The launch of Newcastle United’s latest away/change strip sparked much debate, some claimed they couldn’t wait to get their hands on one while others said they wouldn’t wear a ‘red’ shirt for any amount of money.

To get an overall view we simply asked in our poll ‘Love it or hate it, would you wear Newcastle United’s new red/maroon/burgundy away kit’?

Many thanks to the thousands of you who voted and we can now reveal that 77% voted Yes they would wear it and 23% No.

The only figure that really matters is how many fans actually do put their hands in their pockets but it is a resounding number who have come down on the side of liking it.

It will be interesting though finding out how people vote when the new home strip and other away/change strip are revealed later this year.

As for anybody who questioned why anyone is using ‘red’ to describe the shirt, many fans have claimed that it is ‘maroon’ which in the dictionary is described as ‘deep or dark red’.

While the official launch description is ‘burgundy’ – the dictionary description being ‘similar to other shades of dark red such as maroon’.

So there you have it in black & white…

  • JP…from The Rock

    I think it’s very smart although a tad plain. Maybe black or white shorts would have been better but I still like it. When will the new Home and Alternative strips be ready for purchase??

  • Andy

    The writer needs to get a grip. The new kit is burgundy or dark red which is “sort of like red”. So what? The Mackems wear bright red and white vertical stripes. That’s a world of difference from an all burgundy kit. More importantly, self-respecting Newcastle fans will know that Newcastle’s original colours were red shirts and white shorts. I think this kit looks very dapper (A massive improvement on tangerine) and Cissé, Ba, Ben Arfa, and Cabaye will look the business wearing it on their European campaign next season. Or maybe you’re the sort of fan who won’t eat ketchup or bacon or keep anything red in his house…

  • Mags

    I like it, and #Iwantcurlyhair2 summed up the colour perfectly, it is PASSPORT RED.  Take a bow Curly, the colour will do for me.

  • shola is gonna look kick ass in that next year