Read all about it…Read all about it…FA come in useful for once!

The FA have today confirmed that Chelsea and Liverpool have both definitely now qualified for Europe.

What this means is that if Newcastle finish in sixth (or higher!) they will DEFINITELY be in Europe next season.

Yes the FA and other football controlling bodies might not be able to tell if a ball has crossed the line, how many times a player has to outrageously dive before anything is done, or indeed be able to put their shoes on the correct feet but…I think we can trust them on this one.

After all the countless permutations it is great to know exactly what the final position is – with five games left Newcastle are twelve points ahead of Everton and thirteen ahead of their Scouse neighbours (the mackems are sixteen behind and have played a game more!).

Liverpool or Everton would pretty much have to win every match and Newcastle collapse totally…though for you trainspotters out there, in exact terms it is four points to absolutely guarantee passport time.

Fingers crossed we will get over this first finishing line this weekend and then it is a free go at qualifying for the biggest prize of all (without actually winning something), The Champions League.

  • tattyheed

    Im sorry jackie – i dont get it.

    didnt we know this already?

    • LambethMag

      Liverpool have qualified for Europa through the League cup, so even as FA cup runners up Chelsea will also qualify for Europa as the FA cup representatives.
      Should they win the Champions League they will enter as Champions, and 4th place will be given an extra Europa place as Uefa will only allow four representatives from one country.

      Should Chelsea finish above us, they would  have qualified for Europa through the FA cup anyway, so 6th place is awarded that extra place. It would go to 7th, only if Liverpool and Chelsea finish in the top six, which is virtually impossible now.

      Everton will not catch us, nor will anyone else barring complete disaster. It’s basically down to which competition we qualify for now. Nothing to lose in going for a Champions League place, and all the pressure is on Arsenal and Spurs now.

  • Mal

    How have chelsea definitely qualified? Aren’t they in the same boat as us in that they have to finish 6th or higher? – or win the cup of course. I agree that they would have to collapse but it’s not definite is it? My understanding is that the FA cup runners up only go through automatically to europe if they are beaten by a team that has qualified for the champions league.

  • toonarmyuk

    Mal, FA Cup runners up qualify for Europe if the winners of the FA Cup have qualified for any European competition.  Thus, as Liverpool have already qualified via the League Cup, Chelsea will qualify even if they lose to Liverpool in the final.

  • Wastemonkey

    Even if we finish 6th we still wont get into europe if chelsea win the CL!

  • Mal

    Toonarmyuk – There’s a lot of confusion on this (why do they make it so complicated) but this is the extract from the premier league website.

    ‘In the event The FA Cup winners also qualify for the UEFA Champions League, The FA Cup runner-up will qualify for the UEFA Europa League, but in the place reserved for the lowest ranking Barclays Premier League representative.’

  • Luke91

    european football all but guaranteed for the toon. and yes wastemonkey we will still qualify for europe even if chelsea win the champions league. dont forget the europa league is also european competition, therefore ‘europe’.

  • Semajmit

    don’t think this is quite true regards 6th, in the admittedly unlikely event that chelsea win the cup and finish seventh, whilst we finish sixth to everton in fifth then the two cup winners and everton would be in europe surely? think the above is assuming chelsea finish in the top six

    • Tone Army

      common sense tells us that everton will not finish 5th ahead of us & chelski, they will probably lose at old trampfart this weekend & be out of the running entirely ;) liverpool similarly have to beat chelsea to have enough points to finish above us but assuming that result was in we would be 5 points ahead of chelsea (I think we have the edge on them now due to their fixture congestion) so again assume we don’t lose to chelsea we will be at least 6 points ahead of them with 2 games to settle it, spurs have the easiest run in so it us up to them to slip up if we are to overtake them, arsenal also would have to throw it away but they have a couple of bogey games in their last four so fingers crossed, just to be in there with something to play for at this stage of the season is enough for now though.

  • toonsy1990

    if liverpool finish 6th and us 7th we qualify for europe so its not really sixth and above 

  • Archie Brand

    Why do bloggers insist on putting up sensational but inaccurate headlines just to get people to their sites?

    Do they ever consider that a visitor who has been tricked into visiting their blog, and realises they have been tricked, is much less  likely to ever return?

    The FA have not confirmed Newcastle’s European place.

    Newcastle have not qualified for Europe.

    Does Manchester United in 95-96 ring a bell at all?

    As a blogger myself I defend the right to free speech.
    Its the practising of it by the irresponsible that should be banned.

  • Samcrowe64

    So lets get things straight, as of yet: 
    The FA have not Confirmed Newcastle United’s European Place