Back at the end of January before the Blackburn match I looked at the possibility of Newcastle grabbing a Champions League spot.

As a rough guide I used last season’s number of points as a pointer and Arsenal finished in fourth with 68 points. So my question was, with United at that time standing on 36 points,  whether it was possible for Newcastle to pick up 32 points from their final 16 matches?

The answer was yes as I went through each match and my predictions came out at exactly 32 points.

In January I was ridiculed by some but 14 matches into this sequence and with only 2 remaining, thanks to the outstanding win at Chelsea cancelling out the dire defeat at Wigan, Newcastle United are 1 point ahead of schedule.

So only three short of the sixty eight points that were needed last season, Newcastle have two matches to get three points and our ‘predictor’ sees United getting four more.

With Norwich doing the business at Arsenal, if Newcastle can beat Manchester City then on the final weekend 68 points would be enough to put Newcastle top four if Arsenal failed to get anything at West Brom.

Predictions below with outcome in Italics where I got the result wrong….

Blackburn (A) – DRAW (won), Aston Villa (H)  – WIN, Spurs (A) – DEFEAT, Wolves (H) – WIN (draw)

Mackems (H) – WIN (draw), Arsenal (A) – DRAW (lost), Norwich City (H) – WIN, WBA (A) – DRAW (won)

Liverpool (H) – WIN, Swansea (A) – DRAW (won), Bolton (H) – WIN, Chelsea (A) – DEFEAT (WON!)

Stoke City (H) – WIN, Wigan (A) – WIN (lost), Man. City (H) – DRAW, Everton  (A) –  WIN

  • Brontosaurus

    A few weeks ago I thought 68 wouldn’t quite be enough this year, but going into our final game it may just be enough.
    Whatever happens though, we must win at Everton. Then, either:
    Spurs must be held or defeated by local rivals Fulham at home. Anything can happen in a derby match but more often than not they turn out level., or,
    Arsenal lose to West Brom away. This will be Roy Hodgson’s last game in charge, so you can expect a fight, and Arsenal go in off the back of no wins in 4 games.

    Despite being bottom of the pile for champions league places, and having lost, I still feel we’re in a better position than we were after beating Chelsea. We dropped 1 point, but Spurs and Arsenal dropped 2.

  • Vasey

    And the league table says we’re a point off fucking fourth.

    Fuck the predictors now, its all down to next weekend. We must win, and hope Arsenal lose or Tottenham don’t win. Ideally both.


    judging by the way you are so far up the table,it really backs up the theory  that the premier lge is waning in standard. if that smug cu*t pardew can work wonders with a moribund club, then i would say things look sh*t on the future of the epl.