Who are the Newcastle players who can be the foundation of the team for years to come, the players who can establish United back at the top?

Who are the six players who you would choose to keep above all others.

Have your say in our poll below.

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  • Mad4it

    None of them, no one player is bigger than a team. If we are to keep progressing we have to be willing to let big players go in order to improve.

    If we were offered a world record fee for a player we at present have to take it.

    That way in time we shouldn’t have to.

    • Paul Soulsby

      no player is bigger than the club but if you keep selling your best players you never get to the place you want to be

  • Trippynet

    Re-phrase the question then:

    “Which players must Newcastle United only part with for silly money”?

    I agree in that if someone came along and offered us 40m for Ben Arfa, it’d be difficult to turn down, despite how great a player I think he is!

  • JR Ewing’s 10 Gallon Hat

    Keep all of them, add four to Six first team quality signings and we’ll strike Champions League Oil!

  • Keithmgilroy

    Age is not on colos side for the long term you would imagine we would cash in at some point during his current contract. Looks like everyones resigned to Ba going as id imagine he’d be higher up if not but more important to keep others