Chelsea’s progress to the FA Cup final now sees them play roughly every 3 days up to the end of the season, playing the rescheduled match against us only three days before the FA Cup Final!

On top of their stuttering performances, Chelsea’s fixture congestion can only be good news for Newcastle United.

Even without this latest bonus (and the two point advantage we have over the Kings Roaders) I just have a funny feeling it is between us and Tottenham for fourth spot.

Look at the remaining fixtures and see if you can spot a strange coincidence…..

21st April 3pm Newcastle v Stoke

21st April 5.30pm QPR v Spurs

28th April 3pm Wigan v Newcastle

29th April 4pm Spurs v Blackburn

2nd May 7.45pm Chelsea v Newcastle

2nd May 8pm Bolton v Spurs

6th May 1.30pm Newcastle v Manchester City

6th May 2pm Villa v Spurs

13th May 3pm Everton v Newcastle

13th May 3pm Spurs v Fulham

Yes, if you are wide awake you will have noticed that in every round of matches Newcastle will have decided their match before Spurs, right up until the last day when everybody start at the same time.

I think the contest will be decided in the first two rounds of games and United must have a clear advantage if they get wins against Stoke and Wigan, Spurs having to go into their matches knowing they are at least three points behind.

In recent times I’ve always felt Newcastle’s destiny is in their own hands.

I originally fancied Newcastle to beat Stoke, Wigan and Everton, get a point off Manchester City and a defeat at Stamford Bridge.

Looking at Spurs’ remaining matches I can imagine draws away at Bolton, QPR and Villa, with Tottenham winning at home to Fulham and Blackburn.

If that became reality then Chelsea would need four wins out of five to deny us which I see as unlikely.

I’m convinced that if we beat Stoke and Wigan then Champions League qualification is ours.

What people need to remember is that to beat the likes of Spurs, you don’t necessarily need to beat the likes of Spurs….if you know what I mean ‘arry!

  • JC148

    VERY optimistic…

  • United111

    Wigan will be very difficult

    • Tone Army

      yep, just ask arsenil & manure.

  • Rogers660

    I think we will stay undefeated the remainder of the season. Beat Stoke and Wigan with 3 draws to follow.., and I think the 9 points will do.. I only hope the team stays together for another crack next year. Imagine no Chelsea in the champions league next year.. What would the southern press be saying then…

  • Thehewi

    Might sound very optimistic but I honestly think we’ll beat Stoke, Wigan & Chelsea, get a draw at Everton but get hammered off an in-form City team that are still gonna be chasing the title. 
    On the other hand I think Spurs are gonna struggle against all the teams at the foot of the table fighting for their lives and are gonna fail to turn score draws into wins. 

    Toon in 4th
    Chelsea in 5th
    Spurs in 6th

  • Steve

    if you lose at chelsea, and city, you will be doing well to get a draw at everton, you may finish 6th… is all to play for with spurs likely to be miffed after being turned over 5.1 at wembley and chelsea seem to have the bit between there teeth…

  • Mal

    ‘On top of their stuttering performances, Chelsea’s fixture congestion can only be good news for Newcastle United.’

    What stuttering performances are you on about? They seem to be in pretty good form to me. I agree though the fixture list they now have doesn’t help them and we have a really good chance of getting 4th. Anything can happen at this stage though and there will be some strange results to come.

    • Brontosaurus

      Stuttering performances…
      At Villa, they got a goal for playing on when a villa player went down injured, they got a decent goal, then conceded 2. Then they got another one same as the first where it should have been red card and free kick villa. The last one only came because they got caught on the break.
      Chelsea 4 Villa 2
      At Wigan, BOTH of their goals were a mile offside.
      Chelsea 2 Wigan 1
      At Fulham, they got a really soft penalty.
      Chelsea 1 Fulham 1

      • Juniorchubbs

        well said bronto. without the help of the ref in their last few games, chelsea would be struggling.

      • Mal

        Point taken guys.

      • Tone Army

        dodgy ref desicions in favour of chelski have been more than concidential for me this season, ruiz shouda walked @ SJP for felling ba, terry had handballs & horror tackles overlooked in other matches, the wigan goal last week was it for me, abramovic must be paying someone at the FA for the refs to be so bias, they have gained undeserved points directly because of these desicions but also have avoided many suspensions & fines along the way, we might see video replay tech in our league next season and about time too.