When you do as bad a job as Kenny Dalglish has done this time around at Anfield, it must at least be one small comfort when you have plenty mates in the press who will argue against all known evidence in blind support.

A bit of a contrast to the treatment of Kevin Keegan over the years, especially at Newcastle. Despite only Keegan and Sir Bobby managing to stick around for any length of time, the press often want to try and hold KK up for ridicule despite the transformation he wrought at St.James’ Park. Mainly for having the audacity to hand in his resignation  instead of the time honoured route of run the club into the ground and wait for a tidy pay-off.

The fact that Liverpool have ‘sacked’ Dalglish says a lot to me, it seems inconceivable that the owners didn’t first go to him and ask him to go after ‘mutually agreeing’, refusing to accept the mess he had made and no doubt ensuring a significant ill-earned pay-off.

Dalglish has spent around £115m in little over a year and if he was following the ‘Moneyball’ theory (buying players who will increase in value) then he must have read the book upside down. Fees of £35m Carroll, £23m Suarez, Downing £20, Henderson £16m, Adam £6m, Coates £7m and Jose £6m.

Arguably not a single player will have gone up in value as Suarez might be a real talent but he comes from the Barton/Tevez school of charm.

Dalglish succeeded Keegan as a player at Liverpool and then ruined the team that Kevin built as manager at St.James’ Park.

I’ve never forgiven him for that and it is little comfort that he may have possibly done an even worse job at Anfield.

Only last year a journalist wrote; ‘His 20 months at Newcastle United are the only part of Kenny Dalglish’s career that came anywhere near failure….’, well I think they’d better be getting those history books rewritten.

  • Andy

    I think that despite Kenny arriving at Newcastle with an agenda of cutting back, his decisions were odd in the extreme. The side only needed tinkering with, with youngsters such as Wtason and Elliott coming through the ranks. He chose to sell these and buy a range of has-beens and ‘never will-bes’, probably more players in total than Kev did. He fell out regularly with players and ended up selling the only real quality we had. His transfer record must be now recognised as appalling, both here and Liverpool, but it seems that he still believes he’s some sort of messiah (probably helped by the Liverpool fans blind loyalty). Surely now he’s been found out.

  • Vasey

    I’m not sure Downing was even worth £20 to be honest.

  • Lupamac

    and how sad to see it is that Manchester United have not offered Michael Owen a contract i wonder if they,ll be contacting either  Newcastle or Real Madrid as to the prospects of  a testimonial game for little Mickey  after all horses do need feeding

    • bigeordie

       pity little mickey hadn,t the same trainer as his horses , might have played a few more games .still think Liver pool burn,t him out playing to many games to early

  • Sharpie

    Andy – Watson was actually sold by Gullit. I agree with your point, but let’s not forget he bought Solano, Hamann (good player, whether or not you think he betrayed the club. I do) and Speed. What he seems to have been unable to do as a manager is to get his sides to gel, since he left Blackburn. The way Liverpool performed this year reminded me a lot of us in 1998, we did well under Dalglish in the cups but our league form was underwhelming. The players they have signed will probably turn out to be “alright” (Henderson won’t) without setting the world alight but he has still paid over the odds for all of them, maybe excluding Enrique for whom £6m is probably a fair price.

    Liverpool’s real problem now (apart from getting a new manager – haha, as if Guardiola would go there!) is the structure of the club. There’s no chief exec so who’s making the decisions? Seems like a rudderless ship to me.

  • Juniorchubbs

    An article about liverpool…….a team that isn’t newcastle united……………..and no foreign supporters on yet slagging us off as delusional and/or rubbish??????

    dear doctor!!!

  • Lintonlad

    My memory of Kenny was that he was obsessed with stiffening the defence of KK’s team.  He did that by buying players like Hamann, Speed, Hamilton, and playing Barton (Centre Partin’) in midfield.  KK’s flair players were sacrificed and the football became boring, yet the defence was still porous.  He also, of course, sold Sir Les, which was unforgivable.