Back at the end of January before the Blackburn match I looked at the possibility of Newcastle grabbing a Champions League spot.

As a rough guide I used last season’s number of points as a pointer and Arsenal finished in fourth with 68 points. So my question was, with United at that time standing on 36 points,  whether it was possible for Newcastle to pick up 32 points from their final 16 matches?

The answer was yes as I went through each match and my predictions came out at exactly 32 points.

At the time I was ridiculed by some but 9 matches into this sequence and with only 7 remaining, Newcastle United are only 1 point behind schedule.

There were 5 points lost as draws with Wolves and the mackems lost 4 points and the last gasp defeat at The Emirates lost another. However, wins against Blackburn and West Brom produced 4 extra points instead of the predicted draws.

A win at Swansea would see Newcastle actually one point ahead(!) of schedule. Apart from the away match at Stamford Bridge we can’t influence any of the matches involving Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs so the only thing to do for everybody connected with Newcastle United is to aim for this 68 points mark.

If Newcastle United can reach that target it will be an incredible achievement, no matter where that then leaves them in the final league table.

Blackburn (A) – DRAW, Aston Villa (H)  – WIN, Spurs (A) – DEFEAT, Wolves (H) – WIN

Mackems (H) – WIN, Arsenal (A) – DRAW, Norwich City (H) – WIN, WBA (A) – DRAW

Liverpool (H) – WIN, Swansea (A) – DRAW, Bolton (H) – WIN, Chelsea (A) – DEFEAT

Stoke City (H) – WIN, Wigan (A) – WIN, Man. City (H) – DRAW, Everton  (A) –  WIN

  • Mal

    All we can do is keep plugging away and if we did reach 68 points it would be an incredible achievement. It requires either 5 wins or 4 wins and 3 draws from our last 7 games plus a collapse in form by either arsenal or spurs (one of those would have to get no more than 9 points from their last 7 games). Pardew has played it well phsycollogiclly by saying he thinks its beyond us but I doubt if any of the players think that.
    A europa place would be a terrific achievement and Pardew, his staff and the squad have done amazing.

  • Juniorchubbs

    COME ON!

  • James Zielinski

    Game at a time is the only way. Those draw against Wolves and the Mackems plus the last minute defeat to Arsenal I think are going to cost us unfortunately. But nonetheless this season has been remarkable whatever happens between now and the end of the season. On the other hand there is absolutely no pressure on us and if we got through the next 4 fixtures well placed the others are going to panic and we are going to be well confident. Everton away though could be a sticky fixture out of the lot though. We can only hope towards end of season some rivals are thinking about their new clubs and summer holidays.

  • Anonymous

    I’m really not convinced that European qualification is a good idea.  The squad is already threadbare and the extra games could decimate it.  That would ruin our domestic campaign, and I for one would rather win the FA Cup next season than qualify for Europe, any day.  We certainly aren’t in a position to win a European trophy (though we probably said that in 1968).  That said, I want to win every game left of the season!  Howay the Lads!

  • GeordieBen

    I agree with Lintonlad. For qualification in Europe to even remotely sucessful a few things would have to result from it: We’d have to maintain at least our strongest 11 in the summer transfer window. Attract as good, if not better, players to strengthen our team and keep them competitive. Our league form not to suffer from a longer season, and most likely trips to eastern Europe etc. Then genuinally compete against these teams in the Europa league (or dare we dream, Champions League) getting in to the competition is one thing but winning or even getting through to the latter stages of the Europa League, along side a decent league finish, would truly cap off a rise from the ashes after the relegation season.

    Again I’d agree with a below comment saying take it a game at a time though. Maintain form and teams should struggle to compete against a strong and scoring side. We seem to have good team morale on our side which seemed to be part of the downfall of Liverpool on Sunday. The players seem to enjoy playing together and under Pardew and are entertaining as of late, in my life time that’s all expectations have ever been, no matter how much Sky and the media claim we expect sucess. I’ve only wanted to know that if I want to support Newcastle United and pay money to watch them play, that they’ll put in the performance win, lose or draw. This season I could probably count on one hand the games we’ve had where I thought they weren’t bothered. For me, Europe or no Europe, long may this continue.