.
       (liverpool fan)

      • Garyandsarah17

        I hate all this crap about who is bigger club than who, who cares. Good luck to Liverpool next season always enjoyed the banter with their true fans when we play them. As for us hopefully we don’t lose anyone and make a few shrewd signings and who knows, maybe a cup isn’t to far off in our future. It’s only idiots and the media who think we expect to win something

        • Belfast toon

          I don’t know how we rate a club as big or bigger, but I do know and will admit through gritted teeth that Liverpool are a bigger club than Newcastle UTD. At the same time there’s no doubt the titanic was a big ship. I’ll stay with the ship theme here and say a ship is only as good as its captain and crew and I know what ship I’d rather be on.

      • Russy YNWA

        Stop on. Kanwarr is a self opionated dick head who deletes posts that don’t agree with him. Best of luck to both teams and may that best team finish highest.. hope it’s Liverpool though :) 

  • I don’t think it’s a case of being deluded, but i do think LFC fans need to stop quoting the past everytime someone questions their club surely it’s the future that people are interested in as we can’t do anything about the past 

  • Rowanuk

    both equally deluded. after toon’s great season, they are no better off than LFC , plus LFC will be better next season, while toon just had their stand out season.

  • Liam

    this is st james? isnt it the sports direct arena now..

  • Mark Etrades

    The reason why your best assest went to Liverpool, Andy Caroll, was to win trophys ,get to cup final, play in Europe, which Liverpool do most seasons.  Therfore one season Newcastle finish above Liverpool, Geodies think they are a bigger club, that is delusional. It will be the same, again. It’s about a clubs potential and Liverpool have it in tonns as Newcastled do not.  If a top team came in for Newcastle players, the player will go. Not so at Liverpool as we have by a million miles more potential.  Newcastle will have to sell big to buy player where as Liverpool do not. So the chnaces are Liverpool in Europe, with may be 30mill to spend without selling, new visionary manager, plans to build a bigger stadium than Newcastle, the list goes on.  Liver have always been a bigger club than Newcaslt past and present.

    • Jon

      Pathetic comment. We have massive potential, we don’t claim were gonna win the league every year as Liverpool fans do. We also have just as many top 2 finishes in the prem as you, youre sayin a lucky season? I say an unlucky few seasons prior to this. Our players are class as is outlet scouting system and as it stands, Newcastle have way more potential than Liverpool

      • Countcampbell1985

        Got to laugh at the Newcastle half breeds haha, one lucky season and now they think there world beaters.I remember a couple of seasons back you were in the championship lol and let’s be serious you have four good players and they will leave as soon as a big club comes in for them. So back in the corner half breeds !!! lol Newcastle a big club, heard it all now.

        • Brian

          Krul, colo, santon, Jonas, cabaye, tiote, HBA, Ba, Cisse…they’re all great players. And again, not one lucky season, it’s us getting back on track. Stop being bitter lad. We’re a big team, Liverpool are bigger but at present we have the better team and Liverpool fans are easily more deluded

    • Nickmarsden88

      Shut up! You live in the past! Read the comment above! Liverpool want to be Newcastle! We have better everything, scouters are funny because they couldn’t be more wrong!!

      • Banksy

        Had a good season have you! First in many a year, it’s guys like you who can’t handle a bit of success without getting pissed in the head that make you a small club. You sound like some drunken Evertonian who hasn’t  stopped drinking since they finished above us last season. Get a life!

    • Scott Graham

      “If a top team came in for Newcastle players, the player will go. Not so at Liverpool” – As Torres has proven

      The only reason Carroll left was for the pay rise which we were not going to match (believe what you will here, we could argue it all night.  But when someone request a new contract 3 months after being given a new contract and then hands in a transfer request stright after being told no. I doubt it was for the chance to win the FA cup/League Cup – I refuse to beleive that he thinks you are going to win anything else). In hindsight it was proven he wasnt worth the X’ 000’s that you are now paying him on recent form

      “Newcastle will have to sell big to buy player whereas Liverpool do not.” – Well that is going to be useless once UEFA’s rules of balancing the books comes into play.

      “new visionary manager” – Ha, is that how you have to describe him? For such a massive club having to decide between the Swansea manager or Wigan? Don’t think
      Chelsea will have had either on their list

  • buckrodgersinthe21stcentury

    jaime kanwar strikes again, hes a disgrace, infamous amongst liverpool fans, now trying to wind the geordies up, do yourselves a favour just block him

  • Archie

    What sort of ring does ‘This is the Sports Direct Arena’ have though?

  • Silverfox

    You talk a lot of common sense, but sadly when a Club lists amongst it major honours the Anglo Italian Cup, you have to conclude that any players would find Clubs such as Arsenal, Chelsea, Man U , Man City and Liverpool some way ahead of Newcastle United. It will take a few years and a few trophies to convine players with potential to to Newscastle United a serious contender above the teams mentioned above. But as you say it would be nice to see players show some loyalty.

  • Nickmarsden88

    Haha listen to that Liverpool fan! What a crock! Newcastle are a bigger club than Liverpool, better stadium, better fans, better players! The list goes on! They need to learn that the past is past! Newcastle are only going to get better and Liverpool well hello mid table for quite a few seasons to come!!!!!

    • Ppt33

      How long is it since you won a trophy???? Big clubs are measured on what they have won.

    • Bill McGarrity

      Your a selling club and always will be,does it not say something that Ben arfa’s thinking of leaving you ALREADY,papa cisse will be gone if a top 5 club comes in,tiotte wants to go and psg are sniffing around your other midfielder,wise up,big club?why cause you’ve a big support,what else have you got?BIRMINHAM have won more than you lot,try the Johnson paint trophy next year,in fact don’t,you’ll probably get beat in the 3rd round of that aswell.

