NUFC yet again show how unpredictable they can be.

Just to share some text banter after the match on Wednesday I thought I’d post a selection between the lads.

They show how even a game like this can stimulate debate and difference of opinion over the mobile networks:-

Horsey – He scores when he wants!! Unbelievable goals!! Typical Toon

Patchy – At graft what a t***!  Al watch it when I get in

Nigel – Best goal I’ve ever seen!! Cisse 2 Toon 2. The first was exquisite, the second was touched by the Hand Of God!!!

Horsey – Great goals but I’ve seen better, not many better tho. Hope we can play like that on Sunday.

Nigel – Well I rate it better than Supermac’s vs Leicester City from the halfway line I was seven & I was there.  45 now wish I’d been there tonight! KTF

Horsey – Robert’s double against Spurs were pretty good.

Greavso – All I can say is wow!!  You out all day Sunday?

Horsey – He’s like a black Robbie Murray, only not as handsome!!

Patchy – Ha Ha from back in the day

Nigel – I said to a whinging bloke on Saturday in Whickham Clurb that we’d win tonight & he called me an idiot?  Hope he choked on his beer tonight!! Hope Cheik is OK after being assaulted.  Hope we can spoil those Citee ***** party on Sunday.  Pity Spurs won

Horsey – Win lose or draw we shud stand and sing our appreciation for 90 minutes on Sunday!! See you there J xxx

Nigel – That’s a given.  Best Newcastle TEAM I’ve ever seen & Tommy Cassidy agrees with Me!

Horsey – Better than Keegan’s, don’t think so like

Gary – Better than Saturday anyway

(Gary’s as pessimistic as me and just counting towards 40 points for next season too!!).

Chrissy – A na am proud as fck

Nigel – Henry Winter on Twitter / Pardew / Cheik has a 9 inch gash & 40 stiches but it’s just a scratch & he’ll play on Sunday!

Chrissy – Hard as nails man, a large snickers and he’ll be fine

Horsey – Roberto Di Matteo saying Cisse didn’t know what he was doing for the second goal, what a knob!!  Maybe Cech didn’t know either.  Watching BBC news they didn’t even mention we were playing.  Happy to fly under the radar if it keeps going like this.

Byers –Tosser he will be trying to buy him soon

Nigel – They all fear us Strong is the Force with the Geordies

Byers – SKY just said spurs beat Bolton to go 1pt behind Arsenal in the race for 3rd and Newcastle beat Chelsea EH?

Elder – Sneaking into third spot unnoticed will do for me

I’m looking forward to our final home game, disappointed the season was gone so quickly (guess that’s a sign I’ve enjoyed it for the most part), but hoping regardless of which NUFC turns up on Sunday they get the send-off they deserve for a season that has surely exceeded every single one of our expectations.  If you predicted this outcome back in August 2011 then you’re either an eternal optimist, drunk or a born liar.

I was drunk last night I was drunk the night before,

I drank last night like I’ve never drank before,

I drank so much that I couldn’t even see,


Enjoy your drink holiday Sunday folks.  Please drink responsibly though!!!


  • tonytoon

    I remember the Supermac goal too – he hit it just a few yards from where I was standing so I watched it fly all the way.   What a goal – maybe the best goal I’ve seen live.

  • Dave Green

    Sorry to make you jealous Nigel, I was there against Leicester AND on Wednesday! As I was celebrating Supermac’s I remember thinking “That’s the best goal I will ever see.” I was 15 at the time, and remained convinced until Shearer’s volley against Everton made me think I wasn’t so sure. Cisse’s was probably better than both, although it’s hard to ditch 36 seasons’ worth of conviction. Just to make Wednesday night even sweeter, Chelsea pissing off early in their droves meant the wait for the tube wasn’t as bad as usual, meaning I caught my train home (to Kent, I’m afraid) with just enough spare time to dive into the offy at the station! Perfect way to end the night.

  • Nigel Pearson

    Glad you enjoyed it Dave. Lets hope there are plenty more to come. I also remember sitting on a Barrier in the Gallogate End Crying my eyes out after Johnny Rep had smashed a volley into the net for Bastia putting us out of the UEFA Cup & my Dad (RIP) telling me not to worry as by the time I’d grown up Newcastle would be the greatest team in the Country again just like when he was a young man in the Fifties and he was right too thanks to Kevin Keegan. My Dad will be there in spirit on Sunday as the club very kindly allowed me to scatter his ashes behind the goal at the Leazes End. Keeping the Faith Beyond the Grave !

    • Gary Foston

      Thanks for the link Nigel, yep dreaming of after match beer in the Hotspur ! Started me thinking of not the best goal, but the best brace of goals. I think I would be hard pushed to split Cisse at The Bridge and Robert against Spurs. Watching the City game in a place called The Big Bamboo on Hongfeng Road….sounds more exotic than it is! See you soon. Gary