I don’t think I’ve seen many players work so consistently hard as Jonas Gutierrez, certainly not over the years at St.James’ Park.

Maybe it was apt that he was captain today in the absence of his countryman Fabricio Coloccini, as this was three points built on the back of ninety minutes of graft.

I can understand people pointing out that Jonas isn’t the best crosser of the ball and doesn’t score enough goals but wherever he plays in the team you know you will get 100% effort.

I think he is very rarely less than at least a 7 out of 10 and in a match like today you need your captain to lead by example.

I hope the young professionals at Newcastle look at Jonas as an example of how to approach life as a professional football player, he clearly trains hard, looks after himself off the pitch and is rarely injured as a result.

After the excellent win at Swansea he went in front of the cameras to do his captain’s piece and had a special word of encouragement for Demba Ba, even doing his captain’s bit when he comes off the pitch.
[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/BS_Y6gbbZp8″ rel=”0″ showinfo=”0″]

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  • Tone Army

    there was an article up here a couple of weeks back saying he divides opinion? make yer minds up!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve just left a comment on another article, didn’t realise there were so many simple toon fans about! Can you not see that this quality site (easily the best NUFC one by a mile) has loads of different people contributing to it, that’s what makes it so good.Why should everybody think or say the same thing!!!

    • Tone Army

      well sometimes they should think before they speak, they are representing the toon faithfull online (or thats how it would seem in the eyes of a neutral) some of the articles make us look like fools, how could you question jonas? who has a divided opinion on him? nobody I know, so this article goes up and it looks like (to the outside world) that the geordie fans are not happy or unsure about a player who has showed nothing less than 100% in a black & white shirt??

      that and a few more articles need to be read by an ed or mod and decide if they truly represent the opinion of the masses ;)

      dont get me wrong I love this site, just dont agree with the opinions of some of the contributors as I don’t think they are fully connected with the attitude of the average fan.

      does not make me “simple” just means I have an opinion too.. imagine that.

  • Tone Army

    PS he is a model proffesional with top work rate & attitude, even arsey whinger acknowledged how important his contribution has been to our success.

  • The type of player we’ve always loved – a man who identifies with the fans and grafts non stop Hail Jonas !