When you are a Newcastle fan you get used to the press writing rubbish about our football club.

As the team have progressed this season we have seen our best players repeatedly linked with other clubs on either twisted, or simply invented, stories.

Therefore it is great to see the club taking action as a quote from an interview Papiss Cisse conducted with French publication L’Equipe, has been given the usual press treatment.

The following statement being released by Newcastle United tonight:

An erroneous story which has been circulated this evening by Steve Goodman, regarding Newcastle United striker Papiss Cisse and Real Madrid, is taken from a recent interview Papiss conducted with L’Equipe.

In the article, Mr Goodman states that Papiss has issued a “come and get me” appeal to Real Madrid. This statement is utterly untrue.

In the interview with L’Equipe, Papiss responded to a question about Real Madrid to say that he has admired the club since he was young. This in no way constitutes a ‘come and get me’ plea.

Mr Goodman further claims that Papiss ‘insisted he hopes to join them [Real Madrid]’. Papiss has never made such a statement and refutes the suggestion in the strongest possible terms.

The player is completely committed to Newcastle United and is not interested in anything other than ensuring he and the team finish the season as strongly as possible.

The matter is now in the hands of the player’s legal representatives.

  • Jonr

    Good on you Papiss. Sick of self-serving journalists looking to stir up a story.

  • Flanders71

    they will always write bollox but i bet teams like madrid will be watching very closely next season.

  • Mags

    Who is this steve goodman radgie? Can someone name and shame him?

    • Davescott63

      probably a made up name – saves hacks getting sued

  • JP…from The Rock

    Well done Ashley for defending our players.

  • Craig

    the thing about comments like this, is that I might say “since I was pubic I’ve fancied the fuck out of Kelly Brook”. Now, my girlfriend might take that as a sign that I want to leave her and go out with Kelly Brook instead. But the truth is I’m happy where I am, scoring goals (weeyy) and life is pretty rosy. If I went out with Kelly Brook, chances are I’d never get a game and not have the success that I currently enjoy. The point is, everyone wants to shag Kelly Brook but not everyone would try – not for lack of ambition, but because they are happy where they are!

    •  I like that analogy. It’s an excellent way of explaining it.

    • Antoniosmithio

      If nufc continue to play the type of football we are, it cold be like shagging your lass while Kelly brook tickles your balls and praises your skills.

  • Is’nt it about time that players and clubs alike,took these intolerable hacks to task over the crap and garbage they perport to be newsworthy.  The more  these prats and  sad gits were made to account for  the trouble they cause, the happier I would be and I dare say a few more of us as well.

    • Biggazza

      £6 haircut at his hoose toneet, skinhead for everton

  • John_bell11

    probably a rumour but dont he know spanish clubs are the most racist in the world