With every passing day I’m convinced that Alan Pardew is the first manager since Sir Bobby and Kevin Keegan, who really gets what the Newcastle manager’s job is all about.

When Pardew gives his post and pre-match views I’m really interested in what he has to say, after having to put up with all the spin and nonsense of fakes like Allardyce, Souness and Dalglish, it is great to hear from somebody who you have respect for.

Following the Bolton performance Alan Pardew was on top form, I loved the cheeky smile he had on his face, it reminded me of mine as I left St.James’ Park as I relived Ben Arfa’s wonder goal in my head. I have a feeling the manager might have being doing the same thing….

Naturally Pardew acknowledges that it wasn’t one of Newcastle’s better performances, and that Bolton made it difficult, but it is when he speaks about Hatem Ben Arfa that there is a definite twinkle in his eye.

I think he really means it when he says he is rooting for Ben Arfa’s chances for France and I really hope the French coach is convinced to include him.

To be honest I’d be looking forward a lot more to seeing him in action than England! If such a talent was available to our national side it would be inconceivable he could be left out, wouldn’t it?!!

Listen to our leader’s words of wisdom, he’s the man!
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Another classic video  courtesy again of The Mag’s YouTube Channel

  • Tommy-wright

    “If such a talent was available to our national side it would be inconceivable he could be left out, wouldn’t it?!!”

    In a word, no. We’ve been doing it for years..

  • Mr T

    Pardews biggest achievement at Newcastle has undoubtably been finding a role and a system that allows Ben Arfa into the team. At the start of the season a few people were moaning that Hatem wasn’t getting a fair crack and should of been in the team but fair play to Pardew he stuck to his guns and I think that helped Ben Arfa realise he wasn’t going to walk into the team on just his skills alone. Hatem has knuckled down and takes a lot more responsibility with his play on the pitch now. One of the first names on our teamsheet – without question. Amazing goal again yesterday.

  • Tone Army

    I have said similar things on here before, he reminds me slightly of Sir Bobby & he conducts himself honestly & seems to be able to bring out the best of his players, wasn’t happy with his signing initialy but he has proved himself to be a gem of a manager, manager of the year material no less, 1 downside though with arry messin it up at spurs atm that it might make Pardew favourite choice for the england job.