The squad selection for the European Championships shows that the cockney mafia is still alive and kicking, this time in the shape of the FA.

There has been a long history of players at Newcastle getting a raw deal in terms of national recognition, right back to the Milburn era.

The selection of Jack Butland ahead of Fraser Forster is hard to understand when you consider what each of them have actually achieved so far.

Butland, who is 19, has only played twelve league matches and those were out on loan for Cheltenham in the bottom tier of English football. He hasn’t played at all for Birmingham but the most telling statistic is that Butland has played 27 games for England right through from under 16 to under 21 level.

This can only be seen as an establishment decision by the cockney mafia in the shape of the FA, a player they have nurtured from being a kid and preferring him to a Geordie who has actually got relevant games and experience under his belt.

Yes he will be just third choice at the Euros but any injury to the other two keepers and he will automatically be on the bench, having to step in if anything happens during the ninety minutes.

Fraser Forster has racked up over 120 matches out on loan throughout the lower divisions in England and in the Scottish Premier for Celtic.

At Norwich he racked up clean sheets in 42 games as he helped them win promotion to the Championship, earning the players’ player of the year award.

While at Celtic last season he won the Scottish Premier League and in total has kept 50 clean sheets in 91 matches, he has also gained experience in the UEFA Cup with the Scottish club.

As always my only thoughts are to Newcastle United and maybe this knockback will convince Forster that if he has real ambition in club and international football then returning to fight it out with Krul for the number one spot is the only way to go.

I hope so because I’d love to see Newcastle having two top keepers who have successfully come through the ranks.

  • Graham

    They probably dont even know he exists! Good ol woy

  • Mal

    I agree – I can’t understand why he’s been overlooked in this particular situation. Unfortunately I think he will be sold though, but perhaps not to Celtic.

  • Gary

    Why are you always so anti London?  Sir Les, Super Mac, Rob Lee, Warren Barton, Paul Goddard Stuart Pearce and Alan Pardew are all London lads who have done us proud.  I saw Foster play at Leeds in a friendly and he was awful.  Scottish football is very poor.  The mackems signed super Craig Gordon and he was like a rabbit caught in headlights.
    The term ‘Cockney Mafia’ is embarrassing as is the ‘Geordie Nation’ and only validates what the rest of the country think about Geordies being delusional.  If it wasn’t for Mike Ashley we would not have a club.

    • Juniorchubbs

      go back to london.

  • Spoon_Army

    I dont really consider the FA as being “anti-geordie”, I just think they are useless as a group. Nothing is done well.

  • Juniorchubbs

    anything that goes on north of manchester or liverpool is of no concern to londoners or the southern press.