Great news that inspirational centre-half and captain, Fabricio Coloccini has been recognised by his fellow professionals in the PFA  team of the year.

It is a great testament to his character and ability that he came through a difficult first season to become a focal point of everything good that has happened at St.James’ Park in recent times.

Obviously the eleven players in the  PFA team might not be the same as what you would have picked and it would be interesting to know who the players were who just missed out on the first eleven. When you are talking about the best in the whole league it can be very small margins and you can hardly complain that we ‘only’ had one in the team, when title favourites Manchester United are only represented by Wayne Rooney.

The top eleven came out as; Joe Hart, Kyle Walker, Vincent Kompany, Fabricio Coloccini, Leighton Baines, David Silva, Yaya Toure, Gareth Bale, Scott Parker, Robin van Persie, Wayne Rooney

Maybe  a more intriguing analysis is which players of the PFA eleven you would automatically have ahead of our best eleven….

Joe Hart – An English keeper voted top in the Premier League, about time! Krul has been outstanding though and whether I’d claim he was better than Hart I can’t say but I certainly wouldn’t swap.

Kyle Walker – Looks to have it all; big strong, athletic, skilful – sorry Danny but you’d lose out there.

Vincent Kompany – Seems to be acknowledged as Manchester City’s best and most consistent player of recent years. I’m a massive fan of Steven Taylor and see him as a certainty in our team when fit but Kompany would just edge him out.

Fabricio Coloccini – Not too much thinking time needed on this one.

Leighton Baines – On what I’ve seen of Santon I have massive expectations and by this time next season I would hope and expect to pick him ahead of Leighton Baines but at the minute even I can’t claim the Italian is top left-back in the league…yet!

David Silva – I’m guessing we would match Hatem Ben Arfa up to Silva’s position, what a contest! Both are fantastic players and if our French genius repeated the form of the last two months over the whole of next season then there’s no question in my mind that he’d get my vote. Over the whole of THIS season though you’d have to hand it to Silva.

Yaya Toure – Have loved the way Yohan Cabaye has slipped in and performed from day one, have always though Toure has a strange style but obviously effective. Don’t see him as outstanding though and while I’d accept that maybe he edges Cabaye out this time, by next season I think Cabaye could challenge the likes of him if he continues to improve.

Gareth Bale – On his day unstoppable but not sure how many he’s had of them recently judged on recent Spurs results. Jonas is a massive help to our team and Bale’s position in that PFA team is no doubt massively helped by the votes being made early but I have to accept that Bale’s goal threat is massively higher than Gitierrez’s which trumps the Argentinian’s other qualities.

Scott Parker – One of the easiest decisions for me, not for one minute would I take Parker ahead of Tiote. Kind of sums up how important it is that he is still here next season.

Robin Van Persie – It shows what an instant impact Cisse has had, that I’m even contemplating dithering over the overall PFA Player Of The Season. Van Persie is undoubtedly a brilliant player, even if not a great person, but Papiss has the world at his feet judging him on the goals and performances so far. I’ll hand it to Van Persie this time but who would you back to be top scorer in the Premier League next season?

Wayne Rooney – At times has almost single-handedly kept the Mancs in the title race, while Demba Ba has arguably been our player of the season. I’d have to give it to Rooney but what a star Ba has been this season, both when scoring and playing a more supportive role.

What do you think?



  • Sharpie

    On the point about Parker, I don’t know how it became received wisdom that Parker is a leader – suppose that a fiction, if often enough repeated, becomes truth. IMO he only had one really good game for Newcastle, the 1-0 win over Arsenal in December 2005. When we needed real leadership the following season he was garbage to tell the truth.

    • Paul Soulsby

      He’s a loverlee cockernee geezeer,  whos spent most pf his career in London and now plays for the king of loverlee cockernee geezers, of course the London hacks are gonna talk him up.

  • Paul Soulsby

    Parker in the PFA XI is  a joke !, if he, and Gareth Barry for that matter, were Spanish no bugger would have ever heard of them, mediocre.

  • Sphinxhunter

    You asked who would get into the NUFC side ahead of the regular incumbents – on that score, I put HBA above Silva, the latter would not displace HBA at this point in time – while Cabaye definitely had a flat spot during the season, I similarly couldn’t see Toure forcing his way into the current side at Yohan’s expense – as for Jonas v Bale, as well as Krul v Hart, I just think you’re wrong, …sorry, …Bale is only marginally less of a surprise than Parker, while you clearly must have a soft spot for Hart, that most of the people I know don’t. As for the others, I think you hit the nail on the head. Now, what about the Managers, who do the PFA think is the best manager and is he Pardew? or better than Pardew!