The team spirit at Newcastle United became legendary last season and in an exclusive interview with L’Equipe, Yohan Cabaye has given us a great insight into how his opinion of Hatem Ben Arfa has changed so much over the year they’ve spent together at St.James’ Park.

“I only knew him from when selected (for France) so you don’t really know the person, the man, to be able to judge but now I have spent a year with him and I think that he is the opposite of what people have described him as being. He has always had the talent but now what is also his strength is his attitude towards the team, by defending well, by playing for the teammate next to him and that’s an extra asset for him which he did not have before.”

It reinforces the job that everybody at Newcastle United has done to get the best out a supremely talented player and while Newcastle have undoubtedly got some very talented players, last season reinforces just how far you can go when you also have the right spirit and togetherness within the squad.

It is not just on the pitch that the players have pulled out all the stops, Hatem Ben Arfa and Yohan Cabaye have kindly donated signed NUFC kit that they’ve worn to help north east kids, click the image below to have a look at these exclusive collectors items and/or to put a bid in.


  • Robbybobson1892

    It seems Pardew is getting little credit from those in France for getting the most out of such a talented player.

    They say his injury changed him, but it was Pardew refusing to play him for months until he understood pardews philosophy.

    I was watching France vs Iceland, Ben Arfa had drifted in field and the ball was played to the Icelandish left back…there wasnt any real threat, but Ben Arfa sprinted across half the pitch full speed to get back into position. I can guarantee 75% of players wouldnt show that discipline and understanding of having a a whole defensive unit in place whenever the opposition have the ball, especially those playing in better teams therefore dont need there wingers being strictly disciplined. 

    • Micthemag

       pardew deserves alot of credit for the team spirit in the club but also chris hughton imo

    • Toonjamiee

       I noticed Ben Arfa do that a couple of times. A few years back you would never have seen him do it. Well done Pardew!

  • Sahidur-rahman

    pardew the mother******

  • Saahilnufc