Who are the richest football club owners (sizeable shareholders) in the English Premier League?

The Sunday Times annual ‘rich list’ has produced the following for 2012 (the list also includes people like Bernie Ecclestone who have sold major shareholdings in recent times)….

1. Lakshmi Mittal (QPR) £12,700m

2. Alisher Usmanov (Arsenal) £12,315m

3. Roman Abramovich (Chelsea) £9,500m

4. Joe Lewis (Spurs) £3,000m

5. Bernie Ecclestone (QPR) £2,500m

6. Mike Ashley (The Toon) £1,750m

7. Mohamed Al-Fayed (Fulham) £1,300

8. Lord Ashcroft (Spurs) £1,200

8. Lord Grantchester (Everton) £1,200

10. Peter Coates (Stoke) £800m

10. Lord Sugar (Spurs) £800m

The fact the list doesn’t include Manchester City’s owner(s) is a bit puzzling but the one definite is that English football attracts a lot of wealthy people.

The idea that wealthy people will automatically throw large amounts of money at a football club is disproved right across the premier league, not just at Newcastle.

In fact before Tony Fernandes stepped in at QPR, the trio of Briatore, Ecclestone and Mittal made up a massively wealthy trio, though they chose to run the club in very much a hand to mouth existence.

Naturally we are all waiting to see whether Financial Fair Play (FFP) actually has any major effect on clubs.

I believe it is only a matter of time before a club like Chelsea or Manchester City, or Real Madrid or Barcelona, reacts to poor form by splashing cash that is way over their income, we’ll then see whether UEFA will show their teeth.

  • JP…from The Rock

    I doubt the FFP will change much sadly. Some richer clubs should be tought a lesson and that is that you can’t buy EVERYTHING with money, well you shouldn’t.  So much money is ruining the game but the governing bodies will not want to stop cash cows like Barcelona, Man City and the like. I am afraid the less richer clubs like Fulham, Everton etc will suffer more even if they are abiding by the rules.

  • Toon69

    I think you’ll find that Bernie Eccleston is no longer part of teh Qpr setup after selling his share last year to Tony Fernadaz… so Ashley is actually 5th richest…

    • Biggazza

      Ecclestone must be fleecing f1, bit like sheperd & co during their reign @NUFC

  • Toon69

    Another fact. Lord Suger isn’t involved at Spurs, and Joe Lewis isn’t worth £3b either,.. this artical is so full of holes its a colender… lol poor poor writing fella.. :(

  • Juniorchubbs

    i thought this was going to be article about slimmers world weight loss league.

    sorry, my mistake.

  • Peh123

    interesting that ashley has almost doubled his wealth since taking over the town. wonder where it came from?