      • Nickmarsden88

        That’s not Liverpool fans getting angry because they know Newcastle are everything they are not! Down the American scum!

      • Bob

        ermmmmm think you will find NUFC finished 5th in the league!!  where did you finish again?

        • Garyward23

          finished 5th?  Wow, what a success that was….  whoop-de-whoop!  Lets get an open top bus because we finished 5th one season.  It may well have been higher than liverpool THIS season, and its well documented what our issues on and off the pitch have been – but lets put it into perspective.  We came 8th and won the two-bob cup, but did also reach the FA Cup final…. you came fifth.  Abject failure for both clubs by anyone’s terms!  We’ve got a new man in charge now, with a modern football philosophy – you’ve still got the sam joker on the board who would sell his grandma if he thought he’d make a good buck.  Lets see how next season pans out….  Big Club my ar…..

          • you remember Roy Hodgson ? i heard this when he took over, your nothing short of arrogant and you will be the 1st to call for the new mans head if he doesnt get off to a flier , Roy would have got the team playing over time an any new man will need time but your lost wont give time

      • cisse wont go anywere till after xmas because he is ineligible to play for another club till Jan.. he has already played for two clubs in 2012… and if were performing sure he will stay till the summer

    • Dylan610_0

      Newcastle are not a bigger club than Liverpool.

  • Al

    Not really sure what the point is of this article is, other than giving Liverpool fans and anyone else tuning in an opportunity to take the piss. Its a bit like the Mackem obsession with “NE top dog”, totally meaningless, the football equivalent of a biggest dick competition. Let it go man!

  • 2009 and 1996 are equal. if you read the whole blog then you’ll that it’s the most stupid piece ever written. The comments also indicate that a lot of liverpool fans disagree with him.

  • Banksy

    Hey look, both clubs are big clubs. As I was born and bred in Liverpool I am a life long Liverpool supporter, however I spent many years working in Newcastle. I have always thought that both sets of fans are very much like each other. I believe both sets of supporters are the most passionate and the best in the Premiership. What makes a big club anyway, what they have won, the size of their fan base, how much money they have! I am sure Man City fans think they are now a big club, they probably think they are bigger than Liverpool and Newcastle, they probably now think they are bigger than Man United. They are only were they are because of the millions of pounds spent by an Arab family, not from anything they did to deserve their new found wealth, they didn’t even build their own stadium. Any thing they win belongs to the Arab Family that bought the trophy’s, not them. The same goes for Chelsea, are they a bigger club than Newcastle, Liverpool or Man United, I don’t think so. The same thing goes, anything Chelsea have won these past few seasons belongs to some Russian Billionaire, it’s only fair he did pay for them. Newcastle will always be bigger than Chelsea and Manchester City, but not as big as Manchester United, Liverpool or Arsenal, that is in my opinion the Truth. 

    • Bill McGarrity

      Let’s start by shattering his perception that Newcastle came closer to winning the league than Liverpool,1996 they got 78 points and finished 4 pts behind man u, in 2009 we got 86 points and finished 4pts behind man u,we had to chase them,you lot BOTTLED it,Liverpool have won 9trophies in the last 12 years and finished runner up in the 2007 champions league and 2012 fa cup final.that’s RECENT winning history and you think Newcastle are a bigger club than Liverpool?puts it into a bit of perspective lads.

      • Banksy

        Hi it’s Banksy, are you sure you meant to reply to my comment?

      • Blademorgan2002

        Spot on mate,facts.The bloke who wrote this obviously has far to much time on his hands.

  • Simplify

    Liverpool-kop.com is a WUM

  • Ppt33

    Bar codes mid-table next season!!

    • Ngizza88

      Liverpool to be relegated

  • Dylan610_0

    How is the size of club measured? trophies and worldwide support if it was league possition man city are bigger than man u? anyone with a functioning brain cell knows Liverpool are a massive club going through a bad period, Juve got relegated a few seasons ago, still a massive club.

    • well by ur logic the Toon been relegated is a void argument … Newcastle made a huge profit this season only 13 clubs in the world made a bigger profit so based on that we are a big club we have a large fan base world wide we just need to make a bit of history and hopefully we can do it next season with a europa, fa or league cup …. 

      i can see liverpool improving under rodgers but i cant see him having much to spend 

      • Dylan610_0

        that’s nonsense, the size of your club doesn’t depend on profit from last year or last season’s results. To argue Newcastle is a bigger club than Liverpool is just ridiculas. I’m not even going to try and educate you because it’s laughable. seriously have a think what your saying.

  • Caveman

    no one pays any attent ion to the rubbish on Liverpool Kop.com. why do Newcastle continue to be obsessed with events at other clubs. It’s probably why your club is considered a laughing stock. do you honestly believe that Ashley wouldn’t sell if he gets a decent offer for a Newcastle player. so leave the big boys to get on with it and then you can concentrate on winning the Northumberland Senior Cup and ordering an open top bus

    • Scott Graham

      “why do Newcastle continue to be obsessed with
      events at other clubs” – a shame you’re not trying to be ironic there, while visiting a NUFC website to comment on another team. Because now you just sound like a tit.

  • RisingSon

    Toon supporters like fans from other clubs enjoy playing on our history tag as much as we have done, but Liverpool still have the capacity to regenerate. What our club needed after Hicks and Gillett was leadership, investment and financial stability, something you guys should know all about, and we have that now with FSG. We know we are ultimately a business investment for them but they have an excellent track record stateside and their bold appointment of a young british manager with a positive ambitious outlook might just be the spur we need to restore our position. FSG know if they get things right at Liverpool the dividends will be massive – thats a strong incentive to ensure success. Some fans say we have lost our big club status, yet despite our comparative lack of success we still command acres of newsprint and our shirts sales still rank fourth highest in the world. Laugh at us when you can match that

  • Timmaytimtim

    HA! using Liverpool-Kop as a measure of anything is like using the catholic church as a scientific measure. Its written by the most arugmentative guy on the net. (i still read it though)

    Generally Liverpool fans only find it unacceptable when we are not competitive. We are a big enough team to give anyone a game, or at least we should be. I would think the same of Newcastle as well.

