Brilliant news for Hatem Ben Arfa, Newcastle United and of course the people of France!

Laurent Blanc has just announced the list of players who ply their trade abroad in terms of club football and who he has selected in his initial list of players to go to the Euros in Ukraine/Poland this summer.

As well as Hatem, international regular Yohan Cabaye is of course also selected.

In the coming days Blanc will name the players he is including who play French club football, then pick his final squad from the combined group of players.

It is all very enigmatic as Blanc appears to have made clear that certain players will know they are definitely going and indeed all of the list could be going, I suppose you can definitely say he is keeping his options open.

However, at his press conference Blanc went out of his way to talk about our French genius and it would appear that Ben Arfa is one of those who are almost certain to be going.

“I spent two or three phone calls, I saw him do his rehabilitation work. It has been slow to return, to rebuild himself physically. His talent is still there, and it will always be there. I think he has reached a new level , he has also progressed collectively”.

Blanc also made clear where he sees Ben Arfa;s place in his team/squad, “If you take into account his best qualities, he is a striker“.

Ben Arfa has been included alongside, amongst others – Benzema & Nasri, the two other players of the so called golden generation of French football that hasn’t quite done the business internationally yet.

Défenseurs: Clichy, Evra, Kaboul, Koscielny, Mexès, Rami.

Milieux: Cabaye, Malouda, Nasri.

Attaquants: Ben Arfa, Ribéry, Benzema.

In France it has been Hatem Ben Arfa who has been at the centre of all the attention and in respected French publication L’Equipe they had a poll asking whether Ben Arfa should be included in the Euro 2012 squad and a massive 95% of the French public voted yes!

  • Mal

    Great news and hope he makes the final squad – had you noticed that Cabaye is in the initial list as well?

  • mr mojo risin

    and if he has a outstanding euro 2012, we will be sihtting it all transfer window, id rather no NUFC players went to be honest like.

    • 2Tone

      Don’t want to get personal here but this view is the problem we have as club supporters, ( we take the short term, seemingly selfish response). Yes, I’d always go for a Toon title over an England trophy but think what the effect is internationlly about footballers in other countries seeing loads of Toon players playing in major tornaments. Maybe they think, ‘hey we dont all have to play for Uniiited or London teams to get recognition’. Very rarely on the continent do you get players dipping out from the ‘honour’ of playing for your country like the money grubbing celebrities of the English game to lengten their careers. Be honest they do that coz they get paid next to bot all for playing for their country. C’mon lets hope Hatem and Yohan light the place up. I’d jiust love it.

      • mr mojo risin

        aye dont get me wrong i would love to see all 3 light the place up but we have seen on many occasions a players head being turned by their international team mates when they find out how much their on etc, the fact is if any of our players stand out in euro 2012 they may well be under intense scrutiny in the transfer market, which i believe could and more probably, will be detrimental to NUFC, hence my preference of our players to fly under the radar