The Chelsea vs Barcelona champions’ league dilemma…

Tonight sees the first leg of the champions’ league clash between Barcelona and Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, which will no doubt be full to bursting point with ‘partisan’ blues fans hoping for a miraculous result against the Catalans.

The last time these sides met was when barcelona were under their first year of Pep Guardiola’s management and en route to a historic three cups in one season, the beginning of the Barca team currently being hailed as the greatest of all time.

The Spanish team snuck through that night, with the most dramatic of late goals from Andres Iniesta, leaving horrible cockneys like Ashley Cole and John Terry visibly distraught. One of football’s most dramatic moments in recent years. Even now, seeing the faces of Lampard, Drogba, Ballack and the rest slumped on the turf, as the Catalans formed a mighty mound of celebration on the touchline, brings a big smile to my face!

Few would give the blues much of a chance against the might of Guardiola’s phenomenal team, but from an NUFC perspective, a repeat of that night would be spectacular. An energy sapping 90+ minutes of defensive action undone in the final moments, perhaps with a few key injuries thrown into the mix, would have me cheering!

Despite some of the more regrettable elements of their play, Barca get my backing in 90% of their fixtures and will do so tonight.

On the other hand,  a nightmare scenario would see them swamp Chelsea in a landslide victory, leaving the blues with the option of giving up and resting key men for the return trip to the Nou Camp.

The more Chelsea put into these 2 games against Barcelona, surely the better it is for NUFC?

  • Andybradley1892

    Totally agree. Also if we or Spurs can keep them out of the Champions league they will have to curtail their spending as they will lose in the region of 40 million income. This has been a good year for English clubs getting knocked out early so not getting the huge riches which have been making them uncatchable. 

    • Will it really have that much effect on Chelsea’s finances – surely no CL Football for them would just mean Roman has to dig a bit of extra cash out of his pocket?

  • murvar

    I say old chap – rather antagonistic to the Blues, what?

  • Suspicious_puddle

    I’d have thought any right minded nufc fan would be antagonistic towards this despicable bunch. A team of racists, adulterers, thugs and cheats assembled by an evil Russian billionaire hellbent on world domination? They are the archetype of the team everyone should hate. They spunked 50 million on Torres last January and essentially enabled Carroll’s move away from Tyneside, they cheated their way to victory against us earlier this season, they dumped us out of the cup at the semi final stage in the one year we actually had a chance of winning it… What’s to like?

  • Lupamac

    any defeat for the blue scum would please me  i live in chelsea country with there plastic supporters who couldnt find stamford bridge with a map and a team of fkn sherpas……..

  • Sharpie

    Surely a Chelsea win over two legs would leave them with very tired legs and one on both the FA Cup and Champions League finals when we meet them in two weeks’ time? Look at the bigger picture, my fellow Mags…

  • Sharpie

    Should say “one eye”.