    And I am not surprised when players want to leave any club. They are a fickle lot, and loyalty is not their overriding characteristic. For every Carragher or Shearer there are 15,000 mercenary players.

    And the most deluded fans in the world are fans of the English national team.

  • Johnlfc01

    Jocks with no brains says it all. I have been working in Newcastle for the last 15 months, I’m born and bread in Liverpool so can say the people are similar in lifestyle and banter. Main difference I have seen is Scousers demand success and to be fair we get it!! Not as often as we would like but three trips to wembley and knocking out both Manchester clubs was a nice bonus in a bad season. Newcastle fans love their team through thick and thin and not many teams can say that, but you dont expect success and don’t demand it and that is what is where the “deluded” comment comment comes from, you should expect to win more the attitude roles through the ranks and will one day get to the first team!! Its funny to look at the slanging above the Newcastle fans say there the best team and Liverpool likewise…. I’m 29 now and seen my team win every major honour except the premiership how many Newcastle fans around the same age can say they have witnessed a 20th of same? History is the past as slot have pointed out but it’s the experience and attitude that role through to today’s fans!! Scousers expect Geordies hope….. That’s the difference….

  • Spoon_Army

    From an NUFC point of view, we will always suffer from not building on success and not having a sustained attack at winning trophies…that is getting to semis and finals. Last season was a snapshot in time….I would like to think we could build on it, but lets see. The “deluded” jibe at Toon fans comes from this…mostly because Sky hang around SJP waiting for jobless, loonatic passers by to interview.

    From a Liverpool point of view, they will win another trophy before we will. The deluded jibe for them is due to loonatic former player pundits and media who are stuck in the past and write about chaos at Anfield in a season they win a cup. The delusion is that they think they can win the league. They are further away than ever now.

  • Hughy81

    pointless arguing with newcastle supporters,they finish above liverpool and all of a sudden they are a bigger club lololololol,just forget it, its a big thing for newcastle to finish 5th….that says it all,leave them be u cannot compare newcastle to liverpool and im a geordie lad born and bread.it will take years of trophies and success to be a club like lfc,if anyone says any different they are kidding themselves……oh and why do newcastle fans keep posting posts on lfc news now,its for lfc fans for christ sake.

    • Scott Graham

      We can all do this –

      I’m a livepool fan been living in Merseyside all my life and i think we are all tits and NUFC are much bigger than us. LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

      • Hughy81

        im from county durham clown,i shop at the metro every weekend.liverpool are a big club and supported all over the world,just look at the amount of people wearing the shirts them the metro,now all u cocks who liked his comment are also deluded….now who looks the cock lololololol

      • Hughy81

        Im from county durham muppet lolololol tut tut.

    • Paul Soulsby

      yer from County Durham, yr might be many things, Geordie ain’t one of them marra 


    Lol. Newcastle a big club. Lets put this into perspective. 1. You just came from the championship- yes the ‘championship’. We are a guaranteed premier league team. Secondly why did Andy Carroll and Jose Enrique went to liverpool? Yes its because we have money, history and better team. Lastly Steven Gerrard, Pepe Reina, Luis Suarez and Danny Agger are what you call world class players. You have ‘no’ world class players. Your not going to be in the same position next year- youll be playing Europa and Prem. Having said that your squad isnt big enough. Well good luck though.YNWA- A famous quote from one of the biggest Club in the world.

    • Scott Graham

      “Secondly why did Andy Carroll and Jose Enrique went to liverpool?” –
      Andy Carroll – for the ridiculous pay rise you gave him, for that kind of pay rise i dont blame him.  But like i said earlier in hindsight he hasnt proved hes worth it.
      Jose – because as he stated, we would never be in the top 6 and he thought Liverpool would be challaging the top 4. Ow how wrong he has been so far.

    • Cisse scored more than Suarez in the 2nd half of the season so how is Suarez world class but Cisse isnt ??? Cabaye an HBA are in the french 23 man squad are they not world class?? and before you use a martin kelly comparison french squad is strong in strength in comparison to england and kelly is only there because of the terry racism saga and cabaye an benni are likely to play a role an not simply warm the bench… Tim Krul is not far off Pepe… on paper liverpools best 11 and newcastles best 11 not much in the difference lets be honest, you have more dept in your squad which is an advantage provided the fringe players can perform which this season they didnt while newcastle fringe players did.. money wise you dont really have much money … 800m is how much the new owner had… 270m for the club 300m to pay of debts and 120m in transfer an 10m to sack king kenny … funds just got tight very fast with financial fair play on the way 

    • Paul Soulsby

      I’d rather have players that aren’t “world class” like Cabaye, Ben Arfa, Tiote yet do it, than players who are (supposedly), like Gerrard, and are living on past glories. Cisse is very comfortable in Suarez’s company, Colo pisses all over Agger. Typical big time charlie attitude that fans of some of the “big” clubs have.

  • Rftt5rt

    in 2009 liverpool was 4 points of first place in 1996 newcastle was also 4 points of first place but liverpool had more points and would of won the pl 8 of times if they got that tally every year

    • sib

      so in a nutshell…the article was factually incorrect!

  • Ozbo74

    Wow with all your world class players,you still managed to finish below us!Perhaps players dont fancy playing in a slum.

    • Banksy

      Your comments make you a small man and belittles your club. 

