Newcastle United fans were left open mouthed today with the launch of the club’s latest change strip, or ‘away’ strip as we used to call them in old money.

It will be interesting to see how sales register for what is sure to prove a topic of much conversation amongst Toon fans.

Beauty of course is always in the eye of the beholder, or rather whoever has the money in their pocket.

Most supporters will no doubt think that of all the colours Newcastle United/Puma could have chosen….why red?

I suppose the best guess is that some whizz kid in the ‘ideas’ department will think it a great idea as not since the rather bizarre red/maroon and blue hooped one of the late nineties, has Newcastle gone down this route.

Not too sure how impressed Virgin will be either, their red logo hardly stands out best on a red strip.

You decide!

  • Mgallon

    I think Virgin will be VERY happy – itts almost a full virgin branded kit – we have had red/ burgundy many times over the years and I personanly love it – it will fly off the shelves

    • Troleibusiukas

      great shirt, but 1998 is favorite for me, god how i like that golden touch…  That gold colour is in our crest and it should be on our shirt, and stipes should be similar to curent ones ( wide stripes and not too many , because it is like that on the crest)
      that away kit i liked a lot

      • Dave Green

        Assuming you mean the effort with the off-centre stripe on the front, I never thought I’d hear anybody say they liked that monstrosity! You sure you’re not just saying this to win a bet?

  • Peter

    Actually if you had bothered to read the other fan sights the picture has been going round instead of making up a headline you’d know it has got a good reception so far. I for one think it looks great, big improvement on the orange. Poor journalism.

    • 2Tone

      Lighten up man . It’s just a bit banter. ‘Poor journalism’?? It ‘s just a fans site not the effing Times.

  • Porciestreet

    I think the shirt is terrific.however, the shorts are pants.( pardon the pun )…This top would look great with the regular black shorts and black and white socks. What say you. ?

  • 2 goal

    No! The whiz kid in the ideas department probably thought ‘ohh I see it’s Newcastle’s 120th season since formation next season, what can we do to celebrate? I know, the away shirt can be in honour of the club’s original colours… maroon!’

    When Newcastle united was formed in 1892 we continued to use the red/maroon kit of Newcastle East End for the first two seasons. It was not until 1894 that we adopted the black and white stripes.

    I think it’s a great idea to honour the original teams colours in a milestone season.

    Even if they weren’t our original colours i’d think it was a great shirt anyway!

  • wastepipe

     Newcastle East End and Newcastle West End combined in 1892 to
    create Newcastle United. At the time Newcastle West End wore a maroon
    and blue kit. I read somewhere earlier in the year that as it is the 120
    year aniversiry of the formation of NUFC, this year the shirt
    manufacturers were thinking about creating a maroon and blue kit. Even
    though it looks black in the photo I’m sure that the stripe is actualy a
    dark blue. This is not the first time that the toon have worn these
    colours in recent years. Remember when we nearly won the league under
    Keegan? Maroon and blue away kit. Remember Obafemi’s thunder bolt
    against spurs away? Maroon and blue also. That is why it is these colours.

     Did you also
    know that NUFC spent the first two years of thier existence playing in
    red shirts, white shorts and red socks before they saw sense and changed
    it to black and white? At least the puma didn’t stitch us up with a 120
    year celebration red and white kit!!!!!

    • Kieranwalden

      Home one isn’t out yet so we don’t know that for sure! On the kit, this maroon burgundy hybrid is something I don’t like, but maybe it will grow.

  • wastepipe

    Hear you go

  • Paul

    Never mind the colour, when are they going to make the badge look decent instead of looking like your man’s bought a patch to cover a hole?

  • Paul


  • devajohn

    The very first strip for newcastle was red ,before the barcodes strip.

  • Brontosaurus

    Saw it here first:
    We’re supposedly wearing it for Everton next week. And the goalie kit’s a nasty shade of green.

  • davem

    i like that one, looks canny smart like. dunno about the keeper top

  • Tone Army

    Like the top, loved the maroon striped one from 96/97 only wore it out a year or two back, this one is okay but a bit plain, the shorts look like billy caspers from kes in the sizing dept, why do you keep calling it red in your description though? and why are people claiming we originaly played in maroon?? this kit is maroon, we originaly played in red & white (I know it seems sh!te now but it is true), also I actually like the orange kit & it will be remembered for some time in HBA & Cisse highlight reels ;)

  • Exactly the same crack as Liverpool and Standard Chartered, have the kit the same colour as the company brand (see the blue bits on the third kit outrage at the start of this season). 

  • Wurkeyticket

    i Like it!!!

  • Lintonlad

    I like it too.
    As regards red shirts, back in the 70’s when I first went to away games the change strip was all red. We’ve all seen Supermac in the Hereford game, but we also won some great games in that strip. 

  • Davvruss

    if we continue to win who care what we wear

  • Julio Laker

    I was just getting used to us winning in Orange

  • TheGlosMag

    The red and blue hooped strip, first worn at Gary Mabbutt’s testimonial (if my memory serves) at the 4x2s in White Hart Lane, was based on the City flag; check your Club badge, it flies out of the castle. I’ve still got mine and wear it with pride as Mabbutt was such a great player, and it’s not in the least BIZARRE. C’mon, Mr Ed, get hold of your team.

  • robster

    its burgundy not red!!u colour blind or wot!!Haway the toon

    • Biggazza

      Howay for black” n ” White ?

  • Dave Green

    Like the shirt (so does my ten year old lad), not sure about the shorts. I bought the maroon and blue shirt in 95-96, I thought it was based on West End’s old colours? It came with bizarre cream coloured shorts, I’ve still got a pair at the back of a drawer somewhere. Couldn’t get into them now, even if I was daft enough to try!

  • Paul J

    It looks great. It’s burgundy…not red.

  • Alex

    Lovely shirt. Burgundy will also favour our French players and their love of wine! No complaints at all – so much better than some of the efforts we’ve had over the years. Not sure what you’re wingeing about here, Joe.

  • Bring back the Banana Yellow uniform from the Championship !!!

  • Buck Sm

    I like it i really do. I think the virgin logo stands out well enough. Id hate to think therell be another outcry from the fans blaminf Ashley, getting bored if that now. I’ll finish by admitting that i loved the hooped 95-96 away shirt as worn by Ginola etc.

    • Patrick Kirwan

      Why would you want the logo of a bank to stand out?

    • Aye, I loved that away strip as well.  Not just the colours, I liked the buttons and the grandad collar as well.

  • Mark154

    Works for me, shorts would probably look better in black. But the shirt works well, it’s clean and simple and it compliments the virgin branding well. I’m not normally one to buy an away top but I’m considering this one…

  • Gary

    It is maroon you fool!!!! Also it looks great.

  • Utd111

    It’s as Maroon as me old St Cuthberts Blazer!!
    Anyway – people forget that Newcastle East End played in Red n White before they combined with West End in 1892 to form United.

  • alwaysutd

    what a nugget…the toon played in red shirts in supermacs day…burgundy is hardly red and are we not sick of finding the tiniest little thing to moan about,its more of a hearts top than owt else

  • Lenny Harbottle

    Hereford away for sure!

  • Peh123

    its the goalies shirt you need to be whinning about Joe, geddit burgundy! the wife didnt think it was funny either.