The past season was a massive (nice!) surprise for all Newcastle fans as manager and players far exceeded any of our expectations.

As always though there were off the pitch issues which had everybody talking and nothing raised emotions more than Mike Ashley’s determination to rename St.James’ Park.

The club (Derek Llambias) claimed that renaming our ground as the S***** D***** A**** was a temporary measure to help attract a sponsor who would be paying good money for that right and which would then help us all by the extra cash going towards improving the playing strength.

The summer is here and we wait to see what, if anything, will happen.

What price do you put on St.James’ Park?

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  • Snoop

    Realistically if a further £5m / £10m (or what ever the figure is) is paid for the naming of the stadium I don’t see a problem as long as those funds are spent on the team.  With our scouting team that could be one or two top class players each year.  That is an added ingredient for success in the future.  Not only that other teams are doing the same so why not make the most out of every single opportunity to improve the club

  • Tbpierrot

    Whatever we might like to think, the club has spent years as either a laughing stock or a total irrelevance. To have a chance to make newcastle united a name that means something in english (and european) football seems to outweigh the downside of losing the name of the ground (although it’ll always be sjp to fans). Personally id rather make the club/team mean something even at the expense of the ground, but really it’s out of our hands right now.