  • Markym28

    that Jamie Kanwar is the Adrian Durham of the internet, just says or writes stuff to get a reaction. Most LFC fans saw through his website long ago

  • John W

    Hahaha, heard it all now. Banging on that  Reina, Gerrard, Agger and Saurez are world class…..oohhh dear. You have your answer as to who are the most deluded fans cos this tit banging on about these players being world class really is……deluded. Gerrard good for Liverpool, average for England. I thought world class players where players like Messi, Ronaldo, Ozil, Xavi, Iniesta, Neymar. NOT AGGER hahahahahahaha. Wake up you fool!!!!!!

    • Banksy

      Another NU supporter who has had a little bit of success, and can’t handle it. Why do you have to get so nasty and throw insults at people. Don’t you see it just makes you look like a small minded little boy. In this case I think I know who the fool is.

    • sib

      On the basis of your 6 examples and argument, you cant be world class if you are a defender or goalkeeper.
      Did you not watch Agger on Saturday night….if you can name a better footballing centre back I would love to know who!

      John, you are clearly a leader of the Geordie Intelligenzia.

  • Willinthenam

    Way beyond tired of the “big club” pissing contest myself! As a black and white  tho’ I would never be surprised if a player, especially a foreign player chose Liverpool over the Toon. Equal money offered? A player will, in most instances and for the immediate future choose the Red Scouse over us. No big deal and might not be the case in 10 years time, but for now that’s the way it is IMHO.

  • Aaronwj

    As a Liverpool fan, I read nearly all of Jamie Kanwars posts, but i never get any joy from it. He seems anti Liverpool at the best of times, and gets annoyed when people are too confident, yet he can not see that Newcastle THIS SEASON were the bigger club. Through history Liverpool are. But recently Newcastle are the better club for Ben arfa.

  • Psdl

    How can Newcastle be a big club.? Just because they finish 5th? Everton and Aston Villa Finish in European places aswell guys. but they aren’t deemed to be big clubs. They are bigger than you. If you are comparing yourself to Liverpool you are deluded. Tour around our trophy cabinet and you’ll be dropping your salivas. We won 5 european cups. we are third-just behind Real Madrid and Ac Milan. We have a clearer ambition- our youth academy is one of the finest. We are spending money their and watch out. Cheers


      Only prospects. Take your head out of your ar5e and see that there are more clubs now with extremely good acadamies and tremendous youth prospects. Your living in the past mate.HWTL.

  • Guest

    Ha ha. I sort of agree maybe, but Liverpool did gey to 2 finals and won a medal this year alone. Leaving Newcastle to Liverpool for medals does make sense to some degree whether they are a bigger club or not. Also wasn’t the last thing they won in 1955 or something? Liverpool do have a few more since that period. Statistically Liverpool would be a bigger club to win things.

  • Stevejohnson

    Two words – Andy Carroll

  • Andrewmassey1963

    F*ck me, even Sunderland are bigger the Newcastle!!!!


      Now you really r being silly !

  • Davidhannah

    Liverpool-Kop in no way represents my view or anybody else’s except that of the founder, owner and editor ie: one individual (and knobhead)

  • Shahid

    2009?!we were closer than you lot!
    Of the top of my head in the past 20 years I’m sure we are in double figures for trophies won!one every 2 years!world wide we sell the 4 th most shirts!the past two years have been a transitional period whilest ownership of the club changed.still won a trophy though!!!

  • GeordieBen

    Who, as a Newcastle fan, gives a flying f*ck about Liverpool? Seriously though? Where did this article even come from? Let the Scouse lot get on with their club and we’ll get on with ours! 

  • custy

    fog on the tyne an all that bollox. newcastle are worse than everton. now that is embarrassing. stupid geordie nobedz

    • Kennyash1980

      josé Enrique where in the top 6

  • Mat

    Liverpool fans are the most deluded

    Classic idiotic scouse comment
    “Jamie carrageen and Steven Gerard are world class” u scouters really do make me laugh, if u wana look at history let’s look at this.

    Both clubs founded in the late 1800s,yeah?

    Up to 1971 Newcastle had won more F.A CUPS, 1 or 2 less domestic league trophys and a European tournament. (which Liverpool had never won up to at least this point, so for an 80 odd year period we were the bigger club, u have taken over us now in trophies I concede but that’s over only the
    Sat 50 years so over the timeline of our two GREAT clubs Newcastle have been the bigger club for a larger period of time combine that with the fact we have a bigger stadium we r not far off u. There were Liverpool fans demanding gardiola after DOGLEASH was sacked, like he would go to a falling giant, a club in decline who will have less and less of there saviour (Gerard) to drag them out of e shit like he has for the last 10 years. Who’s the most deluded? Without doubt the team who hasn’t won the domestic league for over 22 years yet expect to win ito every season lol demand to hire a manager who has just left arguably the biggest and best club on the planet right now. And think he would even consider going to LIVERFOOLS. Cling to e fact the have won a cup competition so many times and in 2005 claimed to be the best team in Europe when they weren’t even the best team in Liverpool

    • tony

       you need to get a girlfriend.

    • sib

      such natural intelligence and articulate argument really does the Newcastle fans proud

    • Hab

       Is your first language English? If it is I will forgive you if you are about eleven or twelve years old.

      As for Guardiola (note the ‘u’), that was just paper talk and no Liverpool fan seriously thought we had a chance of getting him. A simple Google search will show you that Rafa Benitez was actually the fans overwhelming choice.

      Liverpool never claimed to be ‘the best’ team in Europe in 2005 either. We won the most prestigious trophy in Europe, that doesn’t make any team who wins it ‘the best’ (unless Barca win it I suppose).

      Even after painful translation, your argument is just none-existent.

  • BobLoblaw

    For the love of God, please don’t equate the views of Jamie Kanwar(known as Jimmy Kuntwar to many) with a majority of LFC fans. He is a filth mongered and a yellow journalist. Despicable man. 

