Shola Ameobi, is he the best assistant in the PL?

The recent screamer scored by Papiss Cisse in the Chelsea game has prompted a creeful of debates over ‘best ever’ toon goals, personally I would definitely rate it at number two behind Laurent Robert’s superb volley vs Spurs and ahead of Alan Shearer’s absolute howitzer vs Everton.

However, there is one common theme running through these goals which has perhaps been overlooked and which has struck me after gleefully revisiting them again. Shearer vs Everton; assist by Shola Ameobi, Robert vs Spurs; assist(ish) from big Sho and now for Cisse vs Chelsea!

As well as his Mackem slaying heroics, maybe we now have another reason to love our local enigma, Shola Ameobi! Without him we wouldn’t have witnessed three of football’s most brilliant goals!

Let’s hope for another piece of excellent assistance from Shola against Manchester City this Sunday!

  • i just love shola soooo much,he is even above messi and pele in toon assists!!

  • JP…from The Rock

    Now that is a very interesting Shola Stat. I never have been too fond of the lad but Pardew has gotten the best out of him in his impact sub role. As long as he is not starting and puts a shift in when he does come on I will be happy to have him, especially if he is to assist in beauties like the one last Wednesday v Chelsea. 

  • Nick

    Plus Ba’s blitzkrieg against Manyoo.

  • Glenufc

    And what about his back-heel assist that set up Big Al for his 201st and record breaker

  • Alex

    Don’t see much relevance in this article. Assists are provided by whoever is the ‘other twin’ in a striking partnership. I can recall many ‘near-assists’ provided by Shola’s partner, and then Shola has gone and fluffed the chance.
    Over 13 domestic years, has only managed 296 games and 60 goals (double figures only once – in the Championship!), so stripping out the penalties (which, I admit, he’s good at) that’s a very poor return for a centre-forward.
    The most amazing thing about Shola is his longevity. Only God knows how he’s managed to stay here so long. 

    • Suspicious_puddle

      Your argument makes no sense, who’s van persie’s “twin” if that’s the case?

      • Alex

        Other posts in this article imply strike partnerships (Shola & Al, Shola & Ba), so I’m simply continuing the theme. If you want to talk about assists from ‘any’ player (as in RVP), then that’s a different discussion and will likely support my point even more by showing up Shola’s own poor conversion rate of chances laid on a plate for him over the years.

  • Laytheany

    how are you? I am fine