The only thing about a defeat is how you react to it – Newcastle United scuttled away from Wigan with their collective tails between their legs.

Four days later we witnessed a superb performance, a team where all eleven players and substitutes did the most professional job imaginable.

Of course Cisse will rightfully get all the headlines, goals like those two don’t come along every week, or indeed every season.

However, to me the player who epitomises Alan Pardew’s Newcastle United and is at the heart of all our really big performances such as last night and home to Manchester United, step forward Cheick Tiote.

Interviewed after the match, Alan Pardew refers to the midfielder as his ‘Warrior’ and I wouldn’t argue  with that for a second.

Like the rest of you I was ecstatic after the match but gutted for Tiote that he would clearly not be playing in the final two crucial matches and I bet just like me many of you were gutted for yourselves, as any hopes of fourth had disappeared with him being carried off.

So when I heard the news that he’d been stitched up and the manager reckons he’s be fine for Sunday…it felt just like that magical moment when Cisse struck the second goal into the top corner.

Tiote is a player who many clubs are clearly after, his value to our team and potential is way beyond whatever ‘silly money’ might be offered and I think Alan Pardew 100% shares that view.

This is one player who Alan Pardewe has to have the final say on, if not I think sadly we will have problems just around the corner.

Tiote is a player who can help us to be contenders and not just a one-off at the top table. With Cheick Tiote I think we’ll be going places, without him I’d really worry  about how Alan Pardew sees his future at St.James’ Park.
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  • Joe

    we need to keep all our best players, we need to build on our success next season…… thats how you become a top 4 team. Dont sell the prize assests

  • Andy C01

    Realistically I think we will lose one or two players this summer- not because we are prepared to cash in on them (which I think Ashley and Lambias have made clear try are) but because clubs will come in for them who can at least double their wages. Of the likely candidates I’d imagine the ones most likely to attract bids are Tiote (established premier league performer for more than one season now) and Ba (available on the cheap). However I also think that they are two players we could afford to lose. Tiote, as good as he has been this season, has not hit the heights of last year and probably never will as he was pretty much a 9 or 10 out of 10 every single game. Ba has contributed little in truth since Xmas and his attitude and effort have dropped off in my opinion. Its debatable whether the early season form he showed, which is a massive part of how successful a season we’ve had, is something he will produce season after season. Just a shame we won’t get big money for him.

  • Archie Brand

    Newcastle will never be a top six team if they keep selling all their best players.

    Sound familiar? Words of wisdom from another knowledgeable “Joe”. Jose Enriques parting words.

    And here we are gauranteed top 6 with a shot at third.

    Weren’t Carroll, Nolan and Barton our best players then?

  • Wowski13

    I’m a massive fan of Cheikh but if we get an offer of 20+ million for him it’d be hard to turn down as you could get Sigurdson (10+ goals) and a big strong guy like Diame (the only player I’ve seen out-muscle/work Tiote) and still have change!

  • grumpyoldmag

    i agree with the article but, for me, if we did sell tiote for big bucks (and it has to be 20 mill Plus) then  could suck it up. the must not sell player for me is Krul but i guess we all have our own opinions on the must not sells!! I am actually quite hopeful that the only one in real danger to leave is Ba but let’s see…….

  • boreddrummer

    I think we need to keep all our top players, the aspect of the side that needs bulking up is the defense, as for our midfield and attack we need to keep it all intact so we can build on it. Anyone who sees Ba as expendable is very wrong, if Ba was playing Cisse’s role he’d still be in the goals, but he’s playing an invaluable role in the side still make no mistake

    • grumpyoldmag

      I definitely don’t see Ba as expendable but he is the one not on long term contract and not needing a huge bid to get him – add in the signing on fees the wages etc and a move to Europe this year could set him up for life. I hope and want him to stay but……..