    • BobLoblaw

      Filth monger*

  • BobLoblaw

    And to put this argument to rest. All fans of all clubs are deluded, that is what makes them fans. 

  • Benj (Aust)

    Guys, this is ridiculous, there’s never been animosity between our two clubs, and both are great. I personally love watching Newcastle (as a huge Liverpool fan), their attacking prowess is fantastic and they seem to sign all the players that I want the Reds to sign (Ben Arfa, Cabaye, Cisse, Ba, Jose Enrique – well we got him…). Jamie Kanwar is a virus on us Liverpool fans, he goes to great lengths to make himself out to be the biggest douchebag he can be and is taking us down with him.
    Please don’t pay any attention to anything posted on Liverpool-kop.com because it is bullshit. Best of luck for next season, you guys have a team that can really start pushing up on the top 4. Benj

  • Gazza

    The mistake you have made is actually taking seriously anything Jamie Kanwar writes as the majority of Liverpool fans certainly don’t.

  • Noenfd

    JACKIE SMITHFIELD is the most deluded

  • Hughy81

    Im from durham and yes i support liverpool and have done all my life,by calling all liverpool scouse lot u are also deluded,as liverpool are such a big club people walk round the metro and the world wearing the shirts,just because i am 3 hours up the road doesnt mean i cant follow the club and go to matches.my dads ashes were scattered there last year,i have a lot of respect for newcastle,please show some to the club i love 2.

  • David O

    Fukin hate Liverpool. Nearly as much as Sunderland

    • Geordiefools

       Hate or envy…hate the game not the players!

  • Hughy81

    i have just getting back from turkey,there was 2 liverpool bars,2 man u bars,1 rangers bar and 1 celtic….no newcastle,i found it hard to buy a fake newcastle top there to bring as a gift home for one of my family members,they asked me why i support this team,they seem to only sell the big club shirts and ended up with a old one for a fiver lol……..your club is massive.

    • MikeNE3

      I fail to see how the lack of knock-off shirts in Turkey has any bearing on a club’s stature. As for the bars, the Man Utd bars are understandable as are the sectarian offerings from Scotland’s “finest”…the Liverpool bar, I can only assume, is an 80’s theme bar and probably more likely to show games from football’s equivalent of the History channel than live games and recent content.

      Liverpool is without doubt a spent force and a joke in England. They’re not even the best team on Merseyside any more!

      • Dylan610_0

        I’d rather be a spent force than have never been one! All clubs think Newcastle are Joke and buzz of shit songs and jumping round with no tops on like divs in January.

      • Hughy81

        Mike ur funny and deluded

      • The Spade

        If a team isn’t in financial trouble, has a decent income and has cash for transfers and wages, how can they ever be a ‘spent force’?! – All you do is buy more/better players!!

        I’m sure people slated the Toon when you went down, and a couple of years later you came 5th.

        The term ‘spent force’ means nothing.

      • HUGH


    • Hate Bin Dippers

      I’ve been to that liverpool bar, theres a pikey bloke selling knock off gear and an old git at the bar with a moustache reminiscing about Bob Paisley. Only a bin dipper could cite the availability of hookey football shirts in pikey paradise as an illustration of how big their club is. What a load of tosh. Lets get this straight, youre a bunch of in bred thieving pikey bin dipping all inclusive holiday going horrible stinky versace wearing deluded drug dealing sh*te hawks. Now shut up get a wash and wind your kneck in

      • Dylan610_0

        Funny you’ve been to that bar, on an all inclusive holiday, probably had replica shirt on and comedy hat you fuckin gimp. Your miles behind the rest of the country, if anyone is inbread it’s u’d nuggets

      • Hughy81

        Muppet im from county durham,no bin dipper here,liverpool are world famous,can u afford a all inclusive holiday,nice of u to call into the bar though.now who looks the muppet.

        • Robby Bobson

          you for being from the land of the prince bishops & championing the land of the bins izshops

          • Hughy81

            Would rather live here than newcastle buddy

          • Robby Bobson

            I’m from Co Durham ya tart!

        • Paul Soulsby


          • Micthemag


          • HUGH


    • Paul Soulsby

      well that would probably be because glory hunting **** like You don’t tend to follow NUFC, they tend to follow Your mob or mayoo, them with the 659 million “fans”, what a pathetic little snide yer are, must be from the more red n white part of Durham

  • Ourtosh

    Who are Newcastle?….No really who are they? Their a club that would give it’s right arm to have won half what Liverpool have won in the last 20 years. Which is, by the way the, considered to be a period of under performance by all Liverpool supports. So when you start to compare Clubs here’s a little peace of advice. Try and be a little more balanced in your judgment of your own club as it may lead to idiotic conclusion that do you and you Great club no service.

    • GeordieBen

      I’d of thought you’d know who we are, given that you’re on our fansite.

  • Geordiefool

    “This is St James'”… I think you mean “This is the Sports Direct Arena”…. catchy hahaha

    • Reality Check

      Remember that when you move to your new stadium, “the *insert sponsor* here arena” you will feel worse than we do about re-branding when all is left of your heritage is a crumbling sign next to a wasteland reading “This is A feild”

      • The Spade

        Looks like we’re expanding Anfield now anyway.

  • Mike CAshley

    Thanks for the Andy Carroll Money..Your ego went over the top.LOL.

  • Andy

    I think that since the Andy Carroll transfer saga a curious animosity has emerged between Newcastle and Liverpool. The sale of Andy Carroll to Liverpool was a traumatic event for the Geordies, and many resented Liverpool snatching Newcastle’s home-grown star prospect, especially since at the time Liverpool seemed like they were moving forward and Newcastle’s future was uncertain without it’s no. 9. Moreover us Nufc fans were worried it would establish a trend, as it did to an extent with the sale of José Enrique.
    For their part, since Carroll struggled to find form on merseyside, Liverpudlians are beginning to feel they were “conned” out of £35 million by Newcastle. This was made worse by the fact that Newcastles subsequent success on the transfer market and in the league. In a sense, Liverpool bankrolled Newcastle’s success. Lfc fans look at Ba, Cabaye and Cissé and think “They bought those players with our money”.

