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Newcastle United 2 Liverpool (and their media friends) 0

10 years ago

Let The Scouse Bashing Continue…

Match Of The Day Poo!!!

By the time I staggered home on Sunday it was always going to be difficult to keep my eyes open for MOTD2 to enjoy our latest victory.  Thankfully all this new technology, of which I have the basics, helps to obtain a more balanced and sober view.  So this morning I sit down to chew over the highlights on catch up TV.

Here are my thoughts:-

I seem to recall within the first 5 minutes HBA running into the 18 yard box where Enrique grabs a good handful of black n white shirt dragging him to the ground.  I think Liverpool got a goal kick.  What do MOTD2 think?  Well it’s not even shown never mind commented on.

7 mins – Jonathon Pearce and Jason Roberts (later) demanding a penalty for Williamson putting his hand on Carroll’s waist.  They are nowhere near the ball as Skrtel misses an easy chance.  Later (41mins) when Cisse heads narrowly wide you see Skrtel do exactly the same to Demba Ba.  Do Mr Pearce and Roberts demand a penalty?  No, not a mention.

10 mins – Carroll dived, simple as that.  If he cannot manage to take the ball round the keeper and then plant his left foot on the floor before stroking the ball into the net then he must have been in Blu Bambu last night.  Dalglish’s post-match comments in his defence – a joke.

15 mins – Simpson’s handball on the line?  Yes, I concede it probably was although not as blatant as the Mackem one earlier this season.  If you look closely at it though, after the ball comes off Williamson’s head it hits Carroll on the elbow redirecting it enough to miss Simpson’s chest and hit his arm.  So we’ll say handball by Carroll first then!!  We’ll call it quits for now.

80mins – Reina gets sent off, deserved.  Witch-hunt later follows on TalkSport against Perch.  While I agree Perch did not react well, the problem is until a referee can be trusted to make those decisions then players are always going to make sure and Perch is by no means alone here, so why single him out?  After all, Reina was the aggressor wasn’t he?  There is no mention of Suarez continually moaning, diving and waving imaginary yellow cards (which he did to Jonas at the end) to get fellow professionals into trouble.  Funny that.

It’s annoying how the post-match interviewer is so scared of Kenny he just doesn’t ask the awkward questions in a more probing manner that more often than not our managers have to endure. Pardew continues to conduct himself brilliantly and won’t get drawn into ridiculous conversations about Champions League.

Watching Colin Murray and Lawrenson reluctantly squirm through the analysis just made it even better.  Then there’s Jason Roberts (Now A Championship Player).  I heard a Blackburn fan on a phone-in earlier this season criticizing Roberts for being in a radio studio an hour after he’d been in a Blackburn side that had lost again.  The fan telling him he should be at home thinking about his performance and doing something about it.  I wouldn’t disagree, although Roberts did.

Overall Perch and Williamson were awesome, as were the whole team.  I did feel a bit (only a smidge) sorry for Andy Carroll but the fans did their job and if that was enough to put him off and give us an advantage then I don’t care.

If he ever did come back he’d have my full support once again.  That’s fickle fans for you.  Same for Jose although I’m sure his cup winners medal will compensate him.  They aren’t the first and won’t be the last players given this treatment.  Sol Campbell, Michael Owen, Darren Bent et al just a few recent examples.

Anyway, as Kenny suggested I’m off to Vision Express!!!


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