Most of us have learnt to never say…never, when it comes to Newcastle United, and Mike Ashley could just end up being the ultimate proof of that.

There have been plenty of players who looked to have a United future measured in minutes but who have come through tough times to be firm favourites, no greater example than our on the pitch leader, Fabricio Coloccini.

Maybe at Newcastle we at times focus too much on the club owners over the years, probably mainly because as fans we recognise just what the potential of this club is and we have had numerous people running the club who have repeatedly scored the own goals that have prevented any lasting success….especially in terms of trophies.

Ashley has made some hideous mistakes and those decisions contributed massively to relegation, I’m still not convinced that there are great behind the scenes foundations being laid at St.James’ Park, over and above the great jobs that Alan Pardew and Graham Carr are overseeing.

However, if you blame Ashley based on where we finish in the league then there has to be some credit laid at his door if we somehow end up in the top six. Whether it is luck or good judgement, you can’t argue that the appointments of Pardew and Carr haven’t been great news for everybody connected with the club, including the supporters.

On April Fool’s Day Newcastle took Liverpool apart on the pitch and afterwards Mike Ashley was out on the town celebrating, spotted in Tup Tup Palace amongst celebrating fans.

I might not buy him a drink but I wouldn’t be tipping one over him either. Maybe it is only a small step out mixing with the local again but just possibly Mike Ashley is falling in love again with the idea of owning our great club, if the team keeps heading in the right direction then everything else fades into the background.


  • black country norman

    love or hate him without him we would have been bust by now

  • You are right the problem with Mike Ashley is that just when everything seems to be going our way (being high flying in the league and changing the name of SJP) and he goes and throws that trust away. I really do believe that something will happen that will rock the boat. However I really really hope I am very wrong.

  • Anonymous

    my god we have had some crap chairmen over the years, and i was one of the first who had the daggers out for ashley and the cockney mafia. but kudos the lad has laid some impressive foundations and even if he is only money oriented the club are benefiting from the results. no longer with a massive unsustainable debt, no useless hangers on getting paid shed loads (save for xisco) and finally a team with fighters and a manager who is actually doing a good job. i’ll buy him a drink when he wins our first trophy next year… 

  • Headless

    While we’re all finally accepting that maybe there is a plan and the problem is just that it wasn’t communicated well….

    Here’s a point.  How about using a recent photo of MA. Whatever we’ve thought about him in the past (and I was one of the doubters) he’s done a brilliant job losing a lot of weight and, given where we are in the league, the least we can do is use a picture that shows him as he looks now.

    After the Everton match are we going to be singing “You Thin Cockney B******, welcome to our club”?  

  • Joe Sharkey

    If we qualify for the Champions League then the club as an ‘asset’ would arguably be at its most attractive to potential buyers.  A cynical view perhaps, but I wouldn’t rule it out… this is NUFC after all.

  • Mal

    He has made some absolutely shocking mistakes in the past but you have to give him credit for the way the playing side club is being run at present. I think many other clubs are looking in our direction rather enviously and realising that, for example, paying massive fees and wages for 30+ year old players is a waste of money and that clubs have to live within their means (except Chelsea and City). He’s also tied our ‘big players’ to long term contracts which means that it will take big money to buy them – I just hope he’s done the same with Pardew and Carr who, along with the coaching staff, have done a superb job. Wherever we finish now will be higher than any of us thought at the beginning of the year. If only he improved the PR and the club was a bit more open – now things are going so well I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if one of Derek’s announcements (own goals?) is just around the corner.

  • Shamo878

    This season we’ve done remarkably well. But i’ll never ever trust the bloke, and i can’t wait till he goes. And the ground is given its rightful name again.

  • tattyheed

    all together now….
    ‘you slim cockney bastard….you can stay at our club..’