    I hope both sets of fans can realise that none of us are responsible for the actions of agents, owners and managers. Lfc fans didn’t order the purchase of Carroll and Nufc fans did not set the price tag.

    • The Spade

      Very true. But lets not forget that the whole saga was actually financed by Roman Abramovic when he paid £50m for Torres (even though he had been awful for us and Spain for a year more).

      Some LFC fans probably were bitter, but the fault lies with Dalglish and Comolli and whoever allowed these clowns to keep on spending (on the likes of Downing et al) after that debacle!!

  • Hughy81

    I cannot believe silly newcastle supporters would compare to liverpool,trophies speak not deluded people.urters live in histo keep saying we liverpool supporters live in the past,well we won another trophy last year on a very bad season,thats another more than newcastle……i mean cummon and is finishing 5 now not a thing in the past,lets look on the big picture should we.personally 5th has been a great season for newcastle but liverpool would still not be happy with that.

    • Badger

      a shit one vs cardiff… wow

      • Hughy81

        Another idiot,who did we beat to getto the final,shame it wasnt newcastle………..u crack me up.

      • HUGH


    • Paul Soulsby

      Squeaking past Cardiff  on pens, yer chest must swell with pride, who won the League Cup last year by the way ?, how did their season go ?. Just keep telling yerself yer Liverpool yer will always win things, while hugging yerself and rocking gently back and forwards, has it crossed yer mind yer might never win the League again ?

      • Hughy81

        well newcastle certainly didnt win owt yet again,bet if u lot won it u would be parading round the city lol,its a trophy and thats what football should be about end of u  muppet.

        • Andy

          You’re missing the point Hughy81. Yes, winning the league cup would be an achievement for Newcastle (a smaller club with much less money) but not for Liverpool, which spent £100 million trying to break into the top 4 this season. 

          Newcastle were tipped for relegation this season, and they finished fifth. You can belittle it all you want but that is a massive achievement for a club that was on the brink of implosion three years ago.

          This season was supposed to mark Liverpool’s return from exile back into the top 4 and champions league. Instead, they finished even lower and won the league cup (an achievement, but not what they set out to do). 

          I’m not trying to twist the knife for the sake of it. But ask yourself this: If success is only measured by cups, why is it that club icon Dalglish was sacked, and Pardew won two manager of the season awards? Moreover, why are you now debating with Nufc fans over which team had the better season? Three years ago the thought of comparing seasons with Newcastle would have been a joke, but this season not so much.

          • Hughy81

            Like ive stated our expectations are higher thats why dalglish was sacked and I also think it was a big part of the money he paid for players we got,lets put it this way if newcastle finished the league in liverpools spot u all would of still been happy and if u won the cup also like lfc u lot would of also been on here bragging….i suppose its a no win situation…..i wouldnt swap our season for urs lets put it that way.

          • Hughy81

            Ur correct ,proves what I am saying ,never heard of newcastle 3 years ago?

          • Hughy81

            I would also like to state ur owner is loaded but he is a tight arse

          • Paul Soulsby

            what a ridiculous thing to say ffs

      • HUGH


  • Hughy81

    We have more supportets,more trophies,more history,more global stature…….well basically a bigger club end of the debate ynwa from county durham.

    • Pit Nicker

      “more supportets” is ironicaly an anagram of “torres muppets”

      just saying..

      • Hughy81

        Slip of the finger my friend im using my phone.

    • yeah but your teams shite

    • Paul Soulsby

      Right on all of those points, You’re also second only to manyoo in the number of glory hunting beauts that follow “Your” team, funny how people never follow shite teams from hundreds of miles away. No bugger seriously thinks the Toon are bigger the Liverpool, the trouble with some fans of Liverpool seems to be a sense of entitlement, since yer won promotion 50 years back yer have never finished outside the top 8, on the park yer have had it easy, never known bad times, too many of yer fans live on yer history, got news for ya, yer not the team yer once were, mayoo have gone past yer, get over it, move on. One aspect where NUFC piss all over Liverpool at the mo is spendin money, the Carroll money bought Ben Arfa, Cisse, Cabaye, Santon and Ba, with a nice little £11 million or so left over. I cannot seriously believe Henry has been so profligate, this is the man whose Boston Red Sox won two Worlds Series’  by adhering to the much vaunted “moneyball” philosphy of buying under valued players for relatively modest fees/wages, what happened to that at LFC ?. Curiously enough shitty little Newcastle have been very adept at the “moneyball” malarkey, mainly thanks to Camoli and his ridiculous generosity with Fenway’s wedge, Llambias should have been wearing a mask !. As for the question, the answer is  . . . . . .  SPURS !

      • Thecraaaig

        Paul Soulsby, you need to get out more, what a load of bollocks you’re talking.

    • Thecraaaig

      Deluded glory searcher.

      • Crash123

        There ya go Hughy81 even your beloved LFC fans think your a joke. hahaha

  • Mamma Grammar

    Can I just say, I have been well & truly abused by uneducated fools allover this rope.

  • Juniorchubbs


  • JR Ewing’s 10 Gallon Hat

    Another pointless article turned into another pointless debate which cannot be proven either way. Newcastle, the people, city and team are beyond comparison. We are also a long way past deluded or we just wouldn’t bother turning up. I mean what kind of people go to watch a football team that hasn’t won anything of note for years? A team and club that has taken it’s support for granted whether it’s been struggling at the wrong end of any table in front of 20,000 or playing champions league with 10,000 travelling supporters.
    Delusions of grandeur are not for Geordies.

