The sunderland captain, Lee Cattermole, has at long last admitted damaging five ­vehicles parked in Stowell Street, near St James’ Park back in December.

He will have to pay the owners more than £4,000 compensation.

Nicklas ­Bendtner was also initially charged with but the case against him was dropped.

Clare Donaldson,  the head of the Crown Prosecution ­Service’s North East ­magistrates court unit: “While a prosecution was considered, the appropriate use of a conditional caution has ensured reparations have been made, not only swiftly, but also on a scale that may have otherwise been difficult to ensure.”

I think it is called a slap on the wrist! As for it being sorted ‘swiftly’, if I was the innocent owner of a car that this tramp had jumped all over, I wouldn’t be impress having to wait four months for it to be sorted out.

Cattermole is of course no stranger to the police, back in 2008 he was banned from all pubs in the borough of Stockton after an arrest in Yarm. His ban was initially for three years but that was then extended to December 2012 after a unanimous vote by the members of Pubwatch.

In his 71 match sunderland career, Cattermole has managed an impressive thirty yellows and four red cards (including the one against us when the match had already finished!) but zero goals.

When repeatedly questioned about it, Martin O’Neill has said he is happy to have Cattermole as captain, says it all about him as a manager and sunderland as a football club.



  • why even write about him Jackie? I don’t want to come online onto the Mag in the morning and see a pic of these 2 in an embrace…..your articles are getting worse.

  • He is an utter disgrace, shame on O’Neill for keeping him as captain.

  • ganninalang

    A real football club would strip the waste of space of the captaincy as a absolute minimum.Could you imagine. O-squeel’s former boss clough having this scumbag as his captain! He knew a player and a man when he seen one.

    • Paul Soulsby

      Cloughie would have stripped him of the captaincy for his disciplinary record alone, never mind his off the field repertoire, one thing about OBE, he never put up with cloggers or gobshites.

  • Kennsysmith

    If he could add a few racist slurs to his repertoire, he could be the captain of Chelsea

  • Paul Soulsby

    Shithouse should have been given an asbo to keep him out of NE1, riff raff !

  • Knob

    What a nasty piece of work. I can’t believe he has basically got await scott free, while the poor sods with the smashed cars had to wait 4 months. He should be ashamed of himself mackem cnut.