Life as a Newcastle fan this summer, another day and another transfer story with more holes in it than…something with lots of holes in it.

Apparently Newcastle United are ‘interested in signing Salomon Kalou’, really?

In some ways (Newcastle United in a previous life) you can kind of make the story work.

Kalou is out of contract at Chelsea from the end of this month so zero transfer fee.

An international striker (17 goals in 48 matches for Ivory Coast) who has just been part of a team that has won both the FA Cup and Champions League.

Still only 26 and got a decent record as a supporting act at Chelsea (60 goals and 40 assists in 244 matches).

Chelsea paid £9m to Feyenoord and now available for nothing.

However, one small problem and I covered it last week in an article entitled ‘Newcastle United’s Transfer Policy Made Simple‘….

‘In recent days Newcastle have been linked with Manchester City’s Adam Johnson and Barcelona’s Dutch winger/midfielder Ibrahim Afellay.

Is a player going to take a drop in wages? Unlikely, so any British player who goes to somewhere like City or Chelsea is very unlikely to end up at St.James’ Park. The days of a Parker or Duff getting their Chelsea wages matches at Newcastle are long gone, for those names read the likes of Milner and Johnson at City’.

So Salomon Kalou, exactly how does he fit in with Newcastle’s wages policy?

Under Mike Ashley there is no way United will sign players with this kind of profile (first team regular at a club like Man.City or Chelsea – no matter what a ‘bargain’ the transfer fee appears).

Giving a player like Kalou a contract with a couple of million pounds a year premium won’t cost Newcastle/Ashley a couple of million, it would be six or seven times that as the agents of Cisse, Cabaye, Ben Arfa and so on would be queuing up at his door.


  • Micthemag


  • Scottie

    Kalou has bags of pace and is used to playing in a front three, can play either left or right and can support Cisse in the middle. Lets face it, Ba is going!! This guy is free so no transfer fee so that fee can go into wages!! TBH this is a no brainer as a top signing will spur on our remaining stars!!!!!!!!

  • Mkeats555

    I’d have him! He’s got a good goals and assist record and is more a support player, currently the role Ba is doing. Plus hes only 26! I’m the same as Scottie welcome him no problem. If its a free transfer and a deal can be done which is good for the club and all the other players. Long gone are the old days of massive wages on players like this but with a well negotiated deal an excellent signing.

  • GV

    ANother striker who will disapper for the ANC, Not vwry likely!

  • Mr T

    Never been a massive fan of his, he’s been at Chelsea for years now and has never really fulfilled his promise. Really hope this story has no truth.

  • Brontosaurus

     If we can somehow get him to agree to low wages he could sell for 5-10 million next year.

     I saw him in Chelski’s Champions League matches and he was impressive and could well be the missing link. I couldn’t quite believe it when I heard they dropped him.

     I don’t follow the Ivory Coast much but alongside Doumbia and Drogba surely his place is by no means a definite.

     Plus if we don’t try and get him I could see him going to Spurs and while it may keep them away from Ba, they’d be getting quality striker for free.