  • Huddart

    im a nufc fan its silly to compare liverpool to newcastle christ look at the trophies ffs

  • A lot closer to lifting the title? Stopped reading there – whichever idiot wrote that useless trash above obviously forgot 2009 when we finished only FOUR points off the top & Led the table in May which is rather more than the deluded Geordies have Ever done in the so-called PL era & as to all this trash whereby idiots like the Prat writing this Insist on splitting the PL & Divison 1 titles & in some sort of pathetic attempt to make themselves & there club look good? Answer me This idiot – HOW many titles have Man United won OVERALL? Either Twelve or Nineteen?

    IF Nineteen is your answer? Then you’re admitting that the PL & Division 1 are in fact? One & the same & thus we’ve LIFTED the TITLE whatever hairsplitting idiots like yourself Mr/Miss Author call it 18 times which is more than double Newcastle’s entire title haul Ever; And If Twelve? Then you’re effectively saying your beloved Newcastle themselves have NEVER won the title either despite Having done so (albeit LOoooong ago) & your own history is debunked & forgotten along with ours at Anfield so come on fool – Which One is it?

    Also re’ your utter CRAP about ‘Cup Finals’? I think winning the European Cup – Sorry Champions League is a LITTLE bit more than just “getting to & winning a cup final” no? Or at least it is if you look at the mad hype in the month since Chelsea did so this year.  Or is it just ANOTHER clumsy attack on LFC in this ridiculous, pathetic & Meaningless little fashion of redubbing Old tournaments with New  names to somehow Try (& Fail UTTERLY) to distinguish them from what they once were in a desperate (& failed) attempt to embarrass clubs who’ve won them?

    Whatever idiots like the article author think? What they Forget? Is that Winning is what counts Whatever happens – Come visit the Anfield Trophy Room which your (hated for some reason though Why I’ll Never know as he’s WON more than your last what? Ten or more managers) Former manager Kenny Dalglish added yet Another trophy to only 4 months ago & you’ll see just WHY we’re ‘deluded’ as you put it – Funny but during Their long title drought – I bet you Never once called Man United ‘Deluded’ did you? – Like them? We are one of Britain’s Only two GLOBAL Footballing Powers & Like them? We are a winning Culture/a success machine that just Churns out trophies – year in, year out, decade in, decade out – Sooner or later? Such an institution Will regain the highest domestic trophy of them all – it’s only a matter of time; 

    I say this because Make no mistake? Our League Title drought WILL end sooner or later & WHEN it does? I’ll take Great & unashamed pleasure in referencing this article along with hundreds of similar such trash & laughing at the authors.  I already Do this to some extent mind as Just How a fan of a club who’ve watched LFC lift something like 45 odd trophies since Their last one back in the 50’s & become a virtual license to parade silverware more than twice at least Every decade since then? Someone whose watched us win everything There Is to win bar just the one trophy even since 1990 Can even THINK to mock us as ‘deluded’ for only narrowly missing said trophy on 3 occassions & thinking we might yet win it again? Is beyond me but there you go – Ridiculously stupid behaviour whatever way you look at it .  Who knows – one could Almost call it deluded perhaps? 

    Either way I don’t know Mate – I’m far to busy celebrating our trophies over the last 2 decades & watching DVD’s of succesful campaigns over the last decade alone & even Last season when we won more than United (Both of them) again.  In short? I’m rather to blinded by silverware both recent & not so recent to care about petty digs like this mate so I’ll leave such bleating to fans who are less fortunate than ourselves in the success department shall I?  Supporting Newcastle I think you qualify in that department.  Consider this though – with your best season in I don’t know how long & all those imports from all that money you conned out of us to strengthen your team? You STILL won less than us (yet again) & with us having one of our two WORST seasons since the war mainly due to the club being ripped apart & nearly Destroyed under H & G not to long ago? You Still couldn’t better us so what do you think will happen vis a vis Newcastle & Liverpool WHEN (Not if) we get stronger again? Doubt you’ll have much chance to gloat then no? You HAD your chance to establish yourself & win something while we were in a mess of late – you didn’t take it – You [email protected]:disqus t get another from us – Mark my words……….

    Oh & Just to hammer your ‘deluded’ excuse for an argument re’ our fans further into the ground? Why shouldn’t we expect to eventually claim the title? There’s the 18 times this club has done it before no? There’s then The little matter of The Most exciting FA Cup, League Cup & UEFA Cup finals of all as well as The best CL final of the lot ALL in the last 10 years & the small matter of what? 1 League Title, 3 FA Cups, 4 League Cups, 1 UEFA Cup, Countless Charity Shields & a couple of Supercups & a European Cup!! All since our so-called ‘slump’ began back in 1990 that’s what? TEN major trophies in the past 2 decades? I think Any fans never mind the success Starved Geordie hordes would Kill for that sort of ratio no? You’d kill for Any of those yet we win All that & come Four points from taking the title back in 2009 & only Seven points from it in 2002 & 1991 & in all Three cases a Lot closer than the 10 points behind the Geordies finished in 1996 yet We are deluded? Look in the Mirror mate – 1996 was Newcastle’s chance & you’ve not come remotely close ever since nor Will you – We? Won’t just come close again soon enough? We’ll go one Better & TAKE the title once more in good time – You’ll see soon enough – As I said before? You should have taken the chance to Establish yourselves above us last season while it was there – you didn’t? And Won’t get another one……………

    I Will just finish with this – If Man City can go from division 2 to League Title Winners in what 12 or so years as they have done? Then LFC a Far, Far bigger Club? Can & WILL win the English League Title yet Again sooner or later in the years to come & WHEN we do? It will start another FLOOD of titles & trophies to Anfield.  We are after last season’s trophy already England’s most successful club once more & always Were our most successful club in Europe – Soon enough? We’ll be the most successful domestically once again – Mark my words – No club in England bar one comes Close to us & even they? Are Still below us in the silverware stakes & always Will be.  In short? English football was & always Will be in our shadow in terms of success as we – Liverpool FC, walk alone at the top.  We always have done & always will do.  And as much as you hate us? That? Is a fact that’s? Not changing anytime soon………….

