It’s not like NUFC to build you up to bring you crashing back down is it….

We’ve had a great season but when we do lose we do it only as NUFC can, with a bang.  Norwich, Fulham, Spurs and now Wigan.

I’ve had 3 previous visits to the JJB/DW stadium (or whatever they are calling it now, we wouldn’t do that…) and seen 3 shambolic performances ending in defeat, so today I made do with TV coverage.  History repeated itself yet again, ‘men against boys…schoolboy defending…didn’t fancy it’, and all the other clichés you can think of spring immediately to mind.  By the time I got my technology going it was 2-0.  Not until we were 4-0 down and an hour on the clock did we actually start to look like we fancied it.

One commentator today said we folded because we couldn’t handle the pressure of going for Champions League whereas Wigan shine when it comes to relegation dogfights.  In other words they have more experience than us.  Should it make any difference to a game of football whether it’s played at the beginning or the end of the season?  The same bloke made a lazy comment about, “Newcastle fans are leaving already”, which was probably only to get in the queue for a half-time pint (of whisky probably) as from what I could see and hear we did our usual of staying until the end and making the most noise.  We aren’t Mackems, Mancs or Cockneys!!  United in adversity, that’s where our experience lies!!

My expectations at the start of the season were only to get 40 points on the board.  Frankly I’m very grateful we are in Europe and guaranteed 6th.

For once this season Wigan seemed able to take their chances (based on the unreliable MOTD highlights I’ve seen this season) and we couldn’t hit a barn door, other than a couple off the woodwork.  Cisse could have added to his tally but today it wasn’t meant to be.  At least we created something in the second half for 15 minutes and didn’t completely throw in the towel as I clutch for some positives.  That said Wigan deserved the win and if they stay up I won’t be too bothered.

The more Northern teams in the division the better, given that Reading and Southampton may be followed by Cardiff as lengthy journeys next season.  We’re likely to lose one of, if not both, Blackburn and Bolton as it is.  I’d like West Ham to return (but not under Allardyce!) as I think they are a decent club, just a gobshite at the helm currently, so maybe next time for them.  Blackpool through the play-offs again would be a welcome away trip, despite a poor recent record at the seaside.

Anyway, back to our next games we’ll probably beat Chelsea and Man City as only we can, won’t we?  Or maybe not.


  • Biggazza

    Watched the match wank commentators,not pretty but that’s how it goes COME ON TOON ARMY

  • Mjhedley66

    I want Birmingham to come up, for Chrissie Hughton. He has done a great job there in difficult circumstances.

  • Anonymous

    I think we all, supporters, press, team, went into the Wigan match with the wrong attitude.  We were believing the hype.  The only way they’ll get anywhere is by application, and work ethic, like they had for the previous month.  They need to re-discover it for the trips to Chelsea and Everton or we’ll get stuffed again.  C’mon lads, you can do it!

  • Sharpie

    I think Lintonlad is right, we got sucked into the hype only to come a cropper. Now the pressure is off again (which is in our favour). We have been the underdog for much of the season and when we have been we have come out on top. Keep believing, keep supporting the players and let’s see what happens.