The majority of Newcastle United fans don’t want St.James’ Park renamed at any price and of those who could stomach it, a massive majority price it at a minimum of £10m a season.

These were the findings of our poll yesterday when thousands of fans responded to our question on whether St.James’ Park should carry a sponsor’s name.

The majority (52%) said they didn’t want it renamed at any price, while 43% said that for £10m a year it would be worth the compromise and only 5% felt that £5m a year would make it worthwhile. Only two of the thousands who took part felt it was acceptable for the current situation to continue, with the ground named S***** D***** A**** for no extra revenue.

I think there has been a slight shift in terms of some fans accepting the trade off if it helped to strengthen the squad but only if it brought in significant sums of money.

In this economic climate I’m guessing that attracting anything like £10m a season would be a big ask and so we wait to see which ground we’ll be walking up to next season.

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  • Archie Brand

    There’s an old joke – guy walks up to woman in bar and asks “would you sleep with me for a million pounds?”.
    Girl says “yes”.
    “Would you sleep with me for a fiver?”
    Girl says “A fiver? What do you think I am?”
    Guy replies “We’ve already established what you are, we’re just haggling about the price!”
    Does this sound familiar?
    for 38% of the people who answered – we know what you are, we’re just haggling about the price.
    Interesting concept. 120 million loaned to the club at 0% interest, and you think that naming it SDA is for “no additional revenue”?
    So what is a saving of 5% per annum compund on a 120 million?

    • bean

      Bang on £6m, exactly what he’s touting the naming rights for and he couldn’t buy the kind of exposure that his shop gets for anything near that price. Everyone needs to understand, there ain’t gonna be a buyer for the naming rights. It’s SDA, no one else would touch it with a barge pole. Worst thing is, we’re adding value to it every time something like this goes on t’internet.

  • geordiemick77

    sick of hearing this arguement when most newcastle fans are not really bothered

  • Roscoe64

    Agree most fans don’t realise the fact that Ashley does’nt charge us interest on that massive 120 mill loan and how much interest it would cost the club at say 6%. 

    So lets forget the renaming and keep SJP and Ashley can charge the club interest on his massive loan.

    I am i big traditionlist and hated it when Ashley changed the name untill i realised the loan was infact interest free as i had forgotten.So let us bring in the extra revenue it will bring and i bet you whomever takes up the option has SJP in the name somewhere,after all it has got to benifit the buyer to put( lets say just for the sake of [email protected]:disqus 
    .COM)as surely such a link to our famous ground and our famous club would only benifit the buyer.

    Heres to another successful season for our club and our fans with harmony building between owner and fans alike continuing.We are all after all after the same thing WINNING THAT BLIDDY ELUSIVE TOPHY weve come so close to winning in the las 15 years.



  • Cmoy3240

    If you believe that Ashley had the intention of selling the annual naming rights to some corporate entity , other than S***** D****, you get an A for naivity.
    This was obviously the plan all along.
    Any revenue from an outside source, would be credited to the account of NUFC, whereas as things stand it gives S***** D***** free advertising, (we can only guess how much thats worth) and we end up with a stadium filled with cheap and tacky signs and a name that most people detest.
    In place of an old and venerated name that has been part of the club since it’s inception.
    Is there no end to the crassness of this bloke and his disgusting
    sidekick,  (self admitted, you dont know how horrible we can be)
     who continue to lie to us and think they can pull any con they like and get away with it.
    So ! the name is changed, nufc loose out on revenue and if the fans dont like it, so what, they will still come to games and put their money down and anyway we dont give a rats ass. 

  • chuck

    Rosco & Archie Brand
    Are you guys dumb or something, in most situations owners use their own money to subsidise their clubs.
    Ashley is in fact doing the same, the difference is for tax purposes, by making it a loan, there are positive tax implications.
    Nothing this guy does is outta the kindness of his heart and he will year by year manage to syphon off a certain amount, until it’s paid back.
    That plus free worldwise advertising for his “Brand Name”

  • AmericanToon

    Unfortunately with FFP coming into effect the need will be there to sell the naming rights in order to field the best team possible. Sad but true.

  • Juniorchubbs

    the odious owner is only interested in money. he will make money from this club by hook or by crook. the renaming thing is the most blatant and obvious of free advertising, but not a lot of fans see it that way.

    how long will it be until he takes down the S** advertising if no other company comes forward willing to pay money for the naming rights?? next season? the season after? after he’s sold up to someone?? five years after he’s sold up to someone after writing into the deal that he has advertising rights for the stadium???

    he’s taking the mick out you all. enjoy.