    NB I bet None of the idiots & fools who Believe or Agree With that trash sorry ‘article’ above? Dare even Try & answer my question in the first paragraph will you? As Either way? I think you’ll be bamboozled;  Consider, either Liverpool FC’s & thus Newcastles also former achievements re’ Divison 1 titles & European Cups mean Nothing & ARE different to the so-called ‘Premier’ league & ‘Champions’ league pieces of crap that we have now Or?  They all (every trophy won by our respective clubs & even the fools from OT) DO mean something & are thus the SAME as said Premier League Titles & Champions League Cups & thus the author is an Idiot for even Trying to say what they said – either way? They’re exposed as the fool they are as are All who agree with them – Go on; Find a way Out of That one – You can’t Can you? Why? Simple enough, one does Not exist.  Whichever answer you choose? You’ll either end up denigrating your own club or admitting that the premise that the PL & Division 1 & CL & Euro’ Cup are different? Is a complete load of tosh & rubbish (rather like the article) so either way? After supporting what was said? You’ll look like an idiot so rather a Catch 22 no? Still think the article author was right? Thought not…………..

    NBB Paul Soulsby? “Never known bad times” on the park? So a relegtion battle two seasons back & seeing a title challenging team or torn apart & turned into relegation battlers within 2 seasons to pay off the debt incurred by a pair of criminals whilst seeing our club go damn near to liquidation (within HOURS of it actually) thanks to said conmen isn’t hard times? Having to endure the sheer horror that was 15/04/89 & 29/05/85 along with their two aftermaths wasn’t hard times? As to what you said re us ‘winning’ promotion? We won about Five League titles & were in a couple of FA Cup Finals , relegated & promoted a few times BEFORE then you know? We DID have a history prior to Shankly & the flood of trophies we’ve had ever since; It was quite a rich & varied one as our first 50 years had rather a lot as well.  We didn’t just jump out of nowhere only 5 decades back contrary to what You seem to think mate.  You shouldn’t generalise as there’s a Lot more to every club’s history if you go back far enough.  At one time I believe? Newcastle were what Man United are now with More League Titles than anyone else – was in the 1920’s or 30’s I grant you but still – you took that position from us at that point IIRR & Looooong before we’d established ourselves as far out in front as we are now & before even us two? IIRR Aston Villa were once THE most successful side in England for 30 odd years up until the 1920’s I think when first us then you took off in front of them & they’ve been behind the English game’s trailblazers & trophy winners ever since.  But just because a club became Very successful at one point? Doesn’t mean they had no histroy or Did nothing before it – Look into our past in detail if you still don’t believe me – You might be surprised by just What you find………..

    NBBB Not All Liverpool fans are deluded glory seekers – some of us LOVE our club & it’s history (like me) every bit as much as You do the Toon & we (shock!!) even respect other clubs & their fans/history but THAT sort of utterly ridiculous article? Will only end up provoking a ferocious response & a vicious row about success & trophies no doubt (to which I’ve played my part now LOL).  Just think it’s short-sighted & if the author really Wanted to have a go at our (now former again :( ) manager The King? Why not DO so & have the courage of your convictions instead of launching yet Another attack on Liverpool? You’ll only end up being taken apart & made to look stupid. Ah well – you learn a new thing every day no & today? If I were you I’d learn Not to leave myself open to my so-called ‘arguments’ being liable to be crushed, smashed & dissected Quite So easily next time – Oh well you live & learn.  Will this author do so? We shall see as one way or another? Time will tell, sooner or later? Time Will tell………

     one – I DARE you.  Can’t CAN you? And you never will…………..

    • Paul Soulsby

      I’d just like to point out NUFC took the 1996  title race to the last game of the season, something Liverpool have yet to achieve in “the Premier League” era, it still pisses me off 16 years on that of all the teams not to win it, we got closest.

      • Paul Soulsby

        BTW, thats why I said “on the park”.

  • Al

    Jackie Smithfield, see what you started?

    Some of the posts on here are a complete embarrassment.

    So Jackie, do us all a favour and stop writing this tripe – we don’t need a biggest dick competition with Liverpool fans or anyone else.

  • Hughy81

    Champions League : 5 (1977, 1978, 1981, 1984, 2005); Championship : 4 (1894, 1896, 1905, 1962); Community Shield : 15 (1964, 1965, 1966, 1974, 1976, 1977, 1979, 1980, 1982, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1990, 2001, 2006); Europa League : 3 (1973, 1976, 2001); European Super Cup : 3 (1977, 2001, 2005); FA Cup : 7 (1965, 1974, 1986, 1989, 1992, 2001, 2006); League Cup : 8 (1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1995, 2001, 2003, 2012); Premier League : 18 (1901, 1906, 1922, 1923, 1947, 1964, 1966, 1973, 1976, 1977, 1979, 1980, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1986, 1988, 1990)

  • darthtone

    Hughie 81, dont you think that should be for a Liverpool supporter to say and not some glory hunting little turd?

    • HUGH


  • suarez

    Liverpool fc is steeped deep in the history of english and european football and has won more trophies than any other english club and has won the european cup 5 times only ac milan and real madrid can better that and the fact Liverpool has a global fanbase means that Liverpool and newcastle should not be even meantioned in the same breath newcastle won their last league title in the 1920s and have won nothing for over 50 years the qustion you should be asking who is the bigger club newcastle or sunderland the mackems have won more league titles than the toon

  • HUGH