Speaking Of Inappropriate...

Yet another Newcastle United player has been caught out by the dangers of using Twitter/Social Media.

Ryan Taylor was moved today to ‘Tweet’: “Ashley Young is an absolute DISGRACE. He’s the biggest cheat in the league. His antics are a joke….” 

Whether what he said is true or not (it obviously is!) is irrelevant, what has it got to do with Ryan Taylor?

I can’t believe the clubs seem to be largely taking a very relaxed view of their players on things like Twitter, though obviously they may be furiously working behind the scenes to in future put a stop to it.

What purpose does it serve anyway? Not many players have much of interest to say and anything they do have to say of any interest, they probably shouldn’t be saying!

The very fact Ryan Taylor then deleted the message tells you that he had realised he’d made a big mistake.

Yes Ashley Young is a shocking diver but if Taylor is going to slag him off, then he can’t ignore what Barton, Perch and Tiote have done this season in incidents where opponents were sent off. Yes there may have been some contact on each occasion but not enough to poleaxe our players.

If you have never used Twitter then think of yourself standing in the pub, or wherever, then turning to your mate and saying something, or sending a text to a friend.

It is that quick and that easy so on the spur of the moment, especially after a few pints, how much rubbish have you talked?

Players are different to fans and get paid a lot of money to represent both ourselves and our football club twenty four hours a day.

With privilege comes responsibility, maybe Ryan you should consider ditching your smartphone ‘Over The Wall’.


  • Chris Goodall

    I’m all for players using twitter and they are only his views. Why should you or I be able to post things on twitter, Facebook or even this article with an opinion but players aren’t? I for one love reading Taylor’s posts hammering Sunderland fans and love the SMB photo at the top of this page. It all adds to the banter and no doubt the players rinsed Perch, Barton and Tiote on the training ground about it. The only problem I have is that Taylor has removed his tweet.

  • Lee Shevills

    RT is just a normal bloke with views like the rest of us, when i finish work i can go on FB or Twitter & do what i like as long as i dont call the company. Twitter & FB are a great way for the fans to find out a little about them & get that little closer.
    Keep it up RT

  • Magpieranger

    Why has Twitter become inextricably linked to events on the football pitch. It should not be an extension of the field of play (and subject to FA fines etc) but a sounding off board for players and fans alike to share views on the game and other subjects.

    Also…why is everyone having a go at Taylor for saying what the the majority (not just the Mag-ority) of fans think. Funny when Perchinho went down like a sack of spuds a couple of weeks ago, where was the negative press about Glen Johnson, Rio Ferdinand or Steven Pienaar for their Tweets about our boy?

  • You miserable sod! Jesus christ, we’ve got a platform there that gets us closer to footballers views than anything we’ve ever had and you whinge about it? Suppose you’d prefer a diluted Harry Harris ghostwritten autobiography full of blandness instead!

  • jim

    lol douchebag writes an article when taylor has n opinion on twitter, where was this shit when ferdinand shares his dumbass views?

  • Billy McGooligan

    I thought comparing players who dive when there is no contact to the actions of Perch, Barton and Tiote was for knob-head ex Liverpool players?…

  • Archie Brand

    Not sure what your point here is.
    First of all I believe the adage regarding glass houses and stones would only be appropriate if Taylor himself was a diver, not those around him.

    Secondly – “what has it got to do with Ryan Taylor?”

    Are you serious? Are you actually saying that while you and I are entitled to an opinion on the matter, he is not?
    He is entitled to his own opinions and actually has them, unlike some players. It is up to the club to to decide how they police their Tweeter Policy.

    Finally – you make the assumption that he realised the error of his ways and deleted it himself – “made a big mistake”. Much more likely that he was contacted by someone else and told to remove it.

    Personally I dont know for sure, so I wouldn’t be so dumb as to make such a statement without any proof.

    Just because some people cannot control their emotions and just print, tweet or text the first thing that comes into their head without thinking it through doesn’t mean everyone does.

    As for the players representing the fans, just how far are you willing to take that particularly romantic nonsense?
    The player represents the club and then only so far on it doesnt impinge on his right to free speech.

    Personally I think you got this one sooooo wrong

  • Guest

    ‘What has it got to do with ryan taylor?’ Whats it got to do with you?!

    Shocking article that, just writing rubbish for the sake of it. Shame how much of a nose dive this mag has taken. 

  • Juniorchubbs

    ashley young is a cheat. the fact he plays for a ‘big team’ allows the media to sweep his indiscretions under the rug. if he played for villa, everton or us, he’d be crucified like tiote and perch.

  • ShieldsMag

    Only saying what we all think and the Media such as Sky are afraid to say.