Newcastle stick out like a sore thumb as the only club from the Premier League’s top eight not to have a player in England’s Euro squad but ‘am I bovvered’?

Not really, I used to absolutely love it when Alan Shearer was captain and star striker of both Newcastle and England but what a mediocre bunch of players we’ve now got representing the nation.

A lot of them are decent Premier League players but that is all, they are not international star players who arouse even an inkling of excitement; boring, boring, boring.

Wayne Rooney is the only one with real attacking quality but stupidly got himself banned for the first two matches, you couldn’t make it up.

If ever the mediocrity of England’s plight needed summing up, it must be the fact that they have got six Liverpool players in the squad, SIX!

If Mike Ashley handed a £100m cheque to Alan Pardew and told him to go out and buy the best of English (or even British), who would you/he buy?

By sheer coincidence….£100m is roughly what Liverpool paid out for Andy Carroll, Glen Johnson, Jordan Henderson and Stewart Downing, four of the ‘stars’ of England’s Euro bid.

By my reckoning Newcastle have forked out around £20m to bring in Cisse, Simpson, Cabaye and Ben Arfa, three undoubtedly superior players and in Simpson a full-back who definitely isn’t any worse than Johnson when defending…which is actually what his job is!

There will be English/British players out there who could improve Newcastle United’s squad and at the right price, though you will have to dig deep to find them.

In the meantime I’m quite happy for Liverpool to boast the best of English at Euro 2012.

  • They might have more players in the England Squad but our players are better, more consistent and in a better all round squad FRANCE and i can’t wait for the first game of the Euros, England will be lucky to get a draw against them

  • U2

    For a yoyo club newcastle did well last season and suddenly you feel big headed enough to throw rubbish at the nation and liverpool. Well, well…

    • jojobennet_trojan7774b

       And you support, mmmmm!!

    • Marta1

      Yoyo… Lol. Liverpool are rubbish now living in the past glory!!! Makes me laugh. we do have far superior players just because Liverpool fork out 20- 35million for players don’t mean there good!!! means king kenny( king ha) didn’t have a clue and your owners are muppetts.. Clubs see u coming haha

    • Harrisonuk21

      A yoyo club, because they got relegated ONCE oh my days Liverpool fans are stupid!! Newcastle will finish above Liverpool again next season FACT!!! Look at the likes of Cabaye and Ben Arfa as they tear England a new a&*ehole on Monday night!!!

    • Milburn990

      England look a poor squad, is someone blackmailing Roy. Liverpool players are not England class apart from Gerard, and at his stage in his career a bit unfair having him carry poor players, he’s tried to do it all season.
      Too many mediocre Liverpool players after a mediocre season. 
      U2 the final league table tells no lies. 

  • Jay Wright

    Liverpool bowed to media pressure, to give chances to an English manager (Hodgson) and then with English players, and obviously neither worked out.

    Tbh, I don’t mind Newcastle and did wanted them to do well last year; even if only to evidence the fact that money isn’t everything, but I would prefer it if fans stuck to ‘banter’ instead of just trying to rub Liverpool fans up the wrong way at every opportunity.

    We’ll see who will have the last laugh though. Everybody’s jumping on their high horses and yucking it up at Liverpool’s ‘failures’, even while said clubs are accomplishing no more than us anyway…

  • StevenGJ

    Truth hurt a bit there mate

  • budinoffski

    If all six liverpool players play. England will be a laughing stock at the euros. Its a rubbish bunch of old hasbeens with no speed or flair apart from rooney. We’ll be back on first plane back to England lol.

  • NUFC in dream land

    All the NUFC fans giving it large cos they have had one good season (I say good, they bottled it out the champions league). At least Liverpool have a past glory as the only cups Newcastle have are the ones big mike likes to drink his ever flowing ale from!

    • Marta1

      Lol at least we had a chance of the champions league ah… Living in the past again.. Oh sorry carling cup hahaha how the mighty have fallen!! How longs it been since Liverpool had a good season in the league?? bloody bin dippers all the same.

      • PlonkerRabbit94

        3 years ago Liverpool finished 2nd 3 or 4 points of United.

  • Bigal_9

    come on england its not a club competition so who gives a shit.  

  • jojobennet_trojan7774b

    I don’t think it’s just only NUFC fans commenting on Liverpool players involved with the England squad, but football fans in general.Liverpool finished in eighth place and yet there’s 6 players involved with the national side.A lack of quality, maybe.??No Carrick, no Richards!!
    As for past glory, Newcastle are the eighth most successful club in English football, so as for no history, sorry your wrong.Yes we haven’t won a domestic trophy since 1955, but that’s not what it’s about!! Shankly was the catalyst for a dominant Liverpool, but the landscape has changed, money talks, Man City, Chelsea will be hard to overcome.History is important, but that’s all it is, the present is what matters.

    • Marta1


  • Duffman

    Why do fans of other clubs come on here to say that we are the delusional ones. Or that we are giving it all that or whatever. Mate, it’s a toon fanzine website. We say what we like about other clubs as Newcastle fans. I would never in a million years go on another clubs website just to talk shite you sad, pathetic losers. Im sure your time eould be better spent supporting your own team, freaks.

    • Marta1

      Sad pathetic losers is exactly what they are…. NUFC site you bin dippers

  • Al

    The overall theme of the article is pretty sound and I have a Liverpool-supporting friend who would agree with it 100%. But all the shit crowing at the “bin dippers” is just embarrassing.

    We had a great season, we’ve got the basis of a fantastic squad IF Ashley decide he wants the club to push on. It could, of course, go pear-shaped in a heartbeat. All the “how the mighty have fallen” stuff is laughable, its only 3 years since Villa Park ffs.

    The people writing this shite will be the first ones to moan next time someone describes Newcastle fans as deluded. Is this not a time to show a bit of dignity and humility?

  • JR Ewing’s 10 Gallon Hat

    Liverpool supporters want to live life like my brother Bobby… They want to step out of the shower one day and think it’s all been a bad dream!
    Same amount of premier league titles as us but less fans and no class.
    Can we all stop talking about them as they are not interesting anymore.
    Obviously we are, judging be the amount of “Fans” of other clubs on here.

    • gideon

      Less fans than Newcastle? Christ, finishing above us really has gone to some of your fans heads. Anyone would think you had actually won something. Hahahaha…… Quality. I realise not all geordies are as mentally challenged as this poor chap. The same goes for some of our over expectant nutters. I have a question. Where in the top 10 do you come for shirt sales worldwide? Thats a better estimation of how many fans you have. Not how many drunken geordies you can squeeze into the metro centre. :)))

  • Lintonlad

    We had a cracking season and Liverpool had a poor one, mainly because of King Kenny and a propensity for paying over the odds for average players – both of which, we have suffered from recently.  Hopefully we’ll never return to those habits.  As an Englishman, I want us to win the lot, and am aware that the current squad is the weakest since Graham Taylor was in charge.  However, good players do not make a good team, – Beckham, Scholes and Rooney didn’t do much did they?  So I’m hoping that Roy can do what Greece did and build a functioning unit out of eleven average players. 

  • gideon

    Theres a very good reason why Liverpool have been buying British players at all levels of the club. UEFA’s fair play rules come into force this season. Legislation is already in place that requires teams to have a min of 8 homegrown players in a.max squad of 25 players. This signals the end of buying good
    british players because most clubs will be priced out of buying them. The new rules state clearly that you cant spend more than you earn. So before crowing about how great you are. Have a think about who’s future looks more stable.