What a signing Papiss Cissé has proved to be but he could have easily gone to the dark place!

In an interview with the Daily Mirror, the Senegalese striker reveals that both the mackems and Fulham were after him, following a move to Bayern Munich breaking down.

“It’s the Newcastle style more than the Premier League that suits me.”

“Initially I was meant to be going to Bayern Munich, in the end it didn’t happen.

In England, Sunderland and Fulham wanted me. Then at the last minute my agent told me, when I was in Senegal, ‘I’ve booked a flight to Paris, then Newcastle. If all goes well, you’ll sign there’.

The next day, I was there. By 5pm, I’d finished the medical, and by 8pm, I’d signed.

As I was going to the Africa Cup of Nations, Pardew had prepared a DVD for me, which I watched every evening in my hotel room.

It’s the Newcastle style more than the Premier League that suits me. There are lots of French players here.

You probably can’t underestimate the attraction of  the players who are already at a football club and maybe explains why Arsene Wenger’s French recruitment has worked so well over the years.

I suppose the big question though is what was on Alan Pardew’s video? A profile of Newcastle or sunderland, or both!


  • GeordieBen

    Do they even have DVD in S*nderland yet?

    • Jc5594

      Have they got electricity in sunlund yet ?

  • Alex

    Probably pulled the old Keegan – Rob Lee stunt : “Newcastle is a lot closer to Senegal than Sunderland”

  • kennsysmith

    I’m just waiting for that grub Harry Redknapp to come out in the press to say that he was offered him for 2 Bob and and a packet of crisps, but felt he wasn’t good enough to pull on a Spurs shirt.

  • mickthemackem

    Nice to see him doing so well………at THE SPORTS DIRECT ARENA.

    • GeordieBen

      That doesn’t hurt as much you’d think it does, esp. given that no one but mackems call it that.

      Wasn’t your ground named after the rhyming slang for sh*te?

    • Vasey

      Yes, he is, he’s scored a lot of goals there, which have propelled Newcastle 18 points clear of sunderland.

      Good times.

    • Paul Soulsby

      Lol, nice to see yer here marra, suppose yer have to look elswhere to talk about decent, gifted footballers, ones that don’t cost a forune and fail to deliver, GORDON !, cough, spend half there time suspended as they are walking liabilities, CATTERMOLE !, couygh, or can’t wait to piss off to play in front of half a dozen old gadgies and a dog, GYAN ! cough. Can’t wait till finacial fair play kicks in and the jamrags are forced to run out ( see what I did there?) at the “TampaxArena” because Ellis Short’s largesse is no  longer enough, happy fecking days !

  • Paul Soulsby

    Pardew probably showed him a 90 minute dvd of Albania-sur-la-Wear, football club, residents and “city”, job done !

  • mickthemackem

    Knew you lads would’nt let me down…..I said you would show your upbringing.

    • Paul Soulsby

      git back under yer bridge troll, having said that stalking the Mag website must be infinitely more entertaining than watching Marty Ziff’s turgid excuse for a football team.

    • Mkeats555

      Your a sad sad man coming on here, why don’t you go onto a love supreme and talk about the excellent footballing abilities of the footballing genius of Cattermole or the arsenal legend that is bendtner. Now fuck off back to the bar and watch your shithouse of a team with the rest of the die hards from flat roof central. Sports direct arena or not NEWCASTLE UNITED fans will be digging their football passports out again…… Have you ever seen a mackem in Milan……….

  • stevie boy

    i am honoured to sign for a club like sunderland,cisses quote which was headlines in the chronicle.