This summer could see all Newcastle United records broken….when it comes to transfer speculation nonsense.

At least it looks as though we can knock one ‘story’ that has never stopped running since around about Christmas.

That is the ‘Tim Krul to Chelsea’ headline which has been used every day some place, since the first person made it up….

Chelsea have just announced that Petr Cech has signed an extended contract keeping him at the club until 2016. I don’t want to speculate….but I think we can be pretty confident that Cech would only have signed if he was to continue as Chelski’s undisputed number one.

I can’t see inside Tim Krul’s mind but in no way can I see him heading off to Chelsea simply for more money, with little chance 0f getting a game, for a club that finished below Newcastle.

I suppose some transfer stories have to be true but finding them is on the same level as finding a black & white needle in a very big black & white haystack.

  • Oooops

    I think there is truth in a certain player we were after last summer who’s currently plying his trade at PSG being offered to Newcastle.

    Debauchy rumours may well have something to them too.

    Haven’t heard much about Pieters lately but that could still happen.

    We have to get at least one cetral defender too.

    Other than those who knows….. they said they wanted to get most of their business done before the end of the summer. Suggests to me we might be seeing a few signed between now and the European champs kick off.

    Which would make sense because if they do well there then their values will have rocketed anyway.

    But equally they might take a gamble that those players will do badly there and their values drop….. in which case they can fetch them at a song.

    Which sounds more likely?

    • Brontosaurus

       Don’t think a poor championship would make too much difference in the price, if any, whereas a good championship would send their value through the roof. Definately better to tie up business beforehand.

  • Ozymandias

    “…used everyday some place, since the first person made it up” – quality line. Ha ha