We asked the fans of Newcastle United, who are the Newcastle players who can be the foundation of the team for years to come, the players who can establish United back at the top?

Two things; we were stunned by the number of people who took part in our online poll (thank you!) and by the results.

In order, our most valuable players were judged to be the following, everybody could vote for six players and the percentages represent how many of the supporters voted for each player;

1st   Papiss Cisse (96%)
2nd   Yohan Cabaye (95%)
3rd   Tim Krul (92%)
4th   Hatem Ben Arfa (90%)
5th   Fabricio Coloccini (85%)
6th   Cheick Tiote (74%)
7th   Steven Taylor (26%)
8th   Davide Santon (24%)
9th   Demba Ba (15%)
10th  Jonas Gutierrez (11%)
11th   Danny Simpson (1%)

The first thing to mention is that the top six were literally in a different league  to the other five players, you basically had those top six and then a long way behind were Taylor & Santon, followed a little jump behind by Demba and Jonas, poor Danny Simpson finding the competition a bit hot.

The big shock for me was that Demba Ba picked up so few votes, if I had to guess then I reckon it would be a combination of the fact almost all of his goals came in the first half of the season, plus of course I think the speculation over his contract clause may have made fans less inclined to vote for him as he possibly is the most likely to leave.

The bottom line though is that when you list the players like that, it reminds you that we have a group of really cracking players. What a daydream it is to think about keeping them all at St.James’ Park and adding two or three of similar quality…so close!

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  • magpiebilly

    My six to keep would be:
    1st   Papiss Cisse 2nd Tim Krul 3rd  Cheick Tiote
    4th  Hatem Ben Arfa 5th  Yohan Cabaye 6th  Davide Santon 
    PLUS7th   Demba Ba

  • Andy

    I’d put Krul at the top. Good keepers are hard to come by, I wouldn’t sell him for all the money in the world. Ben Arfa second, because there’s only two or three other players in the world with his technical ability. So:

    2)Ben Arfa

    7) Tiote … This may surprise some people, I put him seventh because I think we should only sell our players for silly money (£20 million+) Ba will only get 7 million with his new contract, we should renegotiate that before we sell him IMO

  • Rodzilla

    Looks about right to me, like you say, Ba’s vote is probably so low because of the infamous clause, potential knee explosion and the fact he cooled off towards the end of the season. Simpson’s is probably also low because of all the contract talk speculation, and the fact a lot of fans think he wants to leave.

    Just out of interest Jackie, how many people voted?

  • Sharpie

    Where is Perch?

    • Mal

      He wasn’t on the list to choose from. A much valued player however who won us all over with his displays last year. Definitely one to keep.
      I think the low % for Ba simply reflects the difficulty of this task in picking out the top 6 – personally I’d like to keep every one of those listed, though I agree that we shouldn’t increase the contract offer to Simpson – he’s a fool if he doesn’t sign up.

      • Rodzilla

        Ah, I thought it was just a case of ‘pick 6 players’ and these were the highest ranked.

  • mquinn2

    I cant believe people are undervaluing Jonas AGAIN. Do yous not realise that he does the impressive leg work and defensive work that allows players like HBA and Santon and Cabaye to push forward? He has the 2nd most minutes in our squad and the 3rd most mileage in the league!!! Undervalued isnt the word for it

  • where is shola the mackern slayer?? #$%$#%

  • Mmcarthy91

    Demba 9th? WHAT A JOKE

  • Radikal Mc

    Demba 9th ! Are you kiddin’?

  • designy

    Are people seriously saying they would rather lose coloccini than cabaye? Bonkers.