Well now I’m getting worried. Is this my club?  Are we really 4th ? Or am I about to do a Bobby Ewing; wake up in the shower, only to  discover that the last 9 months have just been a dream?

My apologies to you younger readers if you don’t know what the hell I’m on about (ask your mother)  but the performances produced by this team are starting to mess with my head.

Newcastle don’t beat Man Utd.  Newcastle don’t win at Chelsea, Newcastle don’t have world class players, but guess what, this season we do

Yes last night’s goals were unbelievable but there was so much more to admire about the 100 minutes of football.

How about yet another clean sheet , this time against the team who have just beaten Barcelona?
How about the tireless work ethic from every player on the pitch?
How about Alan Pardew learning from the weekend’s disaster and having the sense to adapt his tactics to win this game?

This team has simply been magnificent. They have given us more moments to savour in the last 9 months that we’ve probably had in the last 7 years.

I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that the list of wonder goals now goes into double figures.

So regardless of what the result is on Sunday afternoon, at the final whistle 50,000 people should rise to their feet to acclaim a bunch of men who have put this club back on the footballing map.

  • Utd111

    I agree – should be quite a celebration this weekend whatever the result! We’ve made massive and totally unexpected strides forward this season, and Liverpool have taken over the mantle of joke club.
    Who could have seen that coming last summer?

  • glasshalfempty

    Lets have 50,000 on their feet from the off never mind the final whistle singing the lads home – they deserve it!!!

  • Tone Army

    spot on. we have had so many positives this season, Santon, Ba, Cisse, Cabaye & the returning HBA have been magnificent, coupled with heroic performances from all of our existing squad, clean sheets aplenty, some of the best goals I have ever witnessed, Pardew has also proved to be one of the clubs best signings for years.

    I just hope that we can keep our nucleus & add 2 or 3 more young, talented & ambitious players to the fold, maybe have a crack at some form of silverware in the next season or 2, that would be sweeeeeeeeeet :D

    Roll back to the day we got relegated at villa, I said that day with a lump in my throat that it was maybe the best thing to happen & we will be better for this experience, sort the wheat from the chaff & find out who really is there for money or the love of the club/game, win a loada matches & return to the prem in a positive frame of mind & with a winning mentality (this is why a lot of promoted clubs start well in the prem), pleased to say they have totaly exceeded my expectations as I watch my team playing some of the best fitba I have ever seen with me own 2 eyes.

    If we don’t qualify for CL it may again be a blessing, the europa league makes more sense in terms of progression, where we have a fair chance of going to the knockouts at least, I know this can be acheived by finishing 3rd in a CL group but that would mean we have been beat & struggled to earn it, but with the EL we could finish high in our group with some real confidence to carry forward to the knockouts ;)

  • Sharpie

    Good article and agree with the comments – the lads should be given 90 minutes of support and a big round of applause afterwards for their efforts, could it finally be that we’re starting to get the squad of players we deserve?

    Let’s not forget the efforts of players like Williamson, Simpson, Perch, Ameobi and Obertan either. How many clean sheets have we kept since Taylor has been injured? 10 by my reckoning. When do you remember a Newcastle team keeping ten clean sheets in 20-odd matches. Perch, Simpson and Williamson aren’t world class by any stretch but credit where its due. What about Ryan Taylor’s contributions and those of Obertan and Ameobi? They’re not my favourite Newcastle players either but I applaud the effort they’ve put in. Did Damien Duff bust a gut like any of them? How about N’Zogbia or Viduka? Would Michael Owen have played through a broken cheekbone like Leon Best? I’m not sure I’d be that happy to see them still in and around Newcastle’s first team in 3 years time because that would be evidence of a lack of ambition and progression by the club (apart from Ameobi, who I suspect we’ll be wheeling out to play against the mackems when he’s 45…) but for now, let’s commend what they have done for Newcastle United since August. Howay the Lads!

  • boreddrummer

     “Are we really 4th?” No, we’re 5th.

    • Tone Army

      aka known as joint 4th :D

  • Oxon Geordie

    “Lets have 50,000 on their feet from the off … singing the lads home…”.  No question, but let’s have the right words to ‘The Blaydon Races’.  Sadly, the young ‘uns don’t know them.

    • PercyArcade

      It’s the 150th anniversary of “The Blaydon Races” this year and things are going on to commemorate the fact.  Should be  compulsory lessons in every school in Newcastle to teach the bairns!

  • Alex

    Good one, Tone Army. Can’t understand why many people are saying that crowds and players won’t fancy the EL instead of the CL. Jeez, man, no way could we win the CL, but winning the EL is certainly doable.