  • ivan marx

    There’s always been a redeeming feature to Ashley’s ownership of NUFC, however difficult it’s been to see at times – and I too have been a vociferous critic of his. But compare his reign to what’s gone on at other clubs and it does have its upside.
    Leeds: Were in the same position as they were when Bates took over. Maybe better off financially but that’s only a case of better than total oblivion. Relegated, like we were a couple of years later, they went into freefall and have still to recover. We (in spite of what I& many others thought would happen in 2009) didn’t, and we are now 5th top of the EPL.
    Chelsea: After Bates, they were in a worse state financially than even we were, post Hall & Shepherd, apparently. The Russian has bankrolled them, but if he ever goes (or is forced to go, for whatever reason) they would be doomed financially. If ‘Fair Play’ is ever implemented, the previous sentence might true come sooner rather than later.
    Citeh: see Chelsea – for ‘Bates’ read Shinwatra, for ‘Russian’ read Arabs.
    ManU: Leverage Buyout by the Glazers (Ashley used his own money up front and has steadfastly avoided debt, even to the point of paying  transfer fees up front at one point). They may have won loads since they took over, but some day the debt has to be paid back, and the owners can’t afford to do so. If their debt is ever called in for any reason, they will be insolvent.
    Liverpool: Another leverage buyout under Hicks/ Gillet, and the scenario that might yet confront Man U very nearly came to be, not that long ago. A case in point as to why this form of takeover is not allowed in any of the other main club football leagues in Europe. EPL is a honey pot for vultures like some of the American ‘sports tycoons’. This sort of thing can’t happen to Newcastle under Ashley, so it might be wise for us to be ‘careful what we wish for’.
    I agree Ashley has made some terrible mistakes and that the PR has at times been a total disaster, not least renaming and rebranding.

  • Juniorchubbs

    well done to mike ashley for running a business. he’s good at that. PR wise he’s a disaster – proven by getting derek (you don’t know how nasty we can be)  to talk to the fans- excellent move and the fans just love del boy.

    i’ve said it before – all ashley is interested in is money.

    if newcastle united win anything or do well in the league, it’s just a by- product of ashleys business dealings.


  • Mr T

    He has done a great job in getting the club run properly but it has took him a hell of a long time to get the hang of it. I was really excited when he first came in because I’d had enough of Shepherds stupid comments and was looking forward to an owner who was more prepared to take a step back from the limelight and hopefully let the results speak for him. Obviously that didn’t happen and Ashley seemed to lose everybody connected with the club, he tried to sell a couple of times and it looked like we would be taken over again. When we were relegated it looked like that would be it for the club and Ashley but credit to him he stayed and turned things around, yes he has been lucky and yes he probably is interested in money (who isn’t?) but you just hope that he really has got what it’s about this time. Football has changed (even from when he took over) and nobody can compete with the likes of Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea, even Liverpool, moneywise. I, for one, like the way this team has been put together and hope it stays together for at least another season, obviously there will be interest from clubs for our players but I don’t think you can blame Ashley if a player wants out and go and make himself an instant multi-millionaire when he’s just signed a long term contract -see how many who signed for QPR in the summer or January want out if they get relegated instead of rolling their sleeves up and grafting. Ashley has made mistakes and will probably continue to do so but I think for the last couple of seasons he deserves some (small) credit.

  • Guest

    well facts is facts  the mags are flying higher than anyone thought
    likely … in eurpoe and pos champs league.
    after relagation and here we are …hats off the mike a.
    it takes alotof bottle to take the shit  he took swallow his pride and
    still keep on going changing hiring and firing untill now hes more or less got it cracked  best headhunter,best manager clubb with no debt
     [tell me another]  best coaching staff,academy sorted driftwood gone
    and 15 m invested
    some of the best players in the league and a team playing as a team
    all the [stars ] gone for a decent amount .
    and slim mike knows he is accepted  with courage and confidence enough to have a pint doon toon  with the lads ..
    currently now that all the dust has settled he is the best owner
    nufc have had   those are facts
    get off his back.  hes changed and so should you doubters

    as for not giving interviews etc   has it occured to  you that he might be shite at  such things he is football fan business man
    not a fkn  show man actor ..he plays his cards close to his chest
    good on him he is doung it right 

  • tattyheed

    somebody once told me he didnt give interviews because he had a squeaky voice like Joe Pasquale

  • Ted

    “Ivan Marx”, thumbs up a great report.

    “Tattyheed”, Well named

  • Ted

    Wigan v Toon, is Mike Whelan a racist/ prejudiced, he dislikes magpies visiting his Stadium. So many empty seats that can be filled, our Mike would fill Level 7 with away support whether Red, White or Blue we know the Colour he likes is Green but it is good business sense to line the coffers.