Our old mate Mark Lawrenson is infamous for (amongst countless other things!) his match predictions on the BBC Sport website.

If they have managed to pass you by so far, maybe the best way to sum them up is that you would now be living in a cardboard box if you’d religiously placed money on all his selections throughout the season.

With barely concealed dislike of Newcastle he very rarely gives us a prayer of getting anything from each match and some of his write-ups are laughable – the one before the home match with Liverpool, one of the most ridiculously biased pieces by somebody paid to give an allegedly…unbiased view.

This weekend he has Newcastle United to draw and both Arsenal & Spurs to win, so going on Lawrenson’s past form that will be us in third then, result!

You can also expect Manchester City to win the title…but only after both them and Manchester United lose (‘Lawro’ has them both to win).

So it will be massive thanks to Mark Lawrenson when we finish third….I would have been really worried if he’d tipped us to get anything at Goodison Park.

  • Gavin Mccormack

    hahaha a, pleased i wasnt the only one who saw him  and his negative comments , we would be getting relagated , we would never stay in the top half of the table , we will never play champions league, we would be really lucky to finish 6th and that would be a hewll of an acheivement acording to the shell suit wearing ass hole hahaha heres on you lawro hahahahahahah 

    • Jev elv

      That leaves us fifth?

  • Kennsysmith

    What a plastic scouse. If you believed his predictions, Newcastle would currently have about 12pts. In a season of 20th anniversaries, he should have won an award of worst ever defensive coach in the history of the EPL, and has kept form as being the worst ever tipster.

  • He can’t even predict the time his dinners going to be what a complete PRAT infact Lawrenson you should have stopped after your playing career as you’ve made yourself look completely naive

  • Al

    Four things about Mark Lawrenson:

    1. He was a classy, more-than-decent centre back in the day

    2. NUFC could have had him under Trades Descriptions for his short spell as “Defensive Coach”

    3. He’s a lazy, tired, very boring, slightly camp pundit

    4. His predictions are meaningless, not worth the click of a mouse

    Having said all that, I can see exactly why he’s calling the three games the way he is – we have by far the toughest game going to Goodison.

    Like the rest of us, he has been caught out by our brilliance this term. So what?

  • Big Gay Mark

    Lawrenson used to play?? I thought he was just some sort of gay tramp they had shaved down and let him talk on MOTD as an act of charity!? Well, you learn something new every day…