The transfer market is slowly kicking into gear and while Newcastle are hopefully looking to bring in extra quality, the likes of Fraser Forster and Danny Guthrie are heading out of the door as well.

Reading have agreed a three year deal with Guthrie while it was claimed last night that Forster had finally signed for Celtic in a permanent deal.

With Guthrie I know there are a number of fans who think he will be a significant loss but I just don’t see it.

Good luck to him but in the four years at Newcastle all I saw was a player with a certain amount of ability but not the stamina or attitude to do it in the Premier League. When he was left out last season and then appeared as a substitute, he clearly brought that sense of injustice onto the pitch but as a negative, not a positive, which the right kind of players would.

It is no coincidence that he shone brightest in the Championship which is probably his level, his physical limitations/fitness regularly shown up in the fact he regularly couldn’t see matches out and at times went down with cramp little more than an hour into matches.

On the other hand I think it is a great shame that Fraser Forster is leaving St.James’ Park.

I don’t whether he has it in him to be a keeper at the very top but it would have been nice to find out at Newcastle.

At a time when all the talk is of bringing players through from the academy and how great it would be to have more local lads etc etc, we let a player like Forster leave who fits that very profile.

The 6ft 7 twenty four year old keeper clearly has ability, he has had massively successful spells at Norwich and Celtic, who both were very keen to sign him long-term.

I think Newcastle should have strived to put him alongside Krul and let them battle it out, whilst at the same time provide reliable cover which to me Rob Elliot doesn’t.

For whatever reason the will was not there and I think Forster can feel aggrieved that he wasn’t wanted at his hometown club and I just hope it won’t prove to be Newcastle’s great loss.

I love Tim Krul but as we all know, footballers aren’t for life (Shola excepted!) and one day he is likely to leave and in the meantime we are only one injury away from a real problem with our last line of defence.


  • Joe Toon

    Good luck to FF, he’s a bonny lad and Celtic have a massive following to see him do well.

  • Matthew Tom

    Forster is a real mystery – apparently a very good keeper (and a local lad) yet we have never tried to use him and now he feels more loved by his loan club. Of course Krul is developing very well, but it’s strange to me that Forster doesn’t seem to fancy competing for a place with us.

  • SAJ

    Didn’t see Guthrie being negative on the pitch last season, epitome of professionalism as far as I could see.

  • RichW

    I disagree with your assessment of Guthrie. He was outstanding in the early part of the year when we were without Tiote, we hardly missed the big guy. He was always going to leave though, as (from reading news snippets and interviews from him) he wants to be a first team regular.
    I hoped that with the additional games we will be playing after qualifying for Europe AP would be able to offer him more game time, which would have seen him stay. Obviously not though.
    Someone of Guthries quality will be difficult to replace, how many players will want to come and sit on our bench for 70% of the season and only play when Tiote is suspended / off playing in Africa? Or do we already have a player to do just that? Abeid (sp?)??
    Anyway, good luck to the guy hopefully (for him) Reading won’t bomb straight back to the Championship. Its also one of those rare occasions where a player moves for genuine football reasons, not just chasing the money.

    Strange about FF, i guess he’s seen whats happened with Harper playing cover to Shay for pretty much his entire career, and doesnt want the same with Krul?

  • Hoopno7

    As a celtic fan I have to say that whilst ive seen some mistakes in FFs first but successful season at celtic park he certainly grew in confidence in his second loan stint with some unbelievable saves and won a record shut out at Celtic… Newcastles loss is def Celtics gain!

  • dave mc

    Totally agree on both counts. Guthrie never anything more than average at best. Didn’t have the fitness or pace to hack it in the big games. To say he was “outstanding” is really pushing it! With Tiote and Cabaye in the side Guthrie was never going to be automatic first choice, he either had to accept a role as a bit part player (which with his fitness record and ability is what he is) or move on. he has done, fair enough. 

    Shame to see one of the only academy players we’ve gotten to a first team level in a while leaving. with bringing in so many young foreign players it would have been to show our local youth players to they will get a chance if they are good enough. would have been nice to give Fraser a year here, even if it was as back up to Krul. But he clearly doesn’t want to be get into the same situation Steve Harper did. fair enough.

  • Mal

    It’s a pity that Forster is going as he’s clearly a very good keeper but he wasn’t prepared to stay as ‘back up’ so fair enough. We haven’t seen much of Elliott so until we have I’m happy to see how that develops – the manager presumably feels he’s good enough.
    I’m also sorry to see Guthrie go as he would be very useful to us next year with all of our extra games (assuming we do get through to the group stage of the europa league). As RichW says he had some outstanding games for us and I think comments such as ‘never more than average at best’ are unjustified though it’s all about opinions. Still it gives a chance to the likes of Vuckic, Abeid and Amalfitano to step up to the plate so I do agree losing Guthrie is hardly a disaster – but I still think he was a ‘canny player’

  • Jay

    I come in peace! As a Celtic fan and a Newcastle fan, I’ve continually read over the last 2+ years how there was NO way Celtic would ever be able to sign Fraser Forster permanently! As recently as last week, it was written how no Englishman at an EPL club would ever leave for Celtic! That Forster would never want to be a permanent Celtic player! Massive disrespect for the world famous Scottish side! I think we all can now put that stuff to rest! Unfortunately, this one is a loss for NUFC. A local boy gone! Now we’re one potential injury away from Armageddon!!!

  • Paulo

    Its nice to see NU fans submitting “normal” comments rather than having a go at Celtic….I always liked the magpies and their history but after reading some of the stuff their fans say I was digusted. always liked meeting geordies on holidays, decent working class people, my m,ate says it must have beed Sunderland fans you met mate?  Paul, Belfast