Mike Ashley has been given an ‘approval rating’ of 8.1 out of 10 by thousands of fans due to what has happened in the last year.

Yesterday we ran a feature on Mike Ashley’s/the board’s  role at Newcastle United over the last year, giving you the chance to give your marks out of ten.

Last summer the same question (solely in the magazine) brought a figure of 4.6 out of 10  and so this summer’s rating is massive improvement.

Maybe we blame/praise whoever owns NUFC too much for what happens on the pitch and we shouldn’t link league position solely to where we are in the table. As we all know though, when the team is winning nothing else matters!

Our magazine runs a readers poll at the end of each season and those online votes will be added to those who vote via the magazine and the results will be published in the Summer Special which is out on Saturday 2nd June.

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Throughout this week we will be giving you the chance to vote on further questions that will help to give the definitive guide to how Newcastle United have fared over the last twelve months.

Watch out later today for a question on expectations for next season, make sure you have your say.

  • Juniorchubbs

    Maybe we blame/praise whoever owns NUFC too much for what happens on the pitch.

    too true,the odious one is getting all the plaudits as if he himself pulled on a black and white shirt and scored a few goals.

    all that bloke has done is to do his job well, sorting out the finances – good on him, he’s had plenty of practice and he’s a successful businessman.

    HE’S NOT A FOOTBALLER! The credit for what has happened on the pitch must go to Pardew, his staff and the players.

    Don’t let our success over the past season obscure the fact the man only cares about money, has no respect for the fans and how he has rode roughshod over our clubs history.

    Thank you mike for sorting the money out – that’s all.
    Thank you Alan and the team for the wonderful season of football and a summer of looking forward to the next.

    • Juniorchubbs

      and please don’t big the man up, the evening chronicle is so far up the guys behind at the minute with their daily dose of ashley propaganda, it’s making me feel sick.

  • Andy


    First off I agree with a lot of what you said, Pardew and the boys deserve just as much credit for what Newcastle have achieved. Also, fans have every right to still be mad at Ashley, one great year doesn’t make up for three awful ones (though it’s a start)

    But we should remember that part of the reason that Ashley deserves a lot of credit is that he’s made a lot of unpopular decisions that have paid off big time in the long run. Imagine if he’d listened to the fans (myself included) and turned down Liverpool’s £35 mill offer? We’d be lumbered with an overrated unerachieving striker instead of two FANTASTIC senegalese strikers. What if Ashley had listened to the fans and offered big money contracts to Barton, Nolan and Enrique? We’d have three overrated players bleeding the club dry instead of our current midfield dream team! What if Ashley had held on to Hughton instead of bringing in Pardew? Its hard to say were we would have ended up under Hughton but I doubt we’d be in the top 5. Most importantly, what if Ashley had never bought the club? People seem to forget that we had run up massive unsustainable debt under Shepherd. We could have become another Portsmouth or Leeds United.

    That’s why Ashley deserves some credit. He’s had to make those decisions that get a lot of flak from the fans. But sometimes the fans don’t know what’s best for the club. I’m an example of that, I was against all the the above and I can admit